Jon Hamm, Jay Leno, And A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL (+ BONUS SNEAKS!) | Jay Leno's Garage

Jon Hamm and Jay Leno marvel over a bright red 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with doors that open like wings! Catch the sneak peek with bonus sneaks, and don't miss an all new episode of "Jay Leno's Garage" next Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
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Jon Hamm, Jay Leno, And A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL (+ BONUS SNEAKS!) | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Paul Josephson

    Paul Josephson4 dagar sedan

    with the black leather jacket collar snapped closed on his neck, and the skin on his throat exposed between that collar and his black v-neck t-shirt, Jay looks like he's in a bondage outfit

  2. Laidbak Zak

    Laidbak ZakMånad sedan

    I never owned one, but the 300 SL has always been my favorite car . I was 12 yrs. old in 55' and started liking them about then.

  3. Ibrar Ahmed

    Ibrar Ahmed3 månader sedan

    This was a decent clip and change

  4. TJ Tampa

    TJ Tampa4 månader sedan

    LoL 👊😎

  5. Richard Truesdale

    Richard Truesdale5 månader sedan

    Jay looks like a homosexual with his odd leather neck strap...

  6. Pat Kaczmarek

    Pat Kaczmarek5 månader sedan

    The gullwing MB truly is the quintessential driver's car. And what a car!

  7. Racer 67

    Racer 675 månader sedan

    Donald Draper fit'n in it like a glove! Good show old sport!

  8. Nils Ferry

    Nils Ferry5 månader sedan

    At 1:30 and 2:40 they are driving over the bridge from the movie Chinatown.

  9. Playtime Hulot

    Playtime Hulot5 månader sedan

    4:13 If I watch only one cruisin´video another eating and drinking coffee passage I must upchuck! It´s soooooo hollow!

  10. Playtime Hulot

    Playtime Hulot5 månader sedan

    Jay seems soo tired in the 300 SL episode that I want to cry:" Please go to bed!". Don´t get me wrong, that´s only a kind of worry!

  11. Ben and the Flyscreens Ute

    Ben and the Flyscreens Ute5 månader sedan

    The smile on John Hamms face is priceless 🤩

  12. Alex K.

    Alex K.5 månader sedan

    Mad Men in Mad Cars

  13. Teak Kaye

    Teak Kaye5 månader sedan

    Wow for a second there I thought Fabio was Jon Hamm with a wig

  14. The Original One Minute Sketch Artist

    The Original One Minute Sketch Artist5 månader sedan

    Jon giggling like a little kid driving the Gullwing - priceless!

  15. K way nr1

    K way nr15 månader sedan

    Jay Leno's garage would be even better without Jay Leno

  16. fw1421

    fw14215 månader sedan

    I’d be curious how much Jay bought the 300SL for. I saw the episode where he focused on it. He found it in a shipping container in the condition it is in....minus the engine. They refreshed the car and found an engine but didn’t repaint it,he likes the idea of not worrying about scratching the paint. Even as it is I imagine it’s worth a couple million bucks.🙀🙀🙀🙀👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  17. XMattingly

    XMattingly5 månader sedan

    Jon’s packin’ some extra Hamm, these days. 😬

  18. Paul Frederick

    Paul Frederick5 månader sedan

    426 hemis are definitely cool but I'd rather have a 340 in a Challenger. Save the hemis for the Daytonas and Superbirds. That's where they belong.

  19. Miha Anor

    Miha Anor5 månader sedan

    The Mercedes 300 sl is the greatest car ever made

  20. Miha Anor

    Miha Anor5 månader sedan

    The greatest car ever made

  21. joapps

    joapps5 månader sedan

    Jay looks to be wearing dominatrix leather

  22. Grant Richards

    Grant Richards5 månader sedan

    Probably the most enjoyable commercial I've ever seen.

  23. Watches Sneakers

    Watches Sneakers5 månader sedan

    Jay Leno is the man, he drives his cars instead of thinking about how many miles he might put on it. Great looking car!

  24. DFWFreestyle

    DFWFreestyle5 månader sedan

    What a classic

  25. Pickerrs

    Pickerrs5 månader sedan

    Jay's plunging neckline. Yeah, not a fan. Then he returned to the denim shirt, thank god.

  26. r

    r5 månader sedan

    Showcase Fabios motorcycles

  27. Kathy Berry

    Kathy Berry5 månader sedan

    I love to watch their eyes light up when they see the car. Like a kid at Christmas.

  28. Os O

    Os O5 månader sedan

    Genuinely happy

  29. gunit 010

    gunit 0105 månader sedan

    He doesnt let anyone drive his cars but yet he gets kinda mad when someone doesnt let him drive their car

  30. Lew Google

    Lew Google5 månader sedan

    Much nicer without the bumpers.

  31. I D

    I D5 månader sedan

    Jon seems like a pretty humble guy. You know he can afford one, but he's still awe stricken at just being able to sit in one.

  32. electronicsNmore

    electronicsNmore5 månader sedan

    Every time I see Fabio, I picture him with blood all over his face on a roller coaster.

  33. Marshall Cuthbertson

    Marshall Cuthbertson5 månader sedan

    Jay Leno: “usually I don’t let other people drive my cars” Also Jay Leno: “you got a lot more to go to that redline!”

  34. Adarsh Shanavas

    Adarsh Shanavas5 månader sedan

    Old cars need to be driven till redline, otherwise you get engine problems

  35. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch5 månader sedan

    Someone needs to trim Jay's nose hairs.

  36. Rubens Florentino

    Rubens Florentino5 månader sedan

    To meet Jon Hamm, Leno changed his "style"... A leather jacket, new hair cut... Even let the guy drive his MB...

  37. Ronny Fürst

    Ronny Fürst5 månader sedan

    For me, the gullwing is the only real mercedes. I dont like any other mercedes just this

  38. Bass Trammel

    Bass Trammel5 månader sedan


  39. AlexHodgins

    AlexHodgins5 månader sedan

    Look away for a second and they swap out the hunks

  40. Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas5 månader sedan

    🤦🏽‍♂️ and u didn't let doug drive ur mclaren F1,,,, u really disappointed me wit that one bruh, u should've let doug drive it 😑

  41. ChePennyDK

    ChePennyDK5 månader sedan

    AMG seat belts in a Lambo?

  42. landon ramos

    landon ramos5 månader sedan

    Favorite car

  43. Brofessor _

    Brofessor _5 månader sedan

    fabio is actually a cool dude - so down to earth. but my god, that 300SL, drool.

  44. badad0166

    badad01665 månader sedan

    8:20 Tough call. Is a cameo appearance worth the dry cleaning bill? Next time negotiate your last name into the credits...;-)

  45. Frank DiAdamo

    Frank DiAdamo5 månader sedan


  46. Raymond Southerland

    Raymond Southerland5 månader sedan

    A Dodge Ram passes by with a HEMI badge right as Jay answers it. I dont think it was staged. Just a blip in the matrix.

  47. jealva

    jealva5 månader sedan

    Bucket list car, the 300 SL

  48. Riven Motors

    Riven Motors5 månader sedan

    CNBC makes Jay's videos obnoxious. His other channel is much better

  49. Robert Blaney

    Robert Blaney5 månader sedan

    My all time favorite car !!!

  50. Tim Trefry

    Tim Trefry5 månader sedan

    Holy crap jay let some one drive one of his cars? That’s a first.


    PAVANZYL5 månader sedan

    I think you lost your police escort...

  52. Bud Flowers

    Bud Flowers5 månader sedan

    Don Draper would have bought one.

  53. billrbca

    billrbca4 månader sedan

    no, Don was a Cadillac man

  54. Avik Sarkar

    Avik Sarkar5 månader sedan

    I'm going to need an Old Fashioned to sip on for this episode

  55. The Channel of Ultimate Destiny

    The Channel of Ultimate Destiny5 månader sedan

    Watching Jon Hamm drive the gullwing is like when you finally get the Luke Skywalker figure to sit in your X-wing toy as a kid, It just feels right for some reason.

  56. Joseph Ranker

    Joseph Ranker5 månader sedan


  57. scottybjj

    scottybjj5 månader sedan

    Jay Leno is baked

  58. cubonenineO

    cubonenineO5 månader sedan


  59. andy p

    andy p5 månader sedan

    Anybody know about Jon Hamm as the voice of MB commercials back then? Please share

  60. andy p

    andy p5 månader sedan

    @frank columbo Thanks much!

  61. frank columbo

    frank columbo5 månader sedan

    andy p

  62. Chris 5949

    Chris 59495 månader sedan

    So most German guy was not that tall back in the 50s'?

  63. Yamaha Guy17

    Yamaha Guy175 månader sedan

    I guess don signed Mercedes

  64. Paul-François Boss

    Paul-François Boss5 månader sedan

    I would love him to be my dad

  65. Amir

    Amir5 månader sedan

    What's with the AMG pads on the seatbelts in the Lamborghini?

  66. Charles Wagner

    Charles Wagner5 månader sedan

    Fabio is good dude.

  67. Slapmachine

    Slapmachine5 månader sedan

    Nice jacket Jay. Did you get Glad as a sponsor this season?

  68. Don Moore

    Don Moore5 månader sedan

    Wow - that is a BEAUTY.

  69. dezinetech1000

    dezinetech10005 månader sedan

    One of the best auto designs in history. Saw one the other day while enjoying some spirited driving on the local road. What a beautiful car.

  70. Matt Povah

    Matt Povah5 månader sedan

    There should be a love button for some videos. This goes beyond like.

  71. Paul Howey

    Paul Howey5 månader sedan

    Love that Jay let Jon drive the 300SL. You can tell Jon is a car guy and has a passion for these cars just by that wide eyed smile that’s impossible to fake.

  72. Mattias Filander

    Mattias Filander5 månader sedan

    AMG on the seat belts 😂

  73. elysiums abattoir

    elysiums abattoir5 månader sedan

    Original rust

  74. David Datura

    David Datura5 månader sedan

    Jay actually let someone else drive one of his cars! Never thought I’d see the day 😆

  75. ChopStickZero

    ChopStickZero5 månader sedan

    Herjavic seemed always so easygoing and nice but the more I see him the more fake and inauthentic he seems. Like Fallon, always laughing and forcefully ecstatic. Nobody is 100% constantly enthusiastic and smiling, I dunno...

  76. Robert

    Robert5 månader sedan This song is soooooo goooooood

  77. Zig Wil

    Zig Wil5 månader sedan

    Love the show Jay. However, do yourself a favor and never wear that jacket in public again..... unless you were going for a post-menopause vibe.

  78. Chris Saddler Sam

    Chris Saddler Sam5 månader sedan

    Hei Jay, we prefer u in your denims!

  79. EverydayHacker22

    EverydayHacker225 månader sedan

    Jay looks like a wax figure from museum. Dude be a it more natural! Unless you trying to go for a presidential elections

  80. Constantly hungry

    Constantly hungry5 månader sedan

    🥺😭I'm sooo thankfull Jay start go ride this beautiful car straight 🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝👊✌

  81. Daniel Radu Finică

    Daniel Radu Finică5 månader sedan

    The review feels more than enough rather than watching the whole Episode :))

  82. steel member

    steel member5 månader sedan

    jay is aging well . good for him, beautiful benz

  83. Stanley Kroft

    Stanley Kroft5 månader sedan

    Nothing says white privilege more than two middle-aged white guys driving a couple hundred thousand dollar red sports car at unsafe speeds on city streets WITH a police escort.

  84. Dr. Lyle Evans

    Dr. Lyle Evans5 månader sedan

    Get a life race baiter

  85. Hey it’s me

    Hey it’s me5 månader sedan

    AMG seatbelt on LAMBO🧐🧐

  86. Ryan N

    Ryan N5 månader sedan

    I hope I can drive a gullwing before I kick the bucket!

  87. Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis5 månader sedan

    Second to the Jaguar E type, this is the most beautiful car ever.

  88. renars miks

    renars miks5 månader sedan

    Jay has a new shirt?

  89. Driveway STAR

    Driveway STAR5 månader sedan

    Why does Jay always drive with his chin up?

  90. Aumkar

    Aumkar5 månader sedan

    Jon Hamm driving a 300SL. That’s as cool as it gets.

  91. Aumkar

    Aumkar5 månader sedan

    What Me Worry Oh boy.

  92. Nuno Hipólito

    Nuno Hipólito5 månader sedan

    So beautiful. And the SL is not bad either.

  93. Newmans_Own

    Newmans_Own5 månader sedan

    "The Best or Nothing."

  94. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke5 månader sedan

    Another great show

  95. Andrew Herbert

    Andrew Herbert5 månader sedan

    When John was driving the car 1:56...Jay was watching him like he was making love to his wife

  96. James Koch

    James Koch5 månader sedan

    3:34 SLY and ARNIE

  97. Dan Mai

    Dan Mai5 månader sedan

    6:51 I swear its Doug DeMuro

  98. Hey it’s me

    Hey it’s me5 månader sedan

    in 50s

  99. James Durett

    James Durett5 månader sedan

    That was such a cool thing you did for Jon he was grinning like a kid, we can all appreciate that. If you have cool cars let others drive them!!!

  100. Ostkreutz Rox

    Ostkreutz Rox5 månader sedan

    Oh Jay is is in the DAAAAANGER ZOOONE

  101. Jameson

    Jameson5 månader sedan

    Jon was a giddy as a school girl when got to drive the gullwing.

  102. DJD &c.

    DJD &c.5 månader sedan

    "Take it through the gears a little bit!" Rebuild cost----1st=$50k; 2nd=$60k; 3rd=$60k etc.

  103. Steve

    Steve5 månader sedan

    Hearing that giggle just cracked me up.

  104. frank columbo

    frank columbo5 månader sedan

    5:04 Blindfolded Nerd: “can I afford one of these ?” JL: “No” 🤣😂👍

  105. vrodr68

    vrodr685 månader sedan

    @frank columbo funny.. coming from someone who chooses to live in a country that has discriminated against minorities and marginalized individuals throughout its history. But hey...Welcome to "Amurica"

  106. frank columbo

    frank columbo5 månader sedan

    vrodr68 the Mark of the classic Racist, demanding Others, deemed beneath them, Not to comment , not to speak, not to exist. Sad 👎

  107. vrodr68

    vrodr685 månader sedan

    @frank columbo if you only knew what you were talking really shouldn't be commenting on these things based on the current state of affairs in your backward country

  108. frank columbo

    frank columbo5 månader sedan

    vrodr68 you Boomers are so easily identified by Your own inbred Racism. The good news: your days are numbered ⚰️👍

  109. vrodr68

    vrodr685 månader sedan

    @frank columbo not likely...they're probably Mexican

  110. Lawrence Ross

    Lawrence Ross5 månader sedan

    Jay drives everyone ELSE's cars...but folks can't drive his? LOL

  111. John Hunt

    John Hunt5 månader sedan

    1:33 This. This is a car guy getting a ride in a their favorite car, the one they thought they would never be in.

  112. Janet Remsing

    Janet Remsing5 månader sedan

    👍Sounds just like a 1976 Audi 100 LS I had back in the day! 🙂

  113. Tyler Nielsen

    Tyler Nielsen5 månader sedan

    Love this video!

  114. RaisedontheRadio

    RaisedontheRadio5 månader sedan

    JLG is the best channel on SEtoos.