Doctor Reacts To Hilarious South Park Medical Scenes

Last year I reacted to medical scenes from The Simpsons. One of you suggested I should reacted to South Park medical scenes, and I challenged you to get that comment to 10,000 likes. Boy did you deliver! So, to cash that check, I sat down and reacted to medical scenes from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Comedy Central sensation, South Park. There was a ton of hilarious stuff in here and plenty of opportunities for me to talk about some medicine! While Cartman’s gingervitis might not be real, gingivitis is and there are tons of myths about red/ginger hair and freckles. I also discussed Kyle’s need for a kidney transplant, Stan confronting “naturopaths” selling miracle supplements, Cartman getting shots for vaccines and vaccinations, and the antics of Dr. Doctor. We’ll save Kenny’s unfortunate endings for another time ;)
My Nurse Jackie review:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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