HANNES THE HERMIT - My Summer Car #2 (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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Back in Finland. Getting lost at sea on board the SS Kolbasa as Hannes the hermit.
This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: February 16th 2017
It had 376,338 views, 11,335 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 15th 2021
End music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Murka
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    BROWNWRENCH BROWN2 dagar sedan

    The dislikes are from Vadim

  2. -Warkomm -

    -Warkomm -5 dagar sedan

    12:15 😂😂😂

  3. Ver0ttaja Gaming

    Ver0ttaja Gaming7 dagar sedan

    Love your videos. Blyat, Finland & Russia = God mode.

  4. Juha Leskinen

    Juha Leskinen7 dagar sedan

    I'm from Finland and I can confirm everything.

  5. Hannes Hanst

    Hannes Hanst11 dagar sedan


  6. Carter McCauley

    Carter McCauley13 dagar sedan

    I will miss gopnik gaming

  7. SzonGaming

    SzonGaming13 dagar sedan


  8. Onade

    Onade13 dagar sedan

    life of boris without subtitles is like trying to understand slav with vodka in mouth

  9. Taf Toc

    Taf Toc14 dagar sedan

    Perkele country 🤣

  10. Taf Toc

    Taf Toc14 dagar sedan

    It seems like the "I have my whole life to kill" game perfection.

  11. Taf Toc

    Taf Toc14 dagar sedan

    Finnish games are so awesome 😂

  12. ItsTerrible

    ItsTerrible15 dagar sedan

    Oh my god yesssss my summer car is back!!!

  13. Edin Husic

    Edin Husic16 dagar sedan

    BORIS GO LEFT 3:45

  14. sarajudith91

    sarajudith9116 dagar sedan

    ORDER TO WATCH: 1. Perkele simulator 5000 2. Hannes the hermit 3. Fast & Finnish 4. Trapped on a bus to nowhere 5. This just got hard

  15. Gariepdammer Le Clerq

    Gariepdammer Le Clerq16 dagar sedan

    That little boat sure has a big fuel tank to be able to drive around for the whole day

  16. GAMER DOGE225

    GAMER DOGE22517 dagar sedan

    my shortest way to city taked 12 minutes (in the van)

  17. ExtremeRacer 879

    ExtremeRacer 87917 dagar sedan

    Boris is literally playing a prehistorical version of the game. Maybe he is a pirate?... Oh wait, this is a reupload.

  18. stiffy45ify

    stiffy45ify17 dagar sedan

    "Homo powder, do not need", caught me off guard there, Mr Slavking

  19. NoNameZ

    NoNameZ17 dagar sedan

    I'm watching this video but the neighbor friend still's singing karaoke and now in my mind :"..... Blyat"

  20. KGB

    KGB17 dagar sedan

    “You see a smart technician will know that the most critical part that needs to be lubricated is the mechanic himself” -boris the mechanic

  21. hanunija

    hanunija17 dagar sedan

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  22. Evgenios Zacharov

    Evgenios Zacharov17 dagar sedan

    Amazing video full of adventure, Boris! But I don't think youtube understands you well.. The only available subtitles are the Auto-Generated Russian ones. For your slightly hearing-impaired viewers, Plz Send Help..!

  23. Rondo Cat

    Rondo Cat18 dagar sedan

    I live in area in North Norway that is like that... One time I did drive trough the entire local small town of 7000 people one sunny Sunday summer at 15:00 in afternoon without seeing one living person outside. I started to wonder if some kind of poison accident had happened or something and everyone was dead? But no that is just how it is in this horrible lonely place I live in now... As soon as the borders opens again I will leave to South East Europe, I am done with this fascist police state lol.

  24. Pexi The Builder

    Pexi The Builder18 dagar sedan

    Went to local store today at midday, and didn't see single person on my way, confirmed! Shopkeeper is pretty similar to Teimo too.

  25. Frocalo

    Frocalo18 dagar sedan

    No subtitles?

  26. Mr Sandman

    Mr Sandman18 dagar sedan

    I cannot understand everything he says without the subtitles

  27. RockeyDAproductions

    RockeyDAproductions18 dagar sedan

    I thought they did make a Russian version of the game and it was called stalker?

  28. brendan wilson

    brendan wilson18 dagar sedan

    Where is subtitles blyat!

  29. Isotoxin

    Isotoxin18 dagar sedan

    This video is great make more of this videos...

  30. ابوالفضل مکرمنیا

    ابوالفضل مکرمنیا18 dagar sedan

    Where's the freaking subtitles?

  31. Edelhif

    Edelhif19 dagar sedan

    I need the music from the boat travel like air, please!!!!

  32. Casey S

    Casey S19 dagar sedan

    driving tractor to shop and back is a daily occurrence in america. especially in parts so rural that you can see fields of corn for as far as the eye can see



    I have been waiting for the my summer car video!

  34. Muskett 23

    Muskett 2319 dagar sedan

    I was just listening to visegrad 4 and now I find it here. Damn.

  35. Row Phillips

    Row Phillips19 dagar sedan

    bro where's the cooking content, that is your best content


    MRCRAZY19 dagar sedan

    Is this a coincidence bc my name is Hannes and im Finnish

  37. No Name

    No Name19 dagar sedan


  38. Joni Voutilainen

    Joni Voutilainen19 dagar sedan

    I live in Finland/Funland, and it is true, smalest places you can walk to store whitout no one to be seen😂

  39. Furious Flamingo

    Furious Flamingo19 dagar sedan

    Play Warthunder again plz

  40. ni ‎ ‎gger

    ni ‎ ‎gger19 dagar sedan

    my summer kolbasa

  41. Hannes Krogerus

    Hannes Krogerus19 dagar sedan

    haha get rekt guys! my name is at the video name!


    ZOLI FORTRESS19 dagar sedan



    ZOLI FORTRESS19 dagar sedan

    did i mention there are mods, like a GAZ 24 volga?

  44. Knekt CR

    Knekt CR19 dagar sedan

    Yield sign: **exists**

  45. TenAte108

    TenAte10819 dagar sedan

    This video is full of fun

  46. Non Man

    Non Man19 dagar sedan

    Took me 1:58 to notice no subtitles how about you?

  47. BMF0X

    BMF0X19 dagar sedan

    Oba, Boris uploads very Fast and ofter now!

  48. gopnik zsheizn

    gopnik zsheizn19 dagar sedan

    "church? maybe they can teach me to sin!!"

  49. Angello

    Angello19 dagar sedan

    Boris this is my favourite game bud 1week ago my PC stop working 😅😂 And I have question why I can't buy any PC components

  50. Definitely_val Variety channel

    Definitely_val Variety channel19 dagar sedan

    My God man, stop pumping put vids I haven't had to catch up so fast. Seriously it's good to see you back on the throne and back to enjoying yourself

  51. Santhana Kumari

    Santhana Kumari19 dagar sedan

    Boris pin this comment and you have made my day

  52. Paweł Pierdolec

    Paweł Pierdolec19 dagar sedan

    boris try beta version beacuse in beta is so much more things write in beta code in steam dingdongpong and choose beta branch

  53. Zainify Gamer

    Zainify Gamer19 dagar sedan

    Mah man Ur fast as cuka bluat

  54. Filippo Fierro

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  55. Lukas Jansson

    Lukas Jansson19 dagar sedan

    sweden and finland is like this everyone dead or indoors

  56. Nepu Nepu

    Nepu Nepu19 dagar sedan

    No subtitle? Me sad...

  57. Tsunami Gecko

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  58. AlphaFoxtrot51

    AlphaFoxtrot5119 dagar sedan

    hmmm is this first time boris not using subtitle or what?

  59. God Of Helva

    God Of Helva19 dagar sedan

    yeah come to turkey thats a nice idea BLYAT

  60. Jules Corten

    Jules Corten19 dagar sedan

    Uhhh..... Boris u Playing the old version of my summer car

  61. Twingoal-Ø

    Twingoal-Ø19 dagar sedan


  62. Benji Bonkers

    Benji Bonkers19 dagar sedan

    0:03 this was connected to my Bluetooth speaker and it scared the absolute hell out of me because I thought some random Russian person walked in my room and I was going to die “I know you have been waiting, I have been waiting as well” (am such debil)

  63. SteelReign55

    SteelReign5519 dagar sedan

    Boris: Life is good. Me: Just like Life of Boris.

  64. Aedrian with an 'E'

    Aedrian with an 'E'19 dagar sedan

    Xaxa 4 vids in ome day blyat before 1 a month

  65. john epps

    john epps19 dagar sedan

    This was the video I discovered boris. Love it.

  66. Samir Samir

    Samir Samir19 dagar sedan

    Name of video:English. Boris talk on:English. Subtitles:hmmmmm it deferendly a Russian.

  67. Chronic Gamer 420

    Chronic Gamer 42019 dagar sedan

    take the boat at back of house to get to shops faster its just over other side of lake

  68. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133719 dagar sedan

    Who are the debils who disliked video

  69. Spyzola

    Spyzola19 dagar sedan

    boris i think for youtube meta you should put time between uploads... not complaing.....

  70. Kanoki-Sakurai

    Kanoki-Sakurai19 dagar sedan

    8:09 I need the name of this masterpiece!~

  71. Chaos89P

    Chaos89P20 dagar sedan

    I guess 90 km/h is a pretty standard speed throughout the world's rural areas (90 km/h translates to approximately 55 MPH).

  72. USBEN

    USBEN20 dagar sedan

    Damnn 3 yr old version.

  73. Aidan Meacham

    Aidan Meacham20 dagar sedan


  74. Tyler Cai

    Tyler Cai20 dagar sedan





  76. Vincent Ray

    Vincent Ray20 dagar sedan

    Who is needing radio for music when powerful Slave car motor is making such already a beat for you?

  77. BronzeBlaster9090

    BronzeBlaster909020 dagar sedan

    "most critical part that needs to be lubricated is the mechanic himself" *that is a very nice quote*

  78. mortal's domain

    mortal's domain20 dagar sedan

    i love this video boris is so wholsome

  79. Lord Kuckmister

    Lord Kuckmister20 dagar sedan

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    Yurei20 dagar sedan

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  81. BottleofDreams

    BottleofDreams20 dagar sedan

    The amount of accurate references of Finland makes me proud. 🥳🇫🇮Boris knows what he talks about 😁

  82. Spike

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  83. ConjuringBoom

    ConjuringBoom20 dagar sedan

    dislike for mosquito buzz made me think is a real cyka flying around in winter 2021'

  84. Eshvara Krupa

    Eshvara Krupa20 dagar sedan

    This is the counrty with 1000 lakes

  85. puuha

    puuha20 dagar sedan

    I know that this is sick but when i was young and i made kilju. My recipe was just water, yeast, raisins and frozen potato slices (i dont know why frozen or potatos anyway) :D I fucked up my self many times but no kilju anymore

  86. Chaotic Gaming

    Chaotic Gaming20 dagar sedan

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    Lizzzard Breath20 dagar sedan

    i needed something chill today. much appreciated.

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    Kly20 dagar sedan

    HOLD ON A MINUTE our hearts can't take so much content so fast.

  89. Asad Khan Shimu

    Asad Khan Shimu20 dagar sedan



    SLAVIC MEMER20 dagar sedan

    This game blyat the history is comeback comrade!!!!


    SLAVIC MEMER20 dagar sedan


  92. Viper TheLegend

    Viper TheLegend20 dagar sedan

    0:35 someone's gonna make a beat out of that soon

  93. Parzival

    Parzival20 dagar sedan

    Ah yes, realism... one shopping trip took whole fkin video xddd

  94. KatsaPoBane

    KatsaPoBane20 dagar sedan

    I felt like he was playing DayZ. Until he went into the grocery store.

  95. Gerardo SANDOVAL

    Gerardo SANDOVAL20 dagar sedan

    I went ti Finland once, to a cabin, the only people i saw around were all staying in the same cabin, so yeah, pretty much, i guess

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    Dive deep! Animations20 dagar sedan

    Hi boris

  98. iden2able

    iden2able20 dagar sedan

    As a Finn yes I can confirm if I walk to the store I would not see a single soul while walking 4km

  99. iden2able

    iden2able19 dagar sedan

    @Purge Blade #231 well yeah but the thing is we plan when we go to eg. to the store so we would see as minimal people as we can. We're no to fond for social interaction, only when we have to

  100. Purge Blade #231

    Purge Blade #23120 dagar sedan

    Which boggles the mind as Finland is tiny asf. Are there like only 4 Finns in the entire country. Canada is bigger than the continent Finland is on and we have more population density than that even in the backwoods.... Well not really but still.

  101. TolleKnolle

    TolleKnolle20 dagar sedan

    Oy, just as I finished playing Metro, Perfect timing!

  102. charles o'shannassy

    charles o'shannassy20 dagar sedan

    hey so you know the video of boris pronouncing the us states well i had an idea you could comment your hometown and then boris would pronounce the most upvoted comments

  103. Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka20 dagar sedan

    I loved these videos! Would love a revisit! The game has gotten so many updates. It's currently in my game rotation.