Gordon Ramsay visits The Keating, a sports car-inspired hotel.
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  1. Kristoffer Vestergaard

    Kristoffer Vestergaard51 minut sedan


  2. Posting a lemon until i get famous

    Posting a lemon until i get famous2 timmar sedan

    Brain was more like a victim

  3. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood6 timmar sedan

    jesus fuck the cuts are making me ill. Too fast*

  4. William Nguyen

    William Nguyen6 timmar sedan

    Dog chilling (ramsay god your ugly) dog fuck it

  5. StanleyComics

    StanleyComics7 timmar sedan

    Imagine turning your hotel into the dance academy from Suspiria.

  6. Tobias Andersen

    Tobias Andersen9 timmar sedan

    8:01 - there's the issue, don't need a film crew and ramsay calling you a donkey to understand that... Geez man - what's with these people?

  7. balle jönsson

    balle jönsson20 timmar sedan

    this one felt staged

  8. Nollåttorna

    NollåttornaDag sedan

    6:53 " it's a takeaway pukebox " lmao

  9. Daltoniusz

    DaltoniuszDag sedan

    29:50 made Smile very, very Happy

  10. Liam B

    Liam BDag sedan

    poor dog

  11. Lucy e bäst

    Lucy e bästDag sedan

    these vids wold actually be god if it wouldnt be so sped up smh

  12. Shorpho

    ShorphoDag sedan

    19:50 wtf happend

  13. gandalfx77

    gandalfx77Dag sedan

    gordno should have hired that chef to work for hells kitchen. this guy trully deserves and has love for food.

  14. hassi44

    hassi44Dag sedan

    Ramsey: What do you think of the red? Guest: It's like a brothel. Ramsey: You've... you've been in a brothel? Guest: No, no. Ramsey: Oh... Ok... I can confirm though it is like in a brothel!

  15. Indigo van Hoof

    Indigo van HoofDag sedan

    Yo that man dropped harder than WWII xDD

  16. Anissa Cinardo

    Anissa Cinardo2 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for that chef

  17. Bram ACM Holland

    Bram ACM Holland2 dagar sedan

    That cheff has the Passion

  18. Alpha PHENIX

    Alpha PHENIX2 dagar sedan

    13:09 "How would you rate him out of 10?'' ''Can we go in to negatives?'' Nice

  19. Alena Levina

    Alena Levina2 dagar sedan

    The 2nd restaurant manager's honesty is killing me😂😂

  20. Weegloogi

    Weegloogi2 dagar sedan

    16:50 "just bring it as it comes" so youre telling me they normally wait to serve food when its already ready but they just let the customers wait wow

  21. Ginsho

    Ginsho2 dagar sedan

    Are the owners always this cringy?

  22. Beat

    Beat2 dagar sedan

    tv editing formats are so fake

  23. fearman026

    fearman0262 dagar sedan

    Gordon the killer ramsey baca pod sudoperu masnim komentarom

  24. Rainbow Dash is best Pony

    Rainbow Dash is best Pony3 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay: "You don't take baths in cars." Colin Furze: "Hold my welding torch."

  25. Yasas Rashmika

    Yasas Rashmika4 timmar sedan

    haha yeah

  26. Jill Eskes

    Jill Eskes3 dagar sedan

    Nutella-strawberry pizza is sooooo good but with bacon it sounds gross

  27. SuiSeiY

    SuiSeiY3 dagar sedan

    31:19 WHAT

  28. Google Crime

    Google Crime3 dagar sedan

    Customer - This food is wet and salty Waiter - Sorry Sir, It's the chefs tears ;p

  29. José B Ribeiro

    José B Ribeiro3 dagar sedan

    Apparently those changes didnt last. The staff deserves better. I hope they quit and went for more worthy jobs

  30. evil_befall

    evil_befall4 dagar sedan

    Gordon : You come here Dog : Yes chef Gordon : God you are ugly Dog : YES CHEF SORRY CHEF

  31. awxh_lxvenxer

    awxh_lxvenxer4 dagar sedan

    And he insulted the dog 😂

  32. PastramiStaven

    PastramiStaven4 dagar sedan

    This was a very good episode, damn more of this :D

  33. Zetural

    Zetural4 dagar sedan

    That chef is my fucking hero

  34. QuantumNerd

    QuantumNerd4 dagar sedan

    20:13 nice job 47, now head to the nearest extraction point

  35. T A

    T A5 dagar sedan

    Gordon pulled Brian outta depression. That's powerful!

  36. SoMeThInG xD

    SoMeThInG xD5 dagar sedan

    Some say Gordon yells to much but he transforms literally every person he yells to into an excellent professional.

  37. Anna Anna

    Anna Anna5 dagar sedan

    What a happy ending 😌

  38. Bonnie

    Bonnie5 dagar sedan

    chocolate pizzas are good

  39. Andy Mironov

    Andy Mironov5 dagar sedan

    23:20 that was so wholesome

  40. Mihajlo Kvartuc

    Mihajlo Kvartuc6 dagar sedan

    Don’t believe idiots who brag about their fake money on a low budget platform like You tube ..with fake pizza to make already stupid people even more stupid..+ fake celebrities are used to lying every day ... According to the script

  41. Squish125

    Squish1256 dagar sedan

    0:43 that guy looks like a city building advisor npc’s father

  42. KoachX1 OW

    KoachX1 OW6 dagar sedan

    I dont trust Eddie i hope we can see the hotel again sometime

  43. asdf

    asdf6 dagar sedan

    "I made this hotel for me, not for you" Well there's the fucking problem lol

  44. Dobeh

    Dobeh6 dagar sedan

    I just came here to see him throwing a nutella pizza to the wall... And I watched fucking 40 minutes of emotional roller coaster

  45. Adrian Gussolovski

    Adrian Gussolovski6 dagar sedan

    Brian is such a king

  46. Nikola Zlatanović

    Nikola Zlatanović6 dagar sedan

    This man is legend

  47. Robert Frölich

    Robert Frölich6 dagar sedan

    why does gordon sound different??

  48. Shalashaska

    Shalashaska6 dagar sedan

    Just read that the owner reverted all the changes Gordon made, shut down the restaurant and even moved back to plastic containers. What a bummer.

  49. Yami NoSho

    Yami NoSho6 dagar sedan

    thye funny thing is the review on trip advisor atm, this episode is really old, or full of bullshit.

  50. Confidential

    Confidential6 dagar sedan

    31:19 thank me later

  51. John Janssen

    John Janssen7 dagar sedan

    Excuse me, but I'm not American. Whats a "lifestyle concierge" ?


    FACELESS GIRL7 dagar sedan

    Ouch 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  53. Costin Ionescu

    Costin Ionescu7 dagar sedan

    are we all going to ignore Gordon's 🍑?

  54. Oxford Trenter

    Oxford Trenter7 dagar sedan

    20:16 poor guys even shit himself :( You can hear him farting and gordons like gises christ

  55. granath55

    granath557 dagar sedan

    Me: Clicked on the video for pizza with nutella Also me: Cried for the chef, forgot the pizza

  56. eUxZVia

    eUxZVia7 dagar sedan

    i want to hug that chef omg

  57. Pelumi Daramola

    Pelumi Daramola7 dagar sedan

    Brian is such a sweetheart ❤️❤️

  58. TheNicest

    TheNicest7 dagar sedan

    hahaha good 1..Ramsay king

  59. Ivan Mijailovic

    Ivan Mijailovic7 dagar sedan

    16:43 :D

  60. Smelly

    Smelly7 dagar sedan

    "He spent penis on the things the hotel really needs." #1 sentence of all time.

  61. CJ train

    CJ train8 dagar sedan

    Yo WTF, the owner looks like my old Econ Professor from Uni

  62. Smoku

    Smoku8 dagar sedan

    Is it me or this chef looks like Steve Jobs?

  63. Dispie Dark

    Dispie Dark8 dagar sedan

    I been to a formula 1 hotel you know on the side of a freeway, cost about 85 euro a night, but the sheets were pressed, floor was clean and the pizza came in a box form the pizza joint around the corner within 15 min. was a good oversized pizza and for 10 euro i could not complain. To me Mercure hotels in germany are mostly on par to my standards, there not big rooms, but i found those to be comfortable, nice bed, nice lazy chairs, small desk, but the fact you get a water cooker and a coffee machine in the room excellent. And the really nice breakfast all you can eat. From english to fruit, to multiple muesli breakfast they had it all. But here the thing those are 250-500 euro a night and mostly weekend deals for 500 euro. If i paid 850 euro i expect a palace like you see in the movies, But this hotel looks more like the places were you get free champagne , caviar and a prostitute.

  64. sdentato27

    sdentato278 dagar sedan

    Brain is the best 😄😄😄😄❤❤

  65. Dodex

    Dodex8 dagar sedan


  66. Blub

    Blub8 dagar sedan

    I thought the chocolate pizza actually looked tasty

  67. A M

    A M8 dagar sedan

    ... and the day after that manager: "Hey guys, let's put a red carpet at the entrance."

  68. Rosa M

    Rosa M8 dagar sedan



    SANDRA IYIZIRE8 dagar sedan

    I felt so sad when the chef fainted 😔.Life is not fair sometimes,he is an experienced chef 👩‍🍳 he deserves better.

  70. Hellblazer

    Hellblazer8 dagar sedan

    3 things I've learned from hotel hell/kitchen nightmares: 1) if you see Gordon Ramsay enter a kitchen of a restaurant you are eating in, get up and go to the hospital (unless you haven't eaten yet, in that case enjoy the show and smile for the cameras 2) a lot of hotel/restaurant owners aren't what you would consider normal and lack common sense 3) i have a sweet spot for cute waitresses

  71. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo9 dagar sedan

    Is It still opened?

  72. Cut a Nut

    Cut a Nut9 dagar sedan

    Eddie looks and sounds like he has the word entrepreneur in his twitter bio

  73. Nyxie

    Nyxie9 dagar sedan

    when Ramsey confirmed the lobby looked like a brothel LMAO

  74. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar9 dagar sedan

    The 2nd restaurant manager's honesty is killing me😂😂

  75. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar9 dagar sedan

    Dude i have never ever ever seen Gordon Ramsay with glasses on-😂😂😂

  76. Zicky Sissypaw

    Zicky Sissypaw9 dagar sedan

    20:08 When Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is 1 day from comeing out.

  77. Emmanouil Giourgis

    Emmanouil Giourgis9 dagar sedan

    why was there a firetruck with the paramedics ?

  78. Mikey2111

    Mikey21119 dagar sedan

    That dick blaming Gordon for his chef collapsing. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and not blame everyone but himself. I love airplanes but that doesn't make me qualified to start a business building airplanes. He never had anything to do with an hotel and expects that if he hires staff it will work out.

  79. Chaoitcme

    Chaoitcme9 dagar sedan

    He must be paying the general manager and executive chef really good salaries if they have stuck around for so long.

  80. Emir

    Emir9 dagar sedan

    That Brick Chicken looked absolutely bomb

  81. Cissly

    Cissly9 dagar sedan

    Ik ben kkrgay

  82. colezane 4

    colezane 49 dagar sedan

    31:19 I didn't want to see that 🤮🤮

  83. Wally Spencer

    Wally Spencer10 dagar sedan

    35:24 the d dude looks like "who s gonna pay for all of those?"

  84. Wally Spencer

    Wally Spencer10 dagar sedan

    i like hiw Gordon said "i m not trying to embarass you " it shows how much he want the owner to get the right path

  85. Vivienne Chacaliaza

    Vivienne Chacaliaza10 dagar sedan

    Omg brian you‘re such a kind warm hearted person. Gordon saved this man he was clearly at the end of his strength. To see him happy is very beautiful

  86. OUTFIT

    OUTFIT10 dagar sedan

    8:01 sums up the episode perfectly

  87. Luka Cerar

    Luka Cerar10 dagar sedan

    Nice ads...

  88. Tirahvi

    Tirahvi10 dagar sedan

    That fainting thou. No!! You should never give water to a person who just fainted, they might drown. Just never give them water, never ever! I am serious here! Like what were the writers thinking? I have a nurse's degree and I can safely that DO NOT GIVE WATER to a fained person!

  89. Pawie

    Pawie10 dagar sedan

    20:34 "Chief collapsed, call 991!" >A fucking firetruck arrives

  90. Anfisa Dorokhova

    Anfisa Dorokhova10 dagar sedan

    tbh Gordon did not lie the owner should just have hired his own staff to serve him instead of making it a hotel

  91. Well mate that sucks

    Well mate that sucks10 dagar sedan

    Brain honestly deserves so much, my guys so passionate and was so broken.. I'm so happy for him that Gorden could help him like u could see how happy he got

  92. Galaxy Niall

    Galaxy Niall10 dagar sedan

    17:58 is where he eats it

  93. Leechy Leech

    Leechy Leech10 dagar sedan

    00:56 He spent wha..??

  94. MrSwedeProductions

    MrSwedeProductions10 dagar sedan

    8:02 'I designed the Keating to be the perfect hotel for me.. not for him'. Well, there's your answer right there

  95. MeminatorDaMonki

    MeminatorDaMonki10 dagar sedan

    brians crying made me cry :(

  96. dropdeadkatja

    dropdeadkatja10 dagar sedan

    Brian just I want to hug him 😭❤️

  97. Mohade3 D

    Mohade3 D10 dagar sedan

    Good for the owner. He really listened and didn't cause any unnecessary drama.

  98. Google made me do it

    Google made me do it10 dagar sedan

    Chocolate pizza: *exists* Gordon Ramsay: "Fuck me." Dr. Oetker: "This is free real estate!"

  99. Michal Sýkora

    Michal Sýkora11 dagar sedan

    I miss kent weed

  100. Ur mom Gay

    Ur mom Gay11 dagar sedan

    Omg the chef nohomo but I love him

  101. Melody -Mellybyte-

    Melody -Mellybyte-11 dagar sedan

    31:18 This was soo unnecessary why did they even record that? no one watches Gordon Ramsy expecting to look at his arse.