Mike Rowe And Jay Leno Drive The Actual Car From “The Rockford Files”! (+ BONUS SNEAKS!) | JLG

Jay Leno helps Mike Rowe live out his dream of driving the actual car from “The Rockford Files” - a 1978 Pontiac Firebird! Catch the mini mashup with bonus sneaks from the all new episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”!
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Mike Rowe And Jay Leno Drive The Actual Car From “The Rockford Files”! (+ BONUS SNEAKS!) | JLG


  1. nonya biz

    nonya biz5 dagar sedan

    The Firebird in Rockford Files is actually a souped up Formula rebadged as a lowly Esprit.

  2. Alan Wallace

    Alan Wallace4 månader sedan

    For the record, this is pure sacrilege.

  3. Katie Frank

    Katie Frank4 månader sedan

    My dad was the one who broke into mike rowes trailer! I’ve never been so proud!!! ❤️

  4. npxmnpxm

    npxmnpxm4 månader sedan

    I like the Rockford Files Firebird more than I hate Mike Rowe. (But it's close.)

  5. harry #

    harry #4 månader sedan

    6:06 Wow. You guys are sitting shoulder to shoulder on front seat.

  6. Monkeyrancher

    Monkeyrancher4 månader sedan

    stupid but fun

  7. Jerry Frederick

    Jerry Frederick4 månader sedan

    Three of my favorite people in show business. James Garner, Mike Rowe, and the rapscallion Jay Leno. All good guy's.

  8. John Davey

    John Davey4 månader sedan

    You're the tops Jay.

  9. Dylan Stafford

    Dylan Stafford4 månader sedan

    One of the greatest shows ever made, with the greatest theme song ever! But there's something wrong with seeing anyone but James Garner driving that Firebird Espirit. There's only one Jim Rockford.

  10. strength45

    strength452 månader sedan

    Mike rowe is a. Saint tho.

  11. Todd Terrell

    Todd Terrell4 månader sedan

    Skid racing ridiculous! Leftist racing!

  12. James

    James4 månader sedan

    The cop car trailing him - I don't remember that from earlier seasons. Something happen?

  13. PhenomProductions23

    PhenomProductions232 månader sedan

    An Escort for Leno and Rowe in case they get accosted by Starstruck fans.

  14. Big Bud Wiley

    Big Bud Wiley4 månader sedan

    Rockfords Firebird and Magnums Ferrari were always my favorites growing up..good times!

  15. Big Bud Wiley

    Big Bud Wiley4 månader sedan

    E Meyer forgot about that you are correct!

  16. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    Magnum played a PI on Rockford named Lance White that ultimately led to him being cast in Magnum.

  17. mycatumz

    mycatumz4 månader sedan

    I have to say that a tesla is not practically free. The maintenance of the car is is very expensive at this time and your waiting for a long time to get it done. Not so free and easy!

  18. Cyril Hudak

    Cyril Hudak4 månader sedan

    Wasn't Skid Plate Racing started at David's Farm up in Ontario, Canada?

  19. andorsun

    andorsun4 månader sedan

    i only watched for the 180 .....where is it.....i'm cheated... click bait.....

  20. Mike Sokolow

    Mike Sokolow4 månader sedan

    Broken everything..???? .. I made it to 63, only broke a thumb once. Been crazy , biker at 15, Us Marines, still riding motorcycles, , lumberjacking at 63 yrs. old. How careless do you have to be?This girl will have major pain by 45 yrs old, not much to be proud of.

  21. Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel

    Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel4 månader sedan

    Why is there police car following you through the whole skit? Is it for Mikes or Jays protection?

  22. Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel

    Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel4 månader sedan

    I love mike. He’s handsome and has a great voice.

  23. Nunofurdambiznez

    Nunofurdambiznez4 månader sedan

    He was an opera singer before he made it big in television, that's why he has a great voice.

  24. Paul Silva

    Paul Silva4 månader sedan

    HEY, LENO, bait and switch??? I entertained a good 20 MINUTES of MIKE ROWE. But nooo, you had to go all mailbuuuu on me.! .!

  25. PlanetMotoLA

    PlanetMotoLA4 månader sedan

    Fcuk Mike Rowe! He's a science denier. I think he's also is a sell out racist too. Will never watch another program narrated or star in by trash host.

  26. Nunofurdambiznez

    Nunofurdambiznez4 månader sedan

    poor triggered snowflake baby.........

  27. Clarence Jones

    Clarence Jones4 månader sedan

    Lol train coming got to flip the burgers 🍔🤪🤣😆

  28. Clarence Jones

    Clarence Jones4 månader sedan

    He was right no engine sound no adrenaline rush for me


    IMPORTANT INFORMATION4 månader sedan

    This is a big car shipping scam: setoos.info/name/q262qYWWqaCDong/video

  30. Rappers57

    Rappers574 månader sedan

    Burgled. It might not be a word you are familar with........................It's English! 😂

  31. Allen Ruschman

    Allen Ruschman4 månader sedan

    These 2guys👍🏼

  32. Dick Blownoff

    Dick Blownoff4 månader sedan

    Rowe is starting to look like Tim Allen.

  33. Curt J

    Curt J4 månader sedan

    How valuable IS that car? Police car gently tailing the Firebird.

  34. willnzsurf

    willnzsurf4 månader sedan

    Skidplate racing looks real fun.😹

  35. Jacob Moses

    Jacob Moses4 månader sedan

    Maybe Jay is more cautious since he rolled over in the Hemi Under Glass. I notice he got out of the 4 wheeler before the stuntwoman went around the motocross track

  36. Paul Davidson

    Paul Davidson4 månader sedan

    Burgled is a real word "Burglarized "is not .

  37. Douglas Purcell

    Douglas Purcell4 månader sedan

    You gotta do the reverse move

  38. Bradley Smith

    Bradley Smith4 månader sedan

    This segment was so lame! They could have at least shown James Garner from back then and compared the scenes now. Angel Martin popping up would have been a better idea than whoever that was trying to be a bad guy at the "motorhome". I want to like Jays show, but he makes it hard when he does such a poor job on the legendary Rockford files.

  39. tres xxx

    tres xxx4 månader sedan

    This is the only show I make note to watch. Wed night.

  40. Caz Gerald

    Caz Gerald4 månader sedan

    6:31 Electricity is free?

  41. Range Man

    Range Man4 månader sedan

    He started out with a GREAT show that educated people... then turned into a money grubbing exploitationist pushing the most poorly manufactured trucks on earth... maybe a new comedy series? Mike catching flying spark plugs with a catchers mit ?? GO DEEP MIKE ! GO DEEP !!! Jay needs to just rub all his millions on his private parts and get out of entertainment... why is it so many ultra successfuls refiuse to quit until they're on the down slope?

  42. krmcc01

    krmcc014 månader sedan

    Click Bait you have just a few seconds of Mike Rowe driving the car just another fake story from NBC = Nothing Bout Content

  43. Motortube

    Motortube4 månader sedan

    Would have been great if they actually did a Rockford files reverse move.

  44. Joe Valdrighi

    Joe Valdrighi4 månader sedan

    Jay Leno it just plain fun

  45. DasB00t

    DasB00t4 månader sedan

    Doesn't Jay know he's flaunting his white privilege / :)

  46. Nunofurdambiznez

    Nunofurdambiznez4 månader sedan

    so what? white people are allowed to have fun TOO

  47. plumbandsquare1

    plumbandsquare14 månader sedan

    Jay has some cool friends!

  48. CycolacFan

    CycolacFan4 månader sedan

    Promo advertised that Jay drives one of the cars from Rockford Files, yet doesn’t say a single thing about it in the clip.

  49. CycolacFan

    CycolacFan4 månader sedan

    Is it an on screen used Firebird?

  50. BlueEyedSoul24

    BlueEyedSoul244 månader sedan

    The whole Rockford thing is discussed in the full show. Mike wanted a car like the Rockford one from when he was a young man. The full show is great!

  51. IcantSignIn

    IcantSignIn4 månader sedan

    The big question is...did they do a "Rockford" while in Rockford's car?

  52. PhenomProductions23

    PhenomProductions232 månader sedan

    No they didn't. The Owner probably wouldn't allow it.

  53. skipstalforce

    skipstalforce4 månader sedan

    Thats not the car from the Rockford files.

  54. David P.

    David P.4 månader sedan

    I wish I could watch this on the CNBC site. I'll have to settle for these amazing clips and quips.

  55. theboyx3

    theboyx34 månader sedan

    ummmm.... I thought the Rockford Firebird was older than a '78.

  56. David P.

    David P.4 månader sedan

    I think Rockford drove a '74 or '75 and then the '78. I seem to remember the older style grille.

  57. evvignes

    evvignes4 månader sedan

    6:33 Breaking news! Electricity is free in California!

  58. Chris Gabbert

    Chris Gabbert4 månader sedan

    So why do I get a electric bill every month

  59. Dana Woodall

    Dana Woodall4 månader sedan

    It was a great show as always

  60. jim carter

    jim carter4 månader sedan

    Be careful , Jay . The left hates, tries to destroy anyone who associates with traditional American values.

  61. Charles Greer

    Charles Greer4 månader sedan

    Now maybe they changed the car during the show and I'm not a poncho freak so dont know exact years but I coulda swore Rockfords car was the last round headlight style not the smokie and the bandit headlight. But I would have to watch a episode to be sure. Maybe it started out the round light first couple and then went dual square .

  62. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    Jim started with a 74' and got a new one every year ending with the 78 model year.74-76 were roundies and 77-78 were square lights

  63. Kenny Dave

    Kenny Dave4 månader sedan

    Jays head looks like a piston out of a Bulldozer engine

  64. Nunofurdambiznez

    Nunofurdambiznez4 månader sedan

    bulldozer engine pistons have white hair? I'll be damned.. never knew that..

  65. Deon Hamilton

    Deon Hamilton4 månader sedan

    how to turn something awesome into total crap just get CNBC involved

  66. Russel Cline

    Russel Cline4 månader sedan

    Man, 5 seconds left of the video and what happens??? Another STUPID SEtoos ad!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

  67. alsatful

    alsatful4 månader sedan

    Rockfords car still has the same Lic plate , nice touch

  68. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    Ebay sells replica plates for show only of course

  69. Brian Winston

    Brian Winston4 månader sedan

    853 OKG August of 1953 (Garner got his first acting job), OK (Oklahoma, grew up there), G (Garner). I am a huge RF fan.

  70. BlueEyedSoul24

    BlueEyedSoul244 månader sedan

    I noticed that too. Great catch!

  71. T Wiki

    T Wiki4 månader sedan

    My friend owns the actual pickup truck used in the show. He has old pics of him, his wife and James Garner together during the sale many years ago. It's slowly rusting away but is still salvageable to the right person.

  72. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    Look up Jim Suva.He runs a blog about the Rockford cars and has been on the lookout for one of the pickups.

  73. PlanD

    PlanD4 månader sedan

    My first car was a Firebird because I was a huge fan of The Rockford Files

  74. Harvey Mushman

    Harvey Mushman4 månader sedan

    A man that worked with James Garner and the rest on the Rockford Files runs a page on Facebook...great page !

  75. makrsk09

    makrsk094 månader sedan

    They are all my mothers'!!! LOL

  76. TurboDieselDan

    TurboDieselDan4 månader sedan

    Mike Rowe 2024

  77. AMP Distributing

    AMP Distributing4 månader sedan

    I didn't realize it was a Pontiac in that show. I thought it was a Camaro for some reason.

  78. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    Mannix used a 74 Camaro in last season which are posted here on YT

  79. Dave Builds It

    Dave Builds It4 månader sedan

    Hmmm.. Mike Rowe as Jim Rockford. I'm down.

  80. PlanD

    PlanD4 månader sedan

    That would be incredible!!

  81. Phil Davis

    Phil Davis4 månader sedan

    The Firebird was nothing special, James Garner was a terrific driver.

  82. David P.

    David P.4 månader sedan

    I've had two Firebirds. They weren't perfect, they had plenty of issues but they were fun to drive.

  83. blackbird2233

    blackbird22334 månader sedan

    No bootlegger turn?

  84. Se7eN Cureton Reviews

    Se7eN Cureton Reviews4 månader sedan

    Rowe for President

  85. END TIMEs Video Library

    END TIMEs Video Library4 månader sedan

    I came here to find out about the Rockford car.. yet.. YOU DID NOT TALK ABOUT THE ROCKFORD CAR!!!!!

  86. Nunofurdambiznez

    Nunofurdambiznez4 månader sedan

    You have to watch the entire episode with Jay and Mike to correlate the two

  87. Walter K Bauer

    Walter K Bauer4 månader sedan

    A $42,000 BBQ? I need better friends.

  88. Benny Siegel

    Benny Siegel4 månader sedan

    Plot twist: The thumbnail is of Doug Demuro

  89. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan


  90. Rob Ketchens

    Rob Ketchens4 månader sedan

    Why aren't they wearing mask? Great examples of the human race???

  91. David P.

    David P.4 månader sedan

    This was probably taped before things got bad.

  92. Michael Graham

    Michael Graham4 månader sedan

    HUGE fan of Mike Rowe! Great video, Jay!

  93. Gary Paisley

    Gary Paisley4 månader sedan

    Rockford never used the seatbelts in that car, why?

  94. PlanD

    PlanD4 månader sedan

    Because it was the 70's and safety really wasn't a thing

  95. Scott Wenger

    Scott Wenger4 månader sedan

    Hey Jay! Have you ever noticed there are two Firebirds from the Rockford Files? Both the same color, but one features the shallow rear window and the one you're featuring this week has the deeper window that wraps around the side of the roof. Loving cars, I thought you would enjoy that.

  96. PhenomProductions23

    PhenomProductions232 månader sedan

    I think they changed something on the car, it doesn't feel right. I think maybe the auction guys got their facts mixed up... Because all the original cars and trucks were sold at the conclusion of the series to private buyers. And Garner gave his away, and when the 1990s Rockford TV Movies came around, they didn't have any of the original cars. So they had to Build/Make another '78. Which I think is this car that was auctioned off for 2 key reasons. 1. The original cars all had Demuxe Vinyl Interior, the Deluxe Seats on the 78s are much thicker because of extra foam padding and have visible horizontal lines across the front of and bottom of the seat. This one has the standard vinyl seats which are visibly skinnier, and the TV Movie car had those skinny seats. I guess Jim didn't care or didn't remember to make them correct that mistake when they rebuilt the car for the 90s movies. And 2. The original cars were repainted the same color to keep every new year consistent. So they came up with their own shade of Gold paint called Lt Topaz, which is just a darker shade of the 78 Gold Special Edition Trans Am's Solar Gold Factory paint. Because the sun at the beach in Malibu would reflect too much off the light shade of the car and blind people. This car from Barrett-Jackson was painted in a different shade that is much darker almost brown looking in some angles than the Original Firebirds that were Light Topaz, which means they probably didn't remember or couldn't find the original records of the Light Topaz Paint codes they had used in the 70s, when they were rebuilding the car in the 90s for the TV movies. Jim Suva interviewed somebody who owns 3 of the Original Rockford cars from the Series. A 76, a '77 and one of the '78s. All 3 have the Deluxe Interior with thick seats. And the correct Light topaz paint. If you look at pictures from the TV movies and the original series you can spot the difference in the shade of the paint and the seats from the 90s car and the originals. If you have an eye for detail like me of course. The 90s car is still counted as a Rockford Car because James drove it and used it. But it's not one of the Originals from the Series. 20 years earlier. It was another Formula/Esprit that was built for the Tv Movies in the 90s for him.

  97. Paul G

    Paul G4 månader sedan

    1970 to 1974 Firebird's and Camaro's did not have wrap-around rear windows. That design change came in 1975. The Rockford Files ran from 1974 to 1980, so yes, the original Firebird's used were 1974 models. He kept those until 1976, then got two new models from Pontiac. For 1977-1980, James was provided two 1977 Firebird's. One was always the camera car, for scenes in the car and general driving. The other was was for the stunts. Since James took over production and finances for the Rockford Files, he maintained a tight budget, thus only two cars (unlike other TV productions). From 1977-1980, in addition to keep costs in mind, James did not like the re-design of the front ends of the 1979/1980 Firebirds, thus opted to keep the 77/78. The car seen here was the last Firebird used on the show, personally owned by James Garner and sold at Barret Jackson in 2019 for $155K: barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1978-PONTIAC-FIREBIRD-FORMULA-THE-ROCKFORD-FILES-227110 I'd be stoked to know if Jay was the one who got it. Then I could sleep at night knowing it went to a good home :)

  98. jennjelly

    jennjelly4 månader sedan

    Jay you are driving a car on my bucket list Tesla Roadster !!!!! all you need now is a 67 camaro convertible

  99. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira4 månader sedan

    Jay doesn't know burgled is a word? He did make fun of people on Jay Walking, right?

  100. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira4 månader sedan

    @caulkins69 I'm neither British or American and still know burgled is a word. Jay has disappointed me. 😊

  101. caulkins69

    caulkins694 månader sedan

    "Burgled" is chiefly British. In the U.S. it is more common to use "burglarized."

  102. Paul G

    Paul G4 månader sedan

    So... I'm guessing it was Jay who got the Rockford Firebird that sold at Barret Jackson in 2019 for $115K? Rockford files was my favorite show growing up as a kid and James Garner was the epitome of cool. For those that don't know the gold Firebird Esprit's were actually dressed-down Formula 400's. James did most of his own stunts and needed the extra horses under the hood and better suspension. But to fit the character of an "off the rack" PI who never had money or ever got paid for his services, he dressed the Formula down to look like a base Esprit. As a kid in 77/78, I wanted that car so bad, but it was hard for a 7 year old to tell his dad to buy one. Dad wasn't having any of it. LMAO. I hope Jay actually got that car because if he did, it will be well taken care of and driven too.

  103. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    @Paul G Mecum ran the one that was restored for the Rockford movies back in the 90's.Definately cool to be able to see it up close.Jim Suva runs a blog dedicated to the Rockford cars and has some cool articles and interviews about the cars and the show.

  104. Brian Winston

    Brian Winston4 månader sedan

    @Paul G You just described me as well. I'm 56 and thought Jimbo was the coolest ever, well i still do !

  105. Pontiac GrandPrix73

    Pontiac GrandPrix734 månader sedan

    Paul G That’s my fantasy ride too, Starsky and Hutch I’ve seen up close, Christine, few times, it Jimbos Firebird, the ultimate

  106. Paul G

    Paul G4 månader sedan

    Out of all the cars in the world, that is the one car I'd love to see in person and get a ride in. And this comes from a Mustang guy... I'd take a ride in Jimbo's bird over the Bullitt Mustang. This is the car that go me into cars at age 7 (now 50).

  107. Pontiac GrandPrix73

    Pontiac GrandPrix734 månader sedan

    Whenever you drive Jimbos Firebird, you gotta pull a Rockford, and I’m sure you popped the hood, that’s no Esprit, Rockfords cars were Formula 400s, scooped hood removed, the Formula had a 400 motor and better handling, but Rockford couldn’t afford the step up car, due to infrequent work, and taking his lawyer Beth out to dinner

  108. Martin Liehs

    Martin Liehs4 månader sedan

    @Marv I am sure that I recall an episode where inspector Becker called that maneuver a "backspin".

  109. E Meyer

    E Meyer4 månader sedan

    @Pontiac GrandPrix73 1st season was the only year they used an Esprit 400.After 74' the Esprit couldn't be optioned past a 350 V8.It was Formula's from there to end of series with the 78' used for an extra season as you said because of Garner's dislike for the restyled front end.Had the show continued they were prepping a GMC Conquista p/u for Garner to drive the following season.Unfortunately it never happened

  110. Pontiac GrandPrix73

    Pontiac GrandPrix734 månader sedan

    jason9022 if you read about it, they needed the 400 and the front and rear sway bars from the Formula 400, for the stunt driving and J turns, which were called Rockfords, so they bought the Formula and changed the hoods, they never went above the esprit look, cause Jim couldn’t afford the Formula, and they never went above the 1978 model front end cause James Garner didn’t like the restyled front end of the 79, show went off the air in 1980

  111. Keith Loree

    Keith Loree4 månader sedan

    @jason9022 No, it was a 400 made to look like an Esprit. A little "movie magic" so to speak. An Esprit was more in line with Rockford's finances, but they needed the performance of the 400 for filming.

  112. IcantSignIn

    IcantSignIn4 månader sedan

    Learned to do a Rockford and drift corners when I was 12 years old because of Jim. '68 Ford station wagon, 390 big block. Later on a cousin bought a 6.6 Smokeybird Bandit Am. Took a while to talk her into letting us "drive it to the store". Probably should have been further than 3 blocks away before the first lighting of the tires.

  113. Aei Ray

    Aei Ray4 månader sedan

    Jay Leno's Garage is great!

  114. Barney

    Barney4 månader sedan

    Jay come see us in Costa Rica I have some great car story’s here in Costa Rica....Barneyvision and avellanassurfphotos.com

  115. Steve

    Steve4 månader sedan

    IDK about you but if someone takes me off roading I want them to say "no I've never broken a bone, ever". If they say "I've broken almost every bone in my body" I'd probably get out... but that's just me I guess.

  116. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew4 månader sedan

    You blew it Jay. The first Rockford car wasn’t the one you showed. It was a 1974 Firebird Formula 400 badged as an Esprit but also wearing “400” fender badges in the first scenes of the series. I know you don’t care, but I’m a car guy through and through. It matters to me. 🤪

  117. David P.

    David P.4 månader sedan

    @Paul G Impressive. You know your stuff!

  118. Paul G

    Paul G4 månader sedan

    Jay never said it was the "first" Rockford Firebird. The Rockford Files ran from 1974 to 1980. James was provided 2 new Firebird's per season. In 1977/78 he opted to keep those instead of going to the 1979/80 because Garner didn't like the re-design of those years. The car your seeing is the Firebird James last used on the Rockford Files and personally owned. The car was sold at Barrett Jackson in 2019 for $115K: barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1978-PONTIAC-FIREBIRD-FORMULA-THE-ROCKFORD-FILES-227110 This car was the audio car, with all the XLR microphone connections still in the car.

  119. Rod S.

    Rod S.4 månader sedan

    That's what I was thinking as well. That one is like a 1977 or 78.

  120. Allan Timko

    Allan Timko4 månader sedan

    2:41 love the clear safety 👓

  121. James Barisitz

    James Barisitz4 månader sedan

    Any grey poupon? Look at that S car go!

  122. Joshua Felty

    Joshua Felty4 månader sedan

    Seat belt magical getting tighter....That's cause you have a tail. Better lose the 5-0 brother Mike.

  123. Mark Ball

    Mark Ball4 månader sedan

    A couple of excellent human beings.

  124. Fredboat

    Fredboat4 månader sedan

    ALL ways enjoy the videos/humor. Thanks.

  125. savethemanual

    savethemanual4 månader sedan

    Love Mike and Jay awesome

  126. ingest a sachel of richards

    ingest a sachel of richards4 månader sedan

    Mike Rowe promoting like a madman! Get ready for good stuff coming. Guy tries as sneakily as possible to show he is conservative but it's always a good time.

  127. Randy Sporing

    Randy Sporing4 månader sedan

    Galactic Omegaton just another reason to like him!

  128. zangardo

    zangardo4 månader sedan

    Jay's half asleep

  129. dillon james

    dillon james4 månader sedan

    Police doing security see it in the background

  130. Mac10 Daddy

    Mac10 Daddy4 månader sedan

    You have to have police present when filming on California roads

  131. dugfriendly

    dugfriendly4 månader sedan

    Hey! Alonzo, the TYT panelist...

  132. S B

    S B4 månader sedan

    Then you wake up and realize the species is doomed.

  133. 1225KPH

    1225KPH4 månader sedan

    Hardly. Democrats killing Democrats and burning down Democrat cities is called a much needed purge.

  134. Brian Weir

    Brian Weir4 månader sedan

    I'm surprised Mike was into this. I always thought he was a Ford guy. Nice show!

  135. The Annointed One

    The Annointed One4 månader sedan

    @The Church Age Gospel Okey-dokey...

  136. The Church Age Gospel

    The Church Age Gospel4 månader sedan

    @derty MI QWERTY The gospel by which we're saved. We're under Paul's ministry today. Therefore we're not under the law of the old testament. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV)1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. And that takes us back to John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. So it's only by GRACE that we are saved not by works. Jesus did all the work and gave us GRACE (unmerited favor) as long as we have FAITH (believe) in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for SALVATION (trust in his blood). That's the gospel. Jesus said, Ye must be born again to enter into the kingdom.(accept Jesus as your SAVIOR)

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