5 Years of VR Games Ranked - Best VR Games Of All Time

Today we are checking out the best VR games and going through my SteamVR, Oculus, Viveport and PSVR libraries as we rank 5 years of VR games.
Intro - 00:00
Under 7.0 - Pass - 00:43
Riff VR (PCVR)
Thundergod (PCVR)
Dead Multiplayer Games
Wolfenstein cyber pilot (PCVR, PSVR)
Batman VR (PSVR, PCVR)
7.1 to 8.0 - Good -02:41
Guns and stories (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Mace and Grace (PCVR)
Rush (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Espire 1 (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Ninja Legends (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Space block buster (PCVR)
Oh Shape (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
DR Who The Edge of Time (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Proze Enlightenment (PCVR)
Raw Data (PCVR)
Swords of gargantua (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Djinni and thaco (PCVR)
Final Assault (PCVR)
Hinge Episode 1 (PCVR)
Starship commander arcade (PCVR)
Alt Deus (Quest, PCVR)
Airborn (PCVR)
Stride (PCVR, PSVR)
Iron lights ( (Quest, PCVR)
Lies beneath (Quest, PCVR)
Time stall (Quest, PCVR)
Star wars tales from the galaxies edge (Quest Exclusive)
Warhammer 40k battle sister (Quest exclusives)
Real fishing vr (Quest, PCVR)
Yupitergrad (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Solaris offworld combat (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Tower Tag (PCVR)
PokerstarsVR (Quest, PCVR)
Vanishing realms (PCVR)
Tarzan (PCVR)
Blaston (Quest, PCVR)
Gorn (Quest, PCVR, PSVR)
Hell split arena (PCVR)
8.1 to 9.0 - Great - 15:54
Arizona sunshine (Quest, PCVR)
Synth riders (Quest, PCVR)
Dash dash world (Quest, PCVR)
Grapple Tournament (PCVR)
Swords of Gurrah (PCVR)
Journey of the gods (Quest, PCVR)
Thrill of the fight (PCVR)
Keep talking no one explodes
Takelings House Party
Silicon rising
Space Pirate Trainer
Battlegroup VR
Serious Sam 3 VR
Robo Recall
Karnage Chronicles
The Lab
Rec Room
No Man's Sky
Until you Fall
I Expect you to Die
The climb
The Gallery Episode 1 and 2
Westworld Awakenings
Echo VR
Blade and Sorcery
Elite dangerous
Budget Cuts 2
Jurassic world aftermath (Quest exclusive)
Iron man (PSVR exclusive)
Lone Echo
In death unchained
9.0 and Up - Must Play - 31:18
Vader immortal
Beat Saber
Vertigo Remastered
Astrobot Rescue Mission (PSVR exclusive)
Resident Evil 7 (PSVR exclusive)
The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
Star Wars Squadrons
Asgard's wrath
Population 1
Half life Alyx
You forgot some games - 38:20
Hotdogs Horses and Hand Grenades
Fallout 4 VR
Skyrim VR
Medal of Honor
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    @Matteo311 simply because it doesn't feel good when I put the vr on . Is hands locked and not hands free tracking it is button trigger and got grip tigger or anything it doesn't feel real it doesn't feel its made for vr and is literally not . It doesn't deserve to be there

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    @Wookiestick it's on special now on steam for pc. But the pc version isnt Vr!

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    I rarely "like" videos, but this video was very good and deserved a thumbs up from me.

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    Great video sir!

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    Glad you enjoyed it

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    Poor VRChat got snubbed. Definitely must be in every single library, if only to see what new things developers are making with Udon.

  10. Matteo311

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    Vrchat is excellent. There are a lot titles that didn't make the list either because I didn't spend enough time with them, they are mods or not officially games

  11. adam curran

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    Great video and explanation of each game and why it's either good or bad.

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    Glad you enjoyed it

  13. S Araki

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    The only reason I play Elite Dangerous in 2021 is VR. If you have a high-res headset, it literally looks like you're flying through a NASA photo.

  14. Hugo Stiglitz

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    Wow. No wipeout omega or blood truth but tons of PC shovelware lol garbage list

  15. Matteo311

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    This is my personal library I cant get to every game. This isn't a best of list just a large ranking

  16. des tev

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    @29:40 "The graphics are stunning with these highly detailed environments". Is it just me or does that game look like it could run on an Nokia N-Gage? Jezus i must be spoiled.

  17. Matteo311

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    You need to experience it in vr. It's a different world

  18. DFA_Skorpion

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    Is Hellsplit PS4 or PS5?

  19. Matteo311

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    I believe it's PCVR only

  20. Pat Hudson

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    it would be cool if a fishing game had a world like ares and you could be on a boat and pass real peopole

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    Boneworks is boring as hell plus most of the physics are totally unreal lol

  22. Matteo311

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    Totally unreal or totally awesome. I absolutely love the arena

  23. Steffsh

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    I'm not sure if I missed it but have you played Hitman 3? I haven't played vr yet (arriving in 6 days 😁) but I love the hitman series and I was wondering if I should get excited about it or not. I don't PS only a PC so I'll gonna have to wait either way but I'm kinda excited for when it comes to PC

  24. Matteo311

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    I haven't tried it. I'm not a huge stealth fan

  25. N'Redsa -_-

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    as my wishlist grows. i think at this point i wont live long enough to play them all =)

  26. oasisbeyond

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    Missed Wipeout, it's great. But, amazing movie, I will check a few of these games for sure. Bought a Quest 2 just for Half - Life Alyx, was worth it.

  27. Chris Irwin

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    I gotta like this just for the love for battlegroup vr and Serous Sam!

  28. Chris Irwin

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    No The Last Day Defense?..

  29. Chris Irwin

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    @Matteo311 it’s a tower defense game but it’s so good and usually the only tower defense games I like is orcs must die and plants vs zombies

  30. Matteo311

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    Never tried it


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    Im walking here, definately heard you trying to hide your new york accent lol

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    @LEGOLODON i do my best to reply to all comments


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    What a legend replies to a comment after the video is up for 2 months, i subbed

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    I dont try to hide it. Just annunciate

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    "Rememorable" xD

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    It's a word look it up

  37. Zafrius Rasnake

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    GTA 5 VR

  38. Kalmon salmon

    Kalmon salmon8 dagar sedan

    War Thunder is an amazing game that i believe wasn't on this list. VR works great and looks awesome, and multiplayer battles can be arcady, somewhat realistic or full-on simulations. And it's free. Worth checking out.

  39. Rich Williams

    Rich Williams9 dagar sedan

    The quest/quest 2 is the bane of VR. Great video though!

  40. Christopher Mattsson

    Christopher Mattsson9 dagar sedan

    Why is your scoring system so inflated? You score the very worst games at 7/10?

  41. sir oskar

    sir oskar9 dagar sedan

    Where is LA noire?

  42. Matteo311

    Matteo3119 dagar sedan

    Not on the list. I tried it very early before I had my vr legs and stopped. I'll add it for next year

  43. Jörn Reppenhagen

    Jörn Reppenhagen9 dagar sedan

    Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR) missing? - I heard the explanation why - but it's still a BIG misss of this recommendation video. Also missing: Dirt Rally 2.0 - a real must-have even for players with no gasoline running through their veins.

  44. The Katt Kult

    The Katt Kult9 dagar sedan

    My personal favs are: Beat Saber, FNaF Help Wanted, Pistol Whip, Super Hot, Resident Evil Biohazard, and Blood and Truth (psvr exclusive) I’m a rhythm and horror game fanatic and honestly I feel like we need more good horror games for vr. Oh and I almost forgot my original favorite which was Job Simulator!!

  45. Luca Cerasuolo

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    You forgot to mention Gorilla Tag.

  46. Matteo311

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    It didn't exist when I made this video

  47. josh

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    Thoughts on zenith? It hasn't came out yet, but the alpha starts tomorrow. There is also tons of gameplay footage

  48. josh

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    @Matteo311 I'll be looking forward to both! I didn't have a chance to pre order zenith, so it'll b nice seeing the alpha

  49. Matteo311

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    I'll be playing all week and will neither have a video or stream up this week

  50. TakUser Animations

    TakUser Animations11 dagar sedan

    A fantastic one I'd recommend for anyone who likes Superhot and Beat Saber is Pistol Whip. John Wick meets Baby Driver is the best comparison.

  51. Matteo311

    Matteo31111 dagar sedan

    I started playing it more lately. At the time of making this video I only had a few hours in

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    Thank you. This is what I call a real good overview.

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    thanks so much for this video!

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    Glad you enjoyed it

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    lmao is 32:18 lebandit195's ttfaf video?

  56. Matteo311

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    honestly i can't remember i have a huge collection of downloaded game clips, skimmed for one that looked wild and went for it.

  57. Solifeaul

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    No mention for Propagation VR? Very short but free zombie shooter that absolutely nails what it's going for

  58. Matteo311

    Matteo31115 dagar sedan

    I'll put it on the list for next time

  59. BadQualityFrog

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    I disagree with stride it should be in the 8-9

  60. Matteo311

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    Maybe when it's further in development

  61. Krelian

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    I would rank DCS World above VTOL VR, but it wasn't on your list.

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    Thanks. You gived me so much games that my pc cant handle all of them ☻💔

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  68. Pete Vellucci Jr

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    Wow, thanks for putting in the work for this video; I’m glad to see some games that have been sitting on my own wishlists for a while are mentioned here and your snap reviews do help in determining which I should buy asap, which can continue to sit until a discount, and which should probably be removed. I will also say, I’m surprised to see a bunch of my personal favorites, and generally highly rated experiences not mentioned here; games such as Walkabout Minigolf, Eleven Table Tennis, and Pistol Whip (three games I’d definitely consider 9.0+). I’ll look forward to see how your list has evolved next year, hopefully bursting with more must plays and less of the probably just pass-ons!

  69. Matteo311

    Matteo31117 dagar sedan

    I only recently started playing more pistol whip. It's a solid game. I'll put the other two on my list. Glad you enjoyed the video

  70. Zadok

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    What about vrchat?

  71. Zadok

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    @Matteo311 oh sorry i mustve forgotten

  72. Matteo311

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    its on the list

  73. Zadok

    Zadok17 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 ohhh ok have you eber played iron man on psvr?

  74. Matteo311

    Matteo31117 dagar sedan

    VRchat is excellent but i don't play it enough to actually rank it

  75. Alex S

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    Where's firewall zero hour XD it's for the ps vr

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    I dig your accent

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    I dig you

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    hours upon hours..... sounds like a day job. accept hours upon hours or get a day job.

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    SEtoos is not my job. I have a full time one

  81. Zackary

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    Hot dog horse shoes and hand grenades belong right up top behind bone works

  82. Kelvin Cannon

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    VR games are still shyte, there’s still a lot of room for improvement

  83. DumbledoressArmy

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  84. Matteo311

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    It's on the list

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    thank you. helps me a lot.

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  87. BDGgamer64catz

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    FNaF Help Wanted?

  88. Damon Black

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    Missed the best of them all: Subnautica

  89. Matteo311

    Matteo31120 dagar sedan

    I've only played it on flat screen. I'll check it out in VR


    KSG FOR DAYS20 dagar sedan

    While I'm glad you gave the iconic VR titles good ratings, I'm surprised you didn't talk about Pistol Whip. Its effectively Beat Saber in shooter form. It has a kickass soundtrack, one campaign as of right now, with another one coming this summer, and a large amount of pistols that the player can use.


    KSG FOR DAYS20 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 Alright, fair enough. Glad to know you are aware of it at least!

  92. Matteo311

    Matteo31120 dagar sedan

    at the time of making this I only had a few hours in pistol whip. Not enough to rate it but it's a solid title

  93. PrometheUS

    PrometheUS21 dag sedan

    as someone who's just getting into vr and I'm purchasing alot of different games this is extremely helpful thank you and thanks for the hard work you put into making the video we can tell

  94. Matteo311

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    I'm glad to help

  95. Seth Mcclain

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    Don't forget Zero Caliber Vr

  96. rebellionrob

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    Great video. I must mention Eleven Table tennis. It's stunning.

  97. Matteo311

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    i'll add it to the list

  98. Janek Znak

    Janek Znak21 dag sedan

    Man, you should really play Subnautica VR. Its the best horror in vr I have ever played even when its not a horror game. At least its not considered a horror by the developers.

  99. markplay

    markplay21 dag sedan

    I think blade and sorcery is the best vr game.

  100. idoduckvoice

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    Out of ammo is basically that game you mentioned about the mini soldiers

  101. Alex Branson

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    Is it weird that I can tell your from New Jersey

  102. Matteo311

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    i'm not from new jersey

  103. Dragonas Persona

    Dragonas Persona21 dag sedan

    For someone who just bought a VR system, this video is a blessing

  104. TheLogical Lowdown

    TheLogical Lowdown4 dagar sedan

    Here have another: Into the radius. Truly the best RPG for vr. Compound. An 8 bit retro doomish roguelike. Vtol VR. It was in his list and it's easily the best game on VR imo. Complete with an in game map/mission editor and workshop support, need I say more? Lol. If so, multiplayer comes soon soon.

  105. Matteo311

    Matteo31121 dag sedan

    Glad to help

  106. GideonSC2

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    Subnautica is amazing in VR

  107. Matteo311

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    I'll try it

  108. Nexovus

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    The only thing I don't like about my Valve Index, no Robo Recall :'(

  109. Nexovus

    Nexovus22 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 thanks man, looking into it now!

  110. Matteo311

    Matteo31122 dagar sedan

    Just use revive. It works perfectly

  111. Baxter Taylor

    Baxter Taylor22 dagar sedan

    In not even American, but this guys sounds like he's from Jersey

  112. Jason Burley

    Jason Burley23 dagar sedan

    Not sure how Subnautica did not make the list. It is in the top three for me. You do have to install, at minimum, the "VR Mod" (I'm pretty sure that is actually the name of it) for it to be mostly bug free, improve the visuals and make it really enjoyable. Definitely recommend!

  113. Matteo311

    Matteo31122 dagar sedan

    @Jason Burley I only played it flat screen and couldn't remember if it had native vr support or not. Maybe I'll circle back to it for next year

  114. Jason Burley

    Jason Burley22 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 thanks for the response. For what it's worth, it isn't a mod, the VR version is in the Oculus store, just need to purchase and play like any other VR game. You don't have to install any mods to play in VR, the one I mentioned above just makes it more enjoyable and fixes a few bugs (better visuals and less chance of motion sickness). If you haven't played it in VR yet, you should definitely check it out. It's extremely immersive! Great (long) story, intuitive scavenging/crafting/inventory system, and very addicting. I had over 50 hours in when I completed it- I didn't want it to end.lol BTW, great video! Thank you for taking the time to put together a great, informative list. Much appreciated!

  115. Matteo311

    Matteo31122 dagar sedan

    I didn't include any mods on this list

  116. Snore Cardgage

    Snore Cardgage23 dagar sedan

    Onward is such shit and the developers literally deserve to be in prison. They broke the law by literally removing the paid-for product from PC players' hard drives. Besides, its an AWFUL game, it looks like something a Galaxy S6 could run

  117. Matteo311

    Matteo31123 dagar sedan

    I think it looks horrendous on quest but great on pc

  118. Snore Cardgage

    Snore Cardgage23 dagar sedan

    Squadrons is so overrated in this video. Did Lucas pay this dude? It doesn't deserve to be on the list, its extremely obvious that it was developed pancake and not VR.

  119. Matteo311

    Matteo31123 dagar sedan

    To each their own. Personally I think all the assassin creeds games suck. I know lots of people had issues, luckily I didn't and patches helped fix things up. For me the overall experience was intense.

  120. Gilot Moran

    Gilot Moran23 dagar sedan

    Are there any co-op wave like shooters like Raw Data?

  121. Gilot Moran

    Gilot Moran23 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 I know what you mean. It's crazy how long it has been since that game came out. Guess we gotta still play them patience cards.

  122. Matteo311

    Matteo31123 dagar sedan

    Not really. Arizona is a co op shooter but not a wave shooter

  123. kobodey Pearson

    kobodey Pearson23 dagar sedan

    Thank you

  124. Matteo311

    Matteo31123 dagar sedan


  125. Jeremy Price

    Jeremy Price23 dagar sedan

    great video. i mostly agree with your picks save a few. but i 100% agree with your MoH review. had the exact same experience.

  126. Matteo311

    Matteo31123 dagar sedan

    glad you enjoyed it

  127. Wim Naessens

    Wim Naessens24 dagar sedan

    ZeroCalibre and Eleven Table Tennis? Seems like they're both worth a mention?

  128. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    @Wim Naessens glad to hear it

  129. Wim Naessens

    Wim Naessens24 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 Allright good to know. I'm nowhere near your experience level yet :D. Certainly got some new titles to check out!

  130. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    Yeah, I just haven't played every day enough to rank them

  131. Dominus Dominae

    Dominus Dominae24 dagar sedan

    Og budget cuts?

  132. Dominus Dominae

    Dominus Dominae23 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 I’m doing Alan rn

  133. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    never finished it sadly

  134. Yourvix

    Yourvix24 dagar sedan

    Time to buy some vr stuff bruh... I WANT TO PLAY ALL OF THEM

  135. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    hell yeah


    GRUBO W KINIE24 dagar sedan

    great work , i would only add Gear VR / Oculus Go / Daydream few titles from 2018-2019 : ● Mekorama ● Daedalus ● Eclipse ● Rocket Fury ● Blade Runner ● Along Together ● VVR ● Drop dead ● Smah Hit ● Ocean Rift

  137. fumomo fumosarum

    fumomo fumosarum24 dagar sedan

    It'd be nice if you added some of the PS4 VR games ´: ) There is one especially fantastic one, that is very overlooked. Deracine

  138. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    There is PSVR here but I haven't played as many of these games

  139. Der Wämper

    Der Wämper24 dagar sedan

    I just ordered a quest with the oculus link cable and I have just 3 games on my list Your Video really hyped me up for vr again and gave me fantastic ideas for games to buy Thank you 😊👍🏻

  140. devilalfie

    devilalfie24 dagar sedan

    What about Rick and morty vr

  141. Matteo311

    Matteo31124 dagar sedan

    I need to play it more before I rank it.

  142. ChuchoF3TT

    ChuchoF3TT25 dagar sedan

    I was like .. wow 40 mins.. I'll prob won't last that long... 40 mins later... ok I know exactly where my next paycheck is going to.

  143. Matteo311

    Matteo31125 dagar sedan

    Glad to help

  144. Brett Crampton

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    I didn't think I've heard anyone else used the term nerdgasm. Instant sub

  145. Matteo311

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    Now I remember :)

  146. Brett Crampton

    Brett Crampton24 dagar sedan

    5:15 doctor who

  147. Matteo311

    Matteo31125 dagar sedan

    Lol, what did I refer to as a Nerdgasm

  148. Stunseed

    Stunseed25 dagar sedan

    hahaha i felt the same way with skyrim VR.. installed it was like YAY skyrim.... "again".... ive over idk 2500 hours on the first game and modding and everything. after i found out how to mod skyrim VR i installed the mods and was like.. meh ill come back when i come back i guess

  149. Ann Ork

    Ann Ork25 dagar sedan

    Who are you!!? 😁😁

  150. Matteo311

    Matteo31125 dagar sedan

    Just a dude who likes VR games

  151. Ralph Delgado

    Ralph Delgado25 dagar sedan

    This video was a masterpiece. Anybody old or new to VR will appreciate this list. Been playing since 2016 and this video blew me away. Good job Mateo👊🏾

  152. Snorky Mescaline

    Snorky Mescaline26 dagar sedan

    Fallout 4 VR and Borderland (2? 3?) VR

  153. Jcewazhere

    Jcewazhere26 dagar sedan

    "only had a 2080ti" lol here I am with a 1060 and i5 4690k :X

  154. Matteo311

    Matteo31126 dagar sedan

    It was failed sarcasm

  155. BustyBagel

    BustyBagel26 dagar sedan

    Where does pistol whip and hyper dash go on the list

  156. BustyBagel

    BustyBagel26 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 really I think pistol whip is up with population one and beat saber. Maybe not a year ago but they’ve added so much content

  157. Matteo311

    Matteo31126 dagar sedan

    Hyperdash came out after this video but it would be very high on the list. Its my favorite shooter. Pistol whip I just started playing more, mid 8s

  158. SuspectPlayer AU

    SuspectPlayer AU26 dagar sedan

    was firewall zero hour mentioned?

  159. Matteo311

    Matteo31126 dagar sedan

    No I haven't tried it

  160. ZuluPilot

    ZuluPilot27 dagar sedan

    I would personally definitely add Into The Radius to the list but at the same time I know how janky and niche it is. I still love it though.

  161. theross

    theross27 dagar sedan

    Seriously, how have you not played Five Nights at Freddy's?

  162. Gizmo

    Gizmo27 dagar sedan


  163. Matteo311

    Matteo31127 dagar sedan

    Its on the list

  164. Monolithic Hashies

    Monolithic Hashies27 dagar sedan

    woah hey, what about jet island? not recomended for new users, but once you have VR legs, there's nothing quite like being a spiderman/ironman crossover.

  165. Matteo311

    Matteo31127 dagar sedan

    @Monolithic Hashies I felt like I didn't play it enough to rate it

  166. Monolithic Hashies

    Monolithic Hashies27 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 that's fair I can respect that. I woulda still mentioned it as it's a really unique experience and it's a game I've completed at least three times because I just keep coming back to it's fantastic movement system. Great video tho plenty of new games I gotta try out. Huge shame that the sisters of battle game is quest exclusive, I really would have liked to play it even if it's not great.

  167. Matteo311

    Matteo31127 dagar sedan

    honestly i didn't enjoy it that much but I always go back to games.

  168. Onion Knight

    Onion Knight28 dagar sedan

    Swords of hurrah is ass

  169. Carl Jones

    Carl Jones28 dagar sedan

    No mention of Borderlands 2, I always feel it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Great game which works well in VR and runs like a dream. Gearbox did a second rate job of implementing sniper scopes but they are still perfectly functional.

  170. Awesome!

    Awesome!28 dagar sedan

    Great list! But you missed some more great VR titles: Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice The Forest IL-2 Sturmovik Flight Sim 2020 American Truck Simulator Derail Valley Rolling Line Hello Puppets Wilson's Heart Mass Exodus Vox Machinae Payday 2 Paper Beast Jet Island Into the Radius Ironwolf Cosmodread Dead Effect 2 Dirt Rally 2 LA Noire The Mage's Tale Layers of Fear Climbey Hopefully you get to play these!

  171. paul treneary

    paul treneary28 dagar sedan

    Good review but no sign of MS Flight Sim 2020, Project Cars, Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa (as you reviewed Elite Dangerous & No Man's Sky) or Eagle Flight.

  172. Kruemel98

    Kruemel9828 dagar sedan

    My Top3 VR Playlist: 1- DCS World 2- Elite Dangerous 3- Moss 4- Star Wars Squadron 5- Skyrim VR (with a lot of mods)

  173. Martin VR Schmuck

    Martin VR Schmuck28 dagar sedan

    I really liked Doom VFR on PSVR with the Aim Controller

  174. Martin VR Schmuck

    Martin VR Schmuck28 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 That could be. Maybe the Aim Controller helped as well on PSVR that I liked it

  175. Matteo311

    Matteo31128 dagar sedan

    @Martin VR Schmuck typo in my last comment. I played on PCVR so maybe the psvr version was less buggy

  176. Martin VR Schmuck

    Martin VR Schmuck28 dagar sedan

    @Matteo311 I started with VR end of 2019. I assume the problems have been fixed befor I got in to VR :-D

  177. Matteo311

    Matteo31128 dagar sedan

    Haven't tried it on pcvr but it was a really buggy launch on oc and just never felt right

  178. ThaDuDeMaN

    ThaDuDeMaN29 dagar sedan

    MOH wouldn't work on my Ryzen 7+ RTX3070, i think they didnt optimize for new cards... but it works now... still not worth it, would be under 7 anyway

  179. Luis Guerreiro

    Luis Guerreiro29 dagar sedan

    Cool and all but I'm glad I overspent on my rig instead of getting a vr set and a lower-end rig, it's been years and vr is actually on a lower place than I thought it would be by 2021

  180. Nicholas Plunkett

    Nicholas Plunkett29 dagar sedan

    I just finished alyx and boneworks what games should I play next

  181. Kevin Cuykens

    Kevin Cuykens29 dagar sedan

    The one thing I don't get it, is why VR games still go for the "only see hands" package. It just makes it feel more unreal, I wanna see my bloody arms! Is there a special reason for this that I'm not seeing?

  182. Dr S4T4N

    Dr S4T4N29 dagar sedan

    VR is so lame for non gamers only . Maybe next 10 y gona improve it .

  183. Tim B.

    Tim B.29 dagar sedan

    Runs bad on my GTX3090, but the other pc only had a GTX2080TI Are you a millionaire

  184. Matteo311

    Matteo31129 dagar sedan

    It was failed sarcasm but I work in IT so that's where my money goes

  185. tucci06

    tucci0629 dagar sedan

    So tired of exclusivity. It's so widespread now. Imagine if Alyx was exclusive to the Index.

  186. Matteo311

    Matteo31129 dagar sedan

    It's mostly facebook pushing exclusives. Luckily revive works

  187. Sir Yoga

    Sir YogaMånad sedan

    Skyrim VR is absolutely amazing, I liked the original very much. But VR Version is just another Dimension. Especially with mods

  188. Strykain

    StrykainMånad sedan

    Good video, but would have been a lot better if you used footage you recorded yourself. A good portion of these games don't look anything like their trailer footage. The most noticeable one being Espire 1. The pre-release footage looks like an entirely different game.

  189. Matteo311

    Matteo311Månad sedan

    This video already takes an insane amount of hours trailer are just easier to work with