Trying Korean, Russian, and American MREs

An MRE is a portable meal for soldiers. It's not known to be very good... so I decided to try different MREs from America, Russia, and Korea to see which one was the best (and worst) food.
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  1. Honey Senpai

    Honey Senpai6 minuter sedan

    I just love seeing mark reading the instructions in Korean and also understanding them

  2. *Random stuff* •

    *Random stuff* •17 minuter sedan


  3. Marcedes Dunlap

    Marcedes Dunlap22 minuter sedan


  4. sam clayton

    sam claytonTimme sedan

    The bag: do e over fill Mark: *overfills*

  5. sam clayton

    sam claytonTimme sedan

    Mark is now cave man and me likey cave man

  6. Wolf Asesina

    Wolf AsesinaTimme sedan

    When and where the fuck does the Military ever have time to go to the bathroom?

  7. Skeleton pyro Knight

    Skeleton pyro KnightTimme sedan

    Marcaplire looks likes John wick as eny one notes that

  8. YeetusThysFetus

    YeetusThysFetusTimme sedan

    Damn. We missed out on a banger (Redacted) channel video. Pee MREs.

  9. Electro Flame

    Electro FlameTimme sedan


  10. Gerkin Jerkin

    Gerkin JerkinTimme sedan

    Whats funny is the spoon has one kia from green Beret and the fact he doesn’t know this is all the better

  11. Emma Capps

    Emma Capps2 timmar sedan

    Ya know people miss unus annus but markiplier and crankgameplays is still here mark and eathan will never nleave

  12. SweatyAsUrPits

    SweatyAsUrPits2 timmar sedan

    “May cause nasua vomiting...” Mark: *E A T*

  13. Tito Zarate

    Tito Zarate2 timmar sedan

    Is it me or he looks like john wick 💀💯

  14. Dwight Ross

    Dwight Ross2 timmar sedan

    Food no go good all time is the best caveman line I ever heard

  15. Zane Kuzminski

    Zane Kuzminski3 timmar sedan

    Sugar for your tea

  16. Crisss_ e

    Crisss_ e3 timmar sedan

    u truly look like john wick

  17. Melis Savcı

    Melis Savcı3 timmar sedan

    wait what is MRE

  18. Truly Pain

    Truly Pain4 timmar sedan

    2:48 I’m glad he dumb it down for me so I could understand 🙂

  19. Melis Savcı

    Melis Savcı4 timmar sedan

    what about our food ı mean turkishhhhhh becose am turkish

  20. Joe Valve

    Joe Valve4 timmar sedan

    Apple tart MRE is my favorite

  21. shara davinge

    shara davinge4 timmar sedan


  22. BenDover PUBG

    BenDover PUBG4 timmar sedan

    Knockoff version of Keanu Reeves

  23. chanheenator98

    chanheenator984 timmar sedan

    0:29 29 seconds in and i'm screaming at cloud and sephi popping up on the screen AHHH THAT MADE ME SO HAPPYYY

  24. Auto With Aiden

    Auto With Aiden4 timmar sedan

    *takes bite* “WHAT IS THATT”

  25. Star Magala

    Star Magala5 timmar sedan

    The Yoshi sound fucked my whole life up. Lmfao that was adorable

  26. John Ashley Fanglayan

    John Ashley Fanglayan5 timmar sedan

    my fist time being a hitman be like 19:53

  27. the Reaper war collector

    the Reaper war collector6 timmar sedan

    Man drank the water that was in the mre😳

  28. MrSmilingDeath

    MrSmilingDeath6 timmar sedan

    You know, he jokes about using the MRE spoon as a weapon, but that's actually happened before.

  29. Andre Fajardo

    Andre Fajardo6 timmar sedan

    I didn't knew that Keanu Reeves can speak Korean 22:25

  30. Анна Артемьева

    Анна Артемьева6 timmar sedan

    9:52 this is my LIFE

  31. Joseph Denbo

    Joseph Denbo7 timmar sedan

    It's scuffed Steve1998MREInfo

  32. alex lyons

    alex lyons7 timmar sedan

    mark just brings me so much serotonin dhiddjhtdkt i love him so much

  33. Cody _12 3

    Cody _12 37 timmar sedan

    Markiplier looks like Keanu reeves if he’s dog didn’t die and started a SEtoos channel

  34. Clamsy

    Clamsy5 timmar sedan

    this is a wayyy underated comment

  35. Cheezekeke

    Cheezekeke7 timmar sedan

    I don’t have a flexible diet. But that Korean MRE and the ravioli makes me want some But not MRE form.

  36. Pranav Baweja

    Pranav Baweja7 timmar sedan


  37. Drew G.

    Drew G.7 timmar sedan

    I'm just going to wait around for Mark and Steve1989 to do a collaboration. My life would be complete.

  38. zaheer khan

    zaheer khan7 timmar sedan


  39. aisyah aung

    aisyah aung8 timmar sedan

    That's just flour! Why Is there flour? It's flour! It's flour! Cocaine? It's flour! *sniff* Cheeseeeee

  40. PotZ

    PotZ8 timmar sedan

    *f o o d*

  41. Adept Drop

    Adept Drop8 timmar sedan


  42. LivenUp7

    LivenUp78 timmar sedan

    Some of the best taco meat I've ever had came from an MRE. We made walking tacos with it and some doritos. It was so spicy but so good!

  43. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato8 timmar sedan

    Was that soldier Steve1989?

  44. Guide Genius

    Guide Genius8 timmar sedan

    These Air breathing consumption survival people claim that they are saving the planet by not consuming food. But what happens if every living organism stops being harvested for food? The Apocolypse, that’s what...

  45. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose8 timmar sedan

    Mark:goes on burnt out gifted kid tangent also Mark:TURKeY

  46. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd8 timmar sedan

    Confident beyond no bound .

  47. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd8 timmar sedan

    Stern but fair .

  48. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd8 timmar sedan


  49. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd8 timmar sedan

    Good man

  50. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd8 timmar sedan


  51. Rise Ark3

    Rise Ark38 timmar sedan

    the glasses are crying after this torture

  52. ODUDE55

    ODUDE558 timmar sedan

    The MRE spoon was used to kill somebody once because they grabbed it instead of their knife

  53. 라우

    라우9 timmar sedan


  54. wyatt lewis

    wyatt lewis9 timmar sedan


  55. Riverseye

    Riverseye9 timmar sedan

    Make all the ego jokes you want but marks head looks massive in this video

  56. A&V plays

    A&V plays9 timmar sedan

    Mark describe s my life (sad but true)

  57. A&V plays

    A&V plays9 timmar sedan

    Drank the water

  58. Johnny McNuggs

    Johnny McNuggs9 timmar sedan

    the mre's are one of the reason i decided not to sign up X'D

  59. Henry Gooch

    Henry Gooch9 timmar sedan

    Talks about being able to fight with the spoon, does he not know why the more spoon is famous

  60. tomy the hater

    tomy the hater9 timmar sedan


  61. Moneymotivated tj

    Moneymotivated tj9 timmar sedan

    Love the vids :)

  62. Vicente Peinado

    Vicente Peinado9 timmar sedan

    Flower... Flower... Cocaine... Flower... Cheeeeeeeeese

  63. Elite_Ace

    Elite_Ace9 timmar sedan

    its Flour not Flower

  64. Joaquin Tobias

    Joaquin Tobias9 timmar sedan

    boom did all

  65. Nathan O’Hara

    Nathan O’Hara10 timmar sedan


  66. The Grabbler

    The Grabbler10 timmar sedan

    I read the word sugar in Russian and watched him dump it into his drink and about died laughing

  67. Collin Hand

    Collin Hand10 timmar sedan

    Why add the ungodly loud gulping noise, I can’t be the only person that absolutely hates that noise.

  68. Paul Rutigliano

    Paul Rutigliano10 timmar sedan

    9:50 I can't laugh at this... It hits too close to home

  69. Kevin

    Kevin10 timmar sedan

    My favorite one in boot camp was the Lemon Pepper Tuna pack. Only ate it for the Cheeze Its, Marble Pound Cake, and Reese pieces.

  70. iiRaoni

    iiRaoni10 timmar sedan


  71. n / a

    n / a10 timmar sedan

    mark really just explained my entire life as a depressed gifted kid

  72. JohnWick101

    JohnWick10110 timmar sedan

    Nah nah y'all got it wrong. Best quote is "oh CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE"

  73. matttro

    matttro10 timmar sedan


  74. Ghost Sniper

    Ghost Sniper10 timmar sedan

    Its funny because my dad was in Iraq and a drill sergeant and he would always bring home unused MREs and I would eat them and my favorite part in some of them was the cheese spread

  75. Tea Grizzle

    Tea Grizzle10 timmar sedan

    Over fills and puts the access into clear cup, says "I'm not going to drink that". Then immediately mixes orange drink into clear cup and drinks it.

  76. Dennis Carroll

    Dennis Carroll10 timmar sedan

    The Russian one was like a gift box.

  77. matttro

    matttro10 timmar sedan

    at 2:46 cave man talk

  78. Gregory Hipwell

    Gregory Hipwell10 timmar sedan

    Why use a gun when you can use a spoon

  79. Dark Heart

    Dark Heart10 timmar sedan

    9:00 Wasn't he not supposed to drink out of that cup cause he poured the undrinkable water into it?

  80. Micro wizard

    Micro wizard10 timmar sedan


  81. FE4RIess

    FE4RIess11 timmar sedan

    i wanted ravioli

  82. Sith Rose

    Sith Rose11 timmar sedan

    Mark calling me out with that gifted kid stuff

  83. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob11 timmar sedan

    9:55 Markiplier takes a moment to explain my life story

  84. Hacker Mans

    Hacker Mans11 timmar sedan

    Man cave men speak I eat ground meat brother no animal just food

  85. Seigadai

    Seigadai11 timmar sedan

    bAG is all i hear :)

  86. Erik Vonderheide

    Erik Vonderheide11 timmar sedan

    Did he add the orange drink mix to the MRE water that very clearly said do not drink?? Ohhhh mark you silly boy

  87. Slick Bardock

    Slick Bardock11 timmar sedan

    If only there was a salty cracker one.

  88. MyBrainHurtz 235

    MyBrainHurtz 23511 timmar sedan

    Mark: there’s a slight taste of shit Me: hOw dO yOU kNoW wHaT sHit tAsTeS lIke

  89. Soul

    Soul11 timmar sedan



    RAHIEM JOHNSON11 timmar sedan

    idk why but i avent watch you since the dont touch the button live stream

  91. DBAR

    DBAR12 timmar sedan

    Piss does work...that is all.

  92. Piro Nesia

    Piro Nesia12 timmar sedan

    Somehow the little fire made me scared

  93. Bill

    Bill12 timmar sedan

    He needs to sit down and watch steve1989 for an hour or two

  94. SlayerDoesStuffYT

    SlayerDoesStuffYT12 timmar sedan

    *c h i c k e n*


    DANINZEIN GAMES12 timmar sedan

    when he started the existencial crisis i felt so identified

  96. battle nugget

    battle nugget13 timmar sedan


  97. Jay Beastly

    Jay Beastly13 timmar sedan

    Why does his head look too big for his body

  98. Jay Beastly

    Jay Beastly12 timmar sedan

    Or is that just me

  99. TheMrrccava

    TheMrrccava13 timmar sedan

    Watching Mark eat things makes me wonder how he ties his own shoes.

  100. Phantom Lass

    Phantom Lass13 timmar sedan

    9:50 hit too hard, man

  101. NoName L

    NoName L13 timmar sedan

    me trying to get an angle to read the labels on the russian food since i speak russian

  102. Critical

    Critical13 timmar sedan


  103. BananaSlammer

    BananaSlammer13 timmar sedan

    lips are sealed