Jay Leno Tries To Stump These Car Enthusiasts | Jay Leno's Garage

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About Jay Leno's Garage: Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
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Jay Leno Tries To Stump These Car Enthusiasts | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Oscar Salazar

    Oscar Salazar19 dagar sedan

    I thought this was when they ride in a car with Jay blindfolded and they have guess what car they are riding in. Not this crap! Lol!

  2. GrandExperience

    GrandExperienceMånad sedan

    Great show!!! But wrong anser in Miami Vice question. In the 80s it was a replica of a black Ferrari Daytona, and later om a White Ferrari Testarossa 😃🙌 Still a great show @jaylenosgarage

  3. Filipe Oliveira

    Filipe OliveiraMånad sedan

    these are television questions not car questions

  4. Michael Duffy

    Michael DuffyMånad sedan

    I could see the disappointment in Jays face on the last question. I knew the answer from watching JAY Leno’s garage. And his own employee didn’t 🤣

  5. rwdplz1

    rwdplz1Månad sedan

    They were exactly correct about the generation gap.

  6. Raul Contes

    Raul Contes2 månader sedan

    the best car show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Blitz-Mekanika

    Blitz-Mekanika2 månader sedan

    Anything to do with American classic cars I didn’t know or got wrong. Anything to do with euro/JDM and moto bikes got right.🤗

  8. A AB

    A AB2 månader sedan

    Nice to see people's faces.

  9. 618 Greenleaf

    618 Greenleaf2 månader sedan

    Wish this was a real game show. I knew more of these then the so called "experts"

  10. Emelen123 Jamesula

    Emelen123 Jamesula2 månader sedan

    Jay, this has nothing to do with your game. Did Ford make 1956 body for Packard? Take a look at the Lincoln and Packard.

  11. Norm Macdonald Ruminations

    Norm Macdonald Ruminations2 månader sedan

    I answered all of the 1st round questions correctly. Couch potato wins

  12. 89turbo

    89turbo2 månader sedan

    Somehow this format really works. Please do more.

  13. pugnos1

    pugnos12 månader sedan

    3.4, 3.8, 4.2 engines could also be GM

  14. Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson2 månader sedan

    This is a fun show. I like to laugh and learn at the same time

  15. Pablo Céspedes

    Pablo Céspedes2 månader sedan

    Do more please!

  16. jimmy haze

    jimmy haze2 månader sedan

    The Rockbirds were Denver Gold, if you wanna split hairs about it, and I do.The model years were '74-'78. James Garner didn't like the '79-'80 front end treatment so Firebirds weren't used on the last 2 seasons of the show.

  17. Herr Unsinn

    Herr Unsinn2 månader sedan

    Normally I like just about anything Jay does... but this? It's "meh" at best.

  18. Michael Cuff

    Michael Cuff2 månader sedan

    I thought this was when they ride in a car with Jay blindfolded and they have guess what car they are riding in. Not this crap! Lol!

  19. Shade Tree Wrenching

    Shade Tree Wrenching2 månader sedan

    James Garner drove a Ford Maverick in the Rockford files...

  20. Shade Tree Wrenching

    Shade Tree Wrenching2 månader sedan

    @marc7491 Yes, I was mistaken. I swore it was a maverick.. Not the first time I've been wrong!

  21. marc7491

    marc74912 månader sedan

    Wrong! Rockford drove a gold Pontiac Firebird!

  22. NICK A

    NICK A2 månader sedan

    HAHAHA My dads auto body shop painted the Buick for rainman, I knew that one!!

  23. William Keith

    William Keith2 månader sedan

    Cool car!

  24. D JB

    D JB2 månader sedan

    this show is terrible

  25. James Myers

    James Myers2 månader sedan

    Agreed, this should be a regular show. But those first "car enthusiasts" ... Blech!

  26. Juke Joint

    Juke Joint2 månader sedan

    That was a real, edge of my seat, nail biter...

  27. marty

    marty2 månader sedan

    The show would be better if they had the actual cars on location. what movie was this car in.

  28. Trent Kreitler

    Trent Kreitler2 månader sedan

    I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.

  29. atlcorvette

    atlcorvette2 månader sedan

    Finally a show I could win!!

  30. atlcorvette

    atlcorvette2 månader sedan

    I love this!!! Please do more!

  31. ramblings adrift

    ramblings adrift2 månader sedan

    Ahh are there any real questions on here...DO you wipe after a dump?

  32. William Eichner

    William Eichner2 månader sedan

    Seriously they didn't know it was a Buick Roadmaster

  33. Smith Classic Cars

    Smith Classic Cars2 månader sedan

    I love this bit, but I don't follow movies. I knew three. I would have done better being asked about torque patterns. setoos.info/cloud/Rm2nm7j7S7vkwKIhWhu0nA

  34. avantgardeaclue

    avantgardeaclue2 månader sedan

    Is this a recurring bit , first time I've seen it. a lot of fun.

  35. Steve Brien

    Steve Brien2 månader sedan

    Miami Vice two cars A Ferrari Daytona Replica AND Ferrari Testarossa

  36. TunTavernWarrior2

    TunTavernWarrior22 månader sedan

    Jay, make this a regular thing. However, create an absurd question (that Donald is not expecting) to present to team Osborne to crack your co-host up. You both know each other well enough to have private jokes between each other. Draw from that.

  37. A L

    A L2 månader sedan

    18:47 he doesn't look amused. Calm down dude

  38. Vincent Basso

    Vincent Basso2 månader sedan

    loved this !!!!!!!!

  39. Chakra Zoo

    Chakra Zoo2 månader sedan

    "Court Avenue is a small street in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio, United States, located adjacent to the Logan County Courthouse. First paved in 1893, it is known for being the first street in the United States to be paved with concrete." per Wikipedia. man do a simple google search before

  40. AC Collection

    AC Collection2 månader sedan

    *Lol, that is really fun!* #AcCollection

  41. Melvin Noble

    Melvin Noble2 månader sedan

    Let's play again! Let's play again! Let's play AGAIN!!!!

  42. Jon Blondell

    Jon Blondell2 månader sedan

    Geez, I'm a musician and I got all but 1. Guess I'm in the wrong business.

  43. Norm Macdonald Ruminations

    Norm Macdonald Ruminations2 månader sedan

    I got all and I drive a Mitsubishi

  44. Michael Converse

    Michael Converse2 månader sedan

    I’m a plumber and also got all but one. And I’m tanners age so don’t give me the generational excuse.

  45. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips2 månader sedan

    I enjoyed this show, more of the same please!

  46. Jackson Werner

    Jackson Werner2 månader sedan

    corona virus?

  47. Chris Dolson

    Chris Dolson2 månader sedan

    Matt Farah is easily the smartest contestant. Easily. Fun game show, absolutely should be on a Network of some type.

  48. Naimul Sattar

    Naimul Sattar2 månader sedan

    Even i have more knowledge than the four dumbo contestants and i am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  49. Rodney Palmer

    Rodney Palmer2 månader sedan

    The only car I guessed right was the Rockford firebird haha

  50. Dana H

    Dana H2 månader sedan

    This should be a television show on network. So much fun.

  51. Kawasaki FAST

    Kawasaki FAST2 månader sedan

    It is, its on CNBC.

  52. timbohouston

    timbohouston2 månader sedan

    I thought it was

  53. Hans Bjorkman

    Hans Bjorkman2 månader sedan

    Worst program Leno ever done!

  54. Story Teller

    Story Teller2 månader sedan

    Please stop referring Adam carola as a comedian. He's not even a little funny. Doofus would be the better word to describe him.

  55. Bob Horan

    Bob Horan2 månader sedan

    much fun!

  56. AL Forbes

    AL Forbes2 månader sedan

    That was a Great Video

  57. Sean Brogan

    Sean Brogan2 månader sedan

    Great video for car lovers and amazing video for awkward handshake lovers

  58. James Barisitz

    James Barisitz2 månader sedan

    Nice change from the Citroën video. .

  59. AL Forbes

    AL Forbes2 månader sedan

    @David Kastin 6th time now...LOL!

  60. David Kastin

    David Kastin2 månader sedan

    @AL Forbes It did and the 5th time it was not available after I got the notification 😂

  61. AL Forbes

    AL Forbes2 månader sedan

    Still waiting for #4 to come out😂👍

  62. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark2 månader sedan

    I'm proud of your team to specially the girls side

  63. Mario Zamprogno

    Mario Zamprogno2 månader sedan

    No that was fun we need more of that

  64. frank columbo

    frank columbo2 månader sedan

    Losing Team’s Leno Car Care product’s box is Empty