Metro Exodus - Part 2 - Escaping Moscow

yes it has been two years since last video but at least now nothing would be spoiled for anyone. right? maybe.
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  1. Derlen x

    Derlen x7 dagar sedan

    0:38 AWW

  2. The Nixaless

    The Nixaless8 dagar sedan

    This outro lasted a long goddamn time, from 8th of april 2016 until 27th of january 2021...

  3. Max Salter

    Max Salter11 dagar sedan

    shout out to the person who made the boris with a 50 cal

  4. 5-Minute Gaming

    5-Minute Gaming12 dagar sedan

    Blyat it took 2 years to make a kotlet?

  5. MC King

    MC King12 dagar sedan

    7:19 Artyom just pushed that guy down and he got knocked out?

  6. MC King

    MC King12 dagar sedan

    Yo Boris just revealed he's from Saint Petersburg.

  7. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopoo12 dagar sedan

    0:40 are we going to tell him?

  8. Xornedge

    Xornedge13 dagar sedan

    Boris, i waited 2 years. I didn’t buy the game, I didn’t watch gameplay of the game. I waited. You are the first one that I’ll be watching playing this! I am playing Last light for the first time since it went free on Epic however

  9. smiley satanson

    smiley satanson14 dagar sedan

    man i hope he release a new metro video soon

  10. Christopher J. Lechner

    Christopher J. Lechner16 dagar sedan

    I love how Anna’s reason for hating the enemy isn’t because of all the stuff previously shown, no. It’s because they shot the main character. She really does love him

  11. filipesaul

    filipesaul18 dagar sedan

    See you in two years for the next Metro video

  12. Fisher 33

    Fisher 3319 dagar sedan

    By the time Boris finishes his playthrough of Metro Exodus, it wil be 2035...

  13. daniel zukov

    daniel zukov20 dagar sedan

    i guess he lives in saint.peterburg

  14. Otaku710

    Otaku71022 dagar sedan


  15. Stan B

    Stan B22 dagar sedan

    Can you upgrade vodka-cooled pc?

  16. Christopher J. Lechner

    Christopher J. Lechner23 dagar sedan

    MoRE Boris Comrade

  17. Bloopy

    Bloopy24 dagar sedan


  18. Gas Mask guys

    Gas Mask guys24 dagar sedan

    XD the small jailtime after freedom

  19. goofyMAR

    goofyMAR25 dagar sedan

    your name is boris....ok in metro 2033 CAVE Chapter when boris dies its you my friend... R.I.P BORIS

  20. Stoney Lonely

    Stoney Lonely25 dagar sedan

    Boris! I’m glad you’re back an okay! Stay healthy, love your friendly western spy.

  21. Karbster

    Karbster26 dagar sedan

    wait isn't this part 3

  22. Red Obama in the base

    Red Obama in the base26 dagar sedan

    I find you easy to understand when I cover the subtitles with my hand. Perhaps you can try one short video without them and see what people think

  23. steve c

    steve c22 dagar sedan


  24. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker27 dagar sedan

    You are 35 boris i know i know

  25. adHD Gamer

    adHD Gamer27 dagar sedan

    why did i have a feeling to go on steam to play 2033 then i had i feeling to check epic store and redux is free mental

  26. Negroid Weeb

    Negroid Weeb27 dagar sedan

    Boris, my main man. I regret to inform you of this. But no one wants to see you play Metro Exodus, but everyone want to see Stalker:Anomaly.

  27. Taf Toc

    Taf Toc28 dagar sedan

    Im looking for a black on black tracksuit rn

  28. Ligia Macedo

    Ligia Macedo28 dagar sedan

    “Opaaa it lives!” 🤣🤣

  29. Jonathan GG

    Jonathan GG28 dagar sedan

    Me playing metro last light red watching this in my phone

  30. Skiddl less

    Skiddl less28 dagar sedan

    Im Downloding Metro Last Light Thank you

  31. Jakub Horňanský

    Jakub Horňanský28 dagar sedan

    you should make a discord server for all the slavs and fans of you

  32. Zhyl montesa

    Zhyl montesa28 dagar sedan

    Boris says:сука блять Me:What that mean?

  33. Martin Delgado

    Martin Delgado29 dagar sedan

    Hey Boris! You should check out Escape From Tarkov I think you'd create some awesome content with it

  34. Potato Boi

    Potato Boi29 dagar sedan

    10:48 Blyat shol nahoi new video and this is where it cuts off for fucks sake dude

  35. Steve k

    Steve k29 dagar sedan

    more like "Boris Clause is coming to town " lol

  36. Jarod Nole

    Jarod Nole29 dagar sedan

    Boris + Nyanners = Chaos Eternal

  37. Doubledipin

    Doubledipin29 dagar sedan

    how have I just found this channel, the mad man has english subtitles for his english because his english is so russian that it sounds russian even if hes speaking english

  38. Failtheblank

    Failtheblank29 dagar sedan


  39. sommi2000

    sommi200029 dagar sedan

    Boris now you’re only missing Tarkov!

  40. Ian Lam

    Ian Lam29 dagar sedan

    quick question: are you hyped for Atomic Heart?

  41. Muslim Cheems

    Muslim Cheems29 dagar sedan

    s.t.a.l.k.e.r better

  42. Soviet East Texas

    Soviet East Texas29 dagar sedan

    This video is approved by the communist party of East Texas

  43. gh

    gh29 dagar sedan

    When Cyberpunk is so disappointing that you just go play game from 2 years ago

  44. Ya boi wolfy does vlogs

    Ya boi wolfy does vlogs29 dagar sedan

    My channel is dead as Chernobyl

  45. 360 gaming wizard

    360 gaming wizard29 dagar sedan

    What happened to all the videos on GopnikGaming and Slavtek?!

  46. WarAnimationsNL

    WarAnimationsNL29 dagar sedan


  47. Sebastian War

    Sebastian War29 dagar sedan

    Hey Boris how can I cook Russian dumping

  48. Pheonix Master

    Pheonix Master29 dagar sedan

    Holy shit new episode

  49. James King

    James KingMånad sedan

    fun fact: depending on the quality of the suppressor the gun will pretty quite or makes about as much sound as a fly farting. if a gun is loud that means its not airtight. furthermore most modern suppressors do not decrease muzzle velocity but actually increases it by recycling the gas.

  50. Richard Montano

    Richard MontanoMånad sedan

    Boris my Comrade can you open your p.o box one more time I have something custom for you

  51. HallowishCandy 7

    HallowishCandy 7Månad sedan

    Why does he sound different

  52. Comrade Stewart

    Comrade StewartMånad sedan

    You should do a video where you taste PC Vodka after says of intense gaming

  53. drunk Russian 69

    drunk Russian 69Månad sedan

    Hows artyom?

  54. Grzesiek Hurkała

    Grzesiek HurkałaMånad sedan

    Now we just need to wait another 2 years for the 3rd episode of this game

  55. Wolphie2011

    Wolphie2011Månad sedan

    Play minecraft too

  56. Wolphie2011

    Wolphie2011Månad sedan

    Blyat why don't you play call of duty warzon3 you can be assault from the new soviet union and ak 74u and ak47

  57. Breezy Gaming

    Breezy GamingMånad sedan

    My brother is being a “vodka absolut” pain in the cyka, and he is Urod like anatoli. What I do comrade?

  58. Xander Stimson

    Xander StimsonMånad sedan

    I have this game, it's blyatiful. I've gotten so far in it

  59. никита dobr

    никита dobrMånad sedan

    Интересно он помнит ещо Руский

  60. Down the hatch

    Down the hatchMånad sedan

    Борис do you really live in Saint Petersburg

  61. H J

    H JMånad sedan

    go watch one of his first videos then right after that play this video, it's amazing

  62. Vald1989

    Vald1989Månad sedan

    pause vid 6:27 wait the other heal is down but the other is up BORIS WHO IS THAT MAN

  63. Kuruvilla Jibi Mathew

    Kuruvilla Jibi MathewMånad sedan

    привет,boris.thanks for your videos after watching many "boris videos" , I am learning russian. Любов из Индии товарищ Борс.hope its correct (if its wrong pls correctme)

  64. Dr.QuickFix

    Dr.QuickFixMånad sedan

    Ive Beat Exodus twice, Just saying you will try stealth, but IT will never Work.

  65. TwilightGhost-7

    TwilightGhost-7Månad sedan

    I just started watching your videos and im already wishing i was more than 1.5% russian.

  66. Meiel12wastaken

    Meiel12wastakenMånad sedan

    If this was real life my brain would be eaten by half now

  67. Lucky777

    Lucky777Månad sedan

    When is the store going to be online

  68. Ansh

    AnshMånad sedan

    Boris next vid plez be Russian history: BORIS EDITION

  69. Cowboy Kid

    Cowboy KidMånad sedan

    Boris who do you think won the space race

  70. JP123

    JP123Månad sedan

    Who like poland?

  71. Zack Stenberg - ZS Music Corp

    Zack Stenberg - ZS Music CorpMånad sedan

    I finally crack where Boris is from! I think... Sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  72. SÏMÖN

    SÏMÖNMånad sedan

    Where mayonez brownies

  73. yungmonster xs

    yungmonster xsMånad sedan

    Absolutely lost my shit when he said "Like i was gonna die or something" jESUS

  74. Ашот Ваншот

    Ашот ВаншотMånad sedan

    Артём походу выпил самогон


    CHIN CHINMånad sedan

    You have earned the CHIN CHIN stamp of approval.

  76. Galxyz

    GalxyzMånad sedan

    Where did part 1 go? I was just about to watch it. It was there this morning.

  77. OfficialDarko

    OfficialDarkoMånad sedan

    Teach us how to do the Kazotsky kick

  78. Comrade Dog

    Comrade DogMånad sedan

    I’m looking for komrade kat...anyone seen him?

  79. RaulJosh 97

    RaulJosh 97Månad sedan

    7:50 The best part of the video 🤣

  80. Maj 1000

    Maj 1000Månad sedan

    Blin man you need a discort server man

  81. Ruben Evans

    Ruben EvansMånad sedan

    looking forward to a stalker 2 video boris keep making awesome shit

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    existhingMånad sedan

    nice video comrade

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    Sith TrooperMånad sedan

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    Stybek BMånad sedan

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    Troy WattyMånad sedan

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  89. Iris Hime

    Iris HimeMånad sedan

    @7:36 Hell yeah...

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    *-leon-*Månad sedan


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    SteinRoger JohansenMånad sedan

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    joku jonneMånad sedan

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    sans the skeletonMånad sedan

    I fear no man but that thing.... *It scares me*

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    Sami KhanMånad sedan

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    Gattini Uniti ForeverMånad sedan

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    Queen H.L 28Månad sedan

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    ScavvyMånad sedan

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