LIVE FACT-CHECKING! Chauvin/Floyd Closing Arguments! | Ben Askren Guests! | Louder with Crowder

It’s the closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial. We lay out the best arguments for the defense. Also, crazy Maxine Waters is on video encouraging violence among her supporters. Again. It’s kinda her thing that she does. We also recap the weekend in riots and protests, including one where it’s clear cops are NOT always our friends.
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  1. Nick Evans

    Nick Evans4 timmar sedan

    He was guilty get over it. Stop backing murderers

  2. wcouch8

    wcouch817 timmar sedan

    If we are in a 'cold civil war' ... then, what citizen actions will be effective to call a Constitutional Congress? I want a conversation between states to reduce the authorities and budget of the 3-fed branches codified in a Consititutional amendment. If we have a common list of what is effective, then I will be a conservative activist (with the energy of a liberal!).

  3. Evyn Halloran

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  4. TBustah

    TBustah4 dagar sedan

    Technically, the current Explorer IS a crossover, but (yes) it’s quite large.

  5. Richard Meyer

    Richard Meyer4 dagar sedan

    Crowder for Michigan Governor 2022!!

  6. Caadran Gaming

    Caadran Gaming5 dagar sedan

    Your guest host has a very clear bias. His past drug use is creating a clear empathetic-like filter. It's interfering with objective thought.

  7. Denys Georgiou

    Denys Georgiou5 dagar sedan

    1) Crowder obviously has never been to court before - it is normal for judges to simply read out their judgement or instructions. They always start with the charge. 2) Not cool for making fun of an innocent black man being killed just for being black, regardless of what his past was. The police did not know his criminal record nor did they have the right to execute him even if they did. 3) Crowder tried making a stupid argument that Floyd allegedly claimed that he could not breathe before being stomped down to the ground. Watch the video, genius. He had a knee pressing against his neck, and he died. Put 2 and 2 together. 4) He is speaking about inciting violence and how people who promote inciting violence should be federally charged. Does that apply to him and Trump then? Anyway, this is the vast amount of bs I noted down just by going through the first 25 minutes. No wonder he only debates college kids.

  8. Mason Bennett

    Mason Bennett6 dagar sedan

    White guy gets shot by black guy Antifa and blm: it was the white guys fault

  9. Dezmend Hale

    Dezmend Hale7 dagar sedan

    What About Epstein? Talk about that please.

  10. Spar10king rise

    Spar10king rise7 dagar sedan

    That lawyer sure is on something to think that closing statement is going to fly, try that in Texas

  11. M-at W-Ice

    M-at W-Ice7 dagar sedan

    i dont think u can blame mr chavin for murder in any case and rioting ppl should think about anything else to do in their free time it doesnt even help urselves.

  12. A Goat

    A Goat7 dagar sedan

    Smokin on that chauvin pack. Rest In Piss bozo

  13. Big Flip

    Big Flip8 dagar sedan

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  14. America First

    America First8 dagar sedan

    Burn it all!

  15. Chris Riggio

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  16. John Wright

    John Wright8 dagar sedan

    I love the show but you were pretty dishonest about the definition of second degree murder, the definition said or and this case is about the number 2 right under what was highlighted

  17. Robin

    Robin9 dagar sedan

    but what about virus? He did have positive swab, no? And what can it cause for the patient? Hypoxia. Which is lack of oxygen to the body. Should they not look at the science of the v and see that ALL of these things contributed to his demise?. A culmination of maladies, if you will. I agree, he should be held accountable for his role in this. It’s deplorable. But, so is the lack of action on the part of the entire audience watching this unfold. Also floyd was agitated. Which tells me he already had lack of oxygen to the body and brain Before being restrained. Look up symptoms of hypoxia. You’ll see agitation. Restlessness. Confusion. Increased heart rate and breathing pattern. Add meth and it’ll really race, but add High dose opiate to that, in a compromised body, sick with a virus, and that slows heart rate and breathing pattern. Imagine driving 70 mph and slamming on your breaks then flooring it to get to 70 then slamming on breaks again and driving that way to your destination. It was like that on his heart. But also, lack of oxygen causes person to breath faster, but opiates suppress your desire to breath. So when on pain pills your breathing can go from normal breaths per minute of 20, down to (still normal) 12. But imagine that in a body with lack of or slowed oxygen? Wouldn’t the oxygen in the blood continue to decline causing stress on a heart that has had repetitive potential injury by using drugs over a lifetime? Yes. It would. So....a cascade of culminating events was at the core of this situation. But many are too blind with rage and hurt to see or think in a critical manner. So.... proposed justice is served, apparently. 🥴

  18. walter7199

    walter71999 dagar sedan

    Someone better at this than me please help me find the part where Dave talks about the heimlich, I was listening to the podcast and I honestly just wanna see their faces

  19. Vizjerei Gaucho

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  20. Alphaius Hhedge

    Alphaius Hhedge9 dagar sedan

    I laughed so hard at the bag bit, because I own that gym bag

  21. T Outly

    T Outly9 dagar sedan

    If I’m on mugclub does me coming to SEtoos help them or you?!? Cause SEtoos can PISSS OFFF!

  22. Sean Finley

    Sean Finley9 dagar sedan

    Max waters is a horrible person! She makes everything worse and pushes more hate. She needs Jesus really bad

  23. Art and Soul

    Art and Soul9 dagar sedan

    "Does anybody else hate that woman's shoes?" lol

  24. Pinche Spiderman

    Pinche Spiderman9 dagar sedan

    15:45 "... was Robert Paulsen? " Gerald is so underappreciated, at least on air

  25. York’s YouTube channel

    York’s YouTube channel9 dagar sedan

    Great show as usual

  26. Spud Kai

    Spud Kai9 dagar sedan

    1:22:30 lol put your right knee in take your right knee out, shake it all about

  27. Daniel Roos

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    Come aan people, hot that like button!💯

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    Sorry I am late to the party!

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    Salty army🔥

  30. Daniel Roos

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    @1:50:58 Steven is soon gonna be a great Dad!😁😂

  31. Daniel Roos

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    Thank you Sir, for the wonderful great content!!!

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  37. Andrew Gedge

    Andrew Gedge9 dagar sedan

    "Fair" trial...sure. "Objective"...sure. Overturned in appeal? Absolutely.

  38. OhioConcealed

    OhioConcealed9 dagar sedan

    Kids, don't believe the racist agenda. America is THE greatest place to live in the history of the free world.

  39. Appa

    Appa9 dagar sedan

    Good to know Steven is so interested in Derek Chauvin’s wife considering she divorced him two days after he was arrested not even convicted

  40. Chucky Gibbs

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  41. Carlos Abdallah

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  42. Drichhard Heyrein

    Drichhard Heyrein10 dagar sedan

    Lethal levels of fentanyl killed him right or did something change?

  43. Kyler Moore

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    Great work

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  45. saxx2004

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    Love it!

  46. adam carney

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    I like the sun

  47. charmedmom04679

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    Societal demands have no place in a court room and neither does Maxine Waters!

  48. Danielle Carter

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    My #1 news source! ❤️

  49. Andrea B

    Andrea B10 dagar sedan

    Is the prosecutor's name Frito? Cuz I felt like I was watching Idiocray during his closing argument. Wow. How did that get past the judge?!

  50. Jayce Jones

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    You guys are awesome!

  51. Trish Sullivan

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    Just leaving a comment😊

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    Wrong! We'll carry things in the crook of our elbows in ONE situation! Carrying groceries inside in one trip!

  53. R Zilla

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    Debate Sam Seder, stop running

  54. Carlton Hamilton

    Carlton Hamilton10 dagar sedan

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done through God.” John 3:16-21

  55. Noelle Deal

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    Comment comment comment

  56. Jacob Torres

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    I comment to save the chanell, please don't shadow ban me youtube. Day 35

  57. Pat Johnson

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    Love the show

  58. ThereIsNoTry V

    ThereIsNoTry V10 dagar sedan

    Not a doubt in my mind, Steven is an absolute terror to work for 😂

  59. DevilDogSoldier

    DevilDogSoldier10 dagar sedan

    It's the racist infrastructure of climate changing COVID vaccinations. Get your Cops defunded!

  60. Grim Carnage

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  61. Shirley Byrd

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    Go crowder

  62. john lerner

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  63. Elijah O'Neal

    Elijah O'Neal11 dagar sedan

    “Fact checking” a lawyer but then bringing up media propaganda and acting as if it was something the lawyer previously said😂

  64. chris weiss

    chris weiss11 dagar sedan

    Why is nobody bringing up the issue of floyd having roughly 5X the normal norfentanyl the chemical used two metabolize the drug.?

  65. Patrick Jacqueson

    Patrick Jacqueson11 dagar sedan

    Even if the officer did walk up with his gun out (which he didn’t) that wasn’t officer Chauvin it was officer Lane

  66. Chris Pepper

    Chris Pepper11 dagar sedan

    Steven said a bunch of cops would quit this week because of this verdict, I think that's great we don't need racist cops. Where did all this quitting happen? Nothing like a quitter.

  67. Scott Sternkopf

    Scott Sternkopf11 dagar sedan

    hope you, your wife, and the whole crowder crew are healthy and doing well Mr. crowder. we love you. thank you for being one of the few people who value reality and truth and who will fight to protect it from those who do not value it.

  68. Yoda Paq

    Yoda Paq11 dagar sedan

    NYS judge Mark Grisanti and his wife literally FOUGHT police, shoved officers aggressively, cursing in their faces, wrestled and fought with police for half an hour, and were RELEASED afterwards. They weren’t choked to death. The police even apologized to the Suburban couple after the fact, sympathetic to mark because “they were man handling his wife man” after he jumped in during her detainment.

  69. Connie McWilliams

    Connie McWilliams11 dagar sedan

    Forfeiting your right to live by committing a 2nd crime and basically denying an officer their right to go home that 2 lines, only 3 minutes in, preach

  70. Monkeysgame

    Monkeysgame11 dagar sedan

    Ima be real. I haven't had internet connection for the last 4 months. I am unhappy with what I've come back to 😭😭

  71. Scratchin' Jack

    Scratchin' Jack12 dagar sedan

    My issue is that the jury was not sequestered. My issue is the jurors indicated the media and leaders like Maxine Waters were threatening. My issue is that "sacred" places are being created for felons and drug addicts. My issue is that decency is thought of as evil and the full weight of "everything has become political" is being thrusted upon us by the elites and the legacy media, big tech and Marxist pigs who buy mansions.

  72. Toni Velvaldi

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  73. Toni Velvaldi

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    landau is zee best

  74. Brian Denham

    Brian Denham12 dagar sedan

    Prosecutor isn't interested in honesty, only trickery.

  75. Todd

    Todd12 dagar sedan

    D I c vv

  76. Kelsey Weymouth

    Kelsey Weymouth12 dagar sedan

    Totally makes sense. The advice at the end is on point !!!

  77. siral2000

    siral200012 dagar sedan

    I'm not a lawyer but I think sexual assault is excluded from second degree murder because if sexual assault is involved, it gets bumped up to first degree murder. Meaning you get a worse punishment then normal if sexual assault is involved.

  78. Phrog Tesem

    Phrog Tesem12 dagar sedan

    It's in the name of love

  79. Lauren Holdeman

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  80. Callum Darby

    Callum Darby12 dagar sedan

    25 minutes in Crowder is lying. By the time EMTs arrive, Floyd was visibly not breathing. EMTs check for pulse. No pulse found. Chauvin keeps his knee on Floyd's neck for another two minutes after no pulse was found.

  81. Chloe S

    Chloe S12 dagar sedan

    Let’s hope chauvin gets 75 years!!!

  82. Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies

    Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies13 dagar sedan

    Kill all prosecutors. They are evil.

  83. brian salmond

    brian salmond13 dagar sedan

    In response to your call...stay in school, respect authority of those with legal rights to do so and hold them accountable the correct way.. record the information and sue them. Resistance is always met with resistance. You are the one in control of your future. So make it a good one. Cause you only get one and it will be sad if you waste it doing things that will only take away your time, money, and most importantly your happiness and family. That would be my advice

  84. Eden

    Eden13 dagar sedan

    The prosecutions closing statement is a complete appeal to emotion with no basis in reality.

  85. Eden

    Eden12 dagar sedan

    @silverrahul What aren't you getting about the fact that I don't have to explain myself to random idiots on the internet? Are you so dumb that you fail to understand that point? And don't come back and say that I don't have an argument again, because I will literally just copy and paste this comment.

  86. silverrahul

    silverrahul12 dagar sedan

    @Eden It is clear, you do not have any arguments to make, so you rely on just calling others fools, hoping that it somehow hides the fact that you do not have a single argument to support your assertion. So, just keep on doing that,

  87. Eden

    Eden12 dagar sedan

    @silverrahul And this is why I was right to call you a fool.

  88. silverrahul

    silverrahul12 dagar sedan

    @Eden And it makes no difference to anyone else what you believe , either. SO, keep believing whatever makes you happy as well. You would not be the first guy who intentionally turned a blind eye to all the evidence to keep believing the fairy tale you believe in.

  89. Eden

    Eden12 dagar sedan

    @silverrahul Continue believing whatever makes you happy kid, it makes no difference for me. If you insist on knowing what I think go to law of self defense daily blog. I don't have to explain my opinion to some random nobody on the internet.

  90. RorschachTV

    RorschachTV13 dagar sedan

    So even with the knee NOT on the neck the whole time as seen on video, the crowds hostility that stopped medical treatment from being administered sooner, 3x the lethal amount of Fentenyl in his system which acutely attacks the respatory system shutting it down and stopping breathing, mixed with Meth amphetamines and other drugs, his previous OD and heart attack leaving his arteries with 75% Arterial blockage and his heart weak, no racism presented, alledged or seen inside the court throughout the trial, the hold was a legitimately taught manoeuvre commonly used by the MPD, GF asked to be put on the floor himself when resisting in the back of the police care and saying he couldn’t breath before he was put on the ground, the fact DC could have used a Taser (some say lethal force) as the Prosecutors Use of Force expert testified when he arrived on scene but chose the lesser for of force by trying to subdue him physically. Along with the fact that Maurice Lester Hall pleaded the 5th because HE and his LAWYER were afraid of indicting himself on 3rd degree murder charges... All of that and more, doesn’t put 1% doubt in the back of your minds that this wasn’t just a callous a murder? Really?

  91. silverrahul

    silverrahul12 dagar sedan

    " _All of that and more, doesn’t put 1% doubt in the back of your minds that this wasn’t just a callous a murder?_ " Which is why he was not charged with murder. He was charged with murder in 2nd and 3rd degree which are different than murder

  92. jalthaus

    jalthaus13 dagar sedan

    Him admitting he was on fentanyl isn't illegal. If he swallowed the pills in front of the officers it would be.

  93. Dustin Simmons

    Dustin Simmons13 dagar sedan

    Kinda off topic for the majority of the video but I think Steven should definitely give disc golf a try

  94. Todd King

    Todd King13 dagar sedan

    I hate lawyers. The prosecuting attorney is making an emotional plea to the jury when they are supposed to make decision based on facts and evidence. And it's persuasive to juries and attorney's know that. As a society we run our lives using emotion way too often. Almost the entirety of Left's message is an emotional appeal. We need to help (victims of the day), look at those evil (anyone that opposes them). And people fall for it in mass.

  95. devin patterson

    devin patterson13 dagar sedan

    Drug addiction is most certainly a mental issue. As someone who has smoked, snorted and ingested copious amounts of a variety of drugs and overdosed 3 times in the past. I'd say that I am somewhat of an expert. I also am no longer a soup sandwich flailer. I had issues with my mentality.

  96. kigh smith

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  98. Tvn Trn

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    Where is your video of derek chauvin being found guilty???????

  99. hitmanhart670

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    Yeah I’ll listen to legal analysis from the moron who never even went to college...NOT. Downvoted and flagged for hateful and abusive content 🖕

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  101. TheInstigator

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    Great show.

  102. Shay Barcellyia

    Shay Barcellyia13 dagar sedan

    If people really think Chauvin verdict was false then you are the problem with this country. There is absolutely no reason a officer should have his knee on anyone's neck with the intent to kill yet mass shooters/school shooters are brought in untouched. There's NO REASON Kyle Rittenhouse should be walking around free right now. This isn't the youtube channel for me, and I'll gladly exit left.

  103. Azekuro

    Azekuro13 dagar sedan

    Look up "Chris Rock how to not get your a** kicked by the police". George forgot to watch that.

  104. Bob Smoot

    Bob Smoot13 dagar sedan

    Maxine Waters and the imposter in the Vice-Presidency. Both have actively encouraged violence against American citizens AND insurrection against the Constitution. There is a Constitutional process to remove them from office and it’s time to use it.

  105. BigKing17

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    30:36 August 5th 2014 John Crawford III was in walmart minding his business not committing any crime, when he was shot and killed for looking at a BB gun.

  106. Tudor Surcel

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