David Pastrnak & Brad Marchand Team Up On Rasmus Dahlin For Ruthless Cross Check

Boston Bruins forwards David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand challenge Buffalo Sabres defender Rasmus Dahlin after laying out a dirty cross check in the third period.


  1. Alex Ferrett

    Alex Ferrett7 timmar sedan

    The real talking point here is Marchand's haircut.... wtf

  2. Brennan Dixon

    Brennan Dixon2 dagar sedan

    The Bruins don't like it when other teams do that stuff. Odd...

  3. Johnny21

    Johnny213 dagar sedan

    Marchand is still a clown🙄🙄🤮🤮

  4. Kakhaber Tukhashvili

    Kakhaber Tukhashvili4 dagar sedan

    There must be penalty like suspension from playoffs for teams like Capitals and Bruins, for having such players like Wilson and Marchand!

  5. calebloveshockey

    calebloveshockey6 dagar sedan

    The Bruins will never not be little bitches

  6. JJ Oddo

    JJ Oddo6 dagar sedan

    The hockey work really wanted to see Marchand get tossed around by Dahlin... C'mon ref!!

  7. Dakota Bear

    Dakota Bear6 dagar sedan

    Why is is Nose so big?

  8. Dielan Guy

    Dielan Guy7 dagar sedan

    Pretty boy couldn’t stand a chance against an adult hockey player. Has to quickly make sure his hair looks nice while attempting to “fight”

  9. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml7 dagar sedan

    way this time

  10. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt7 dagar sedan

    You have to love how Marchand decided to jump in and smash Dahlin's fist with his face!

  11. Oscar

    Oscar8 dagar sedan

    Marchand deserve it

  12. Chad Simplicio

    Chad Simplicio8 dagar sedan

    Jack Edwards: "We got an old fashioned line dance going on around here!" Also Jack Edwards (mentally): "Rasmus Dahlin is being put in his place by a pair of Bruin veterans! Know your place, young man!"

  13. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt5 dagar sedan

    Damn it, I wanted to see Dahlin KO Marchand

  14. Dylan Wiles

    Dylan Wiles8 dagar sedan

    Marchand is so gutless. He knows he can't win a fair fight. It's only a matter of time until someone decides they have had enough of his bull.

  15. Elliott Timpf

    Elliott Timpf8 dagar sedan

    I thought third man in was a huge offense in hockey no?

  16. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt7 dagar sedan

    Time to go watch that Subban hit again

  17. Ryan Ruhland

    Ryan Ruhland9 dagar sedan

    Ruthless?? Hardly lol

  18. Paul Stab

    Paul Stab9 dagar sedan

    How was that a brutal cross check? Seem far worse, a penalty yes but brutal?? For brutal go watch the Marchand intent to injure highlights!! Lmao

  19. Jason Knight

    Jason Knight9 dagar sedan

    It's pathetic that the NHL decided to pump fake crowd noise into the arenas instead of letting us have a truly novel experience of watching a silent NHL game. We will never have the chance to see this again.

  20. Fromulus

    Fromulus9 dagar sedan

    The ref had the chance to do something about a crosscheck into pasta's back that pushed his face into the boards, but he didn't so pasta decided to try and handle it.

  21. Joseph Feore

    Joseph Feore9 dagar sedan

    Damn I wanted to see Marchand fight somebody so bad, I don’t even care who wins

  22. J. Ramsey

    J. Ramsey9 dagar sedan

    Yah gotta give the guy credit, he offers up a lot of nose to aim at.

  23. Mateo Shullio

    Mateo Shullio9 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone targeting Dahlin this season?

  24. Jetsfan292

    Jetsfan2929 dagar sedan

    Now That my friends would be called child abuse

  25. Ubek Beale

    Ubek Beale9 dagar sedan

    How can Tom Wilson keep getting away with this? Disgusting, they could have died.

  26. JDonthebeat

    JDonthebeat9 dagar sedan

    Imagine being a sabres fan

  27. Richie Hoyle

    Richie Hoyle9 dagar sedan

    Where tho

  28. Ronan Marilley

    Ronan Marilley9 dagar sedan

    Time to go watch that Subban hit again

  29. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon9 dagar sedan

    I mean, he threw Pasta into the boards then cross checked Marchand, kinda had it coming.

  30. James 122

    James 1229 dagar sedan

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  31. Jeremiah Greenawalt

    Jeremiah Greenawalt9 dagar sedan

    Love it when the bruins act like babies, they can dish it out, but man they can’t take it

  32. ConnorXSF

    ConnorXSF9 dagar sedan

    Dahlin is a goof XD

  33. Racist ahahabah

    Racist ahahabah10 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah pasta power

  34. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon9 dagar sedan

    Bad title for the article! maybe you need glasses instead of the ref.

  35. James Atkins

    James Atkins10 dagar sedan

    LOL@ #88 Pasternak...someone WILL tune you up boy, some ones not always gonna be there to stick up for you!

  36. James low

    James low10 dagar sedan

    Looks like the refs saved marchand from getting beaten by dahlin😂

  37. WT

    WT10 dagar sedan

    Why is it that everytime a boston player get to jump someone then when that person goes to fight them the refs pretects the boston player? Like how many times should Brad Marchand have had his face beaten in?

  38. Joe Montana

    Joe Montana10 dagar sedan

    Lol stopped watching hockey last year after they supported the terrorist organization BLM

  39. Darren Best

    Darren Best10 dagar sedan

    Thumbs down for the overly-click bait (and inaccurate) headline.

  40. stpviper84

    stpviper8410 dagar sedan

    Watching this just shows how bad the refs are at doing their job. Marchand should've gotten, 2 for 3rd man in, 5 for fighting and a 10 min misconduct for jumping in while dahlin was already engaged with pasta. Dahlin shoulda got exactly what he got. And pasta should've had a 5 for fighting or 2 for roughing.

  41. Stoat Ski

    Stoat Ski10 dagar sedan

    Oh look, Boston players being trash, as usual

  42. Fran Russell

    Fran Russell10 dagar sedan

    Love the LBOH. He can lick anyone in the house

  43. Fran Russell

    Fran Russell10 dagar sedan

    Uptown, funk you up 🥅

  44. Dale Mer

    Dale Mer10 dagar sedan

    You have to love how Marchand decided to jump in and smash Dahlin's fist with his face!

  45. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt5 dagar sedan

    “Destined for vacation”🤣

  46. Tim O

    Tim O10 dagar sedan

    The Rat was amazingly just defending Pasternak.

  47. John Callan

    John Callan10 dagar sedan

    Bad title for the article! maybe you need glasses instead of the ref.

  48. Михаил Владимирович

    Михаил Владимирович10 dagar sedan

    Boston - rats team

  49. Rylan Payne

    Rylan Payne10 dagar sedan

    Marchand thinks he is tough

  50. Ryan Gifford

    Ryan Gifford10 dagar sedan

    Ruthless? Lol 😂

  51. Pilbo Mags

    Pilbo Mags10 dagar sedan

    Marchand's beak is always in it.

  52. DemocRAT Bobble Head

    DemocRAT Bobble Head10 dagar sedan

    Only the low T can't appreciate Marchand.

  53. Jeremy Volkens

    Jeremy Volkens10 dagar sedan

    "RuThLeSs!1!1" Leave the exaggerated adjectives on the editorial room floor.

  54. Christopher Bergsten

    Christopher Bergsten10 dagar sedan

    "Dirty cross check". I mean, looks like a pretty standard cross check at the net tbh, only difference is that he falls and doesnt brace for a small check.

  55. Loyal Scout

    Loyal Scout10 dagar sedan

    Any other player and the refs wouldn’t have interfered. That’s BS.

  56. Connor Jacobs

    Connor Jacobs10 dagar sedan

    i can see breaking up in a scrum situation but once they square up like that dear god just let them fight this is hockey after all

  57. Kyle R

    Kyle R10 dagar sedan

    Dahlin would’ve ruined Marchand

  58. Lattetohotaye

    Lattetohotaye10 dagar sedan


  59. Chris Fittipaldi

    Chris Fittipaldi10 dagar sedan

    Does anybody else notice marchand looks like hitler

  60. UncleJ4

    UncleJ410 dagar sedan

    Watching these clowns with Jack Edwards moronic commentary makes me so happy that my Blues beat the crap out of the B's in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

  61. Ермек Кабдиев

    Ермек Кабдиев10 dagar sedan

    Красавчик Далин

  62. James Reed

    James Reed10 dagar sedan

    Another "highlight" of Marchand trying to pick a fight with another one of the non-fightiest guys in the league. What a hero. Lol

  63. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr9 dagar sedan

    @James Reed Just Win Baby! That's what he gets paid to do, sucker.

  64. James Reed

    James Reed10 dagar sedan

    @Go BobbyOrr so.... couldn't think of single actual fighter Marchand has ever challenged?? 🤔🤐 They're both incredible players so no hate from me on that. Just that Marchand is a dirty cowardly rat weasel.

  65. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr10 dagar sedan

    @James Reed Obviously your "facts" are really clouded by your hate/jealousy of Marchand/Bruins. Tough luck as they will be around for a long time in May and June, bubby.

  66. James Reed

    James Reed10 dagar sedan

    @Go BobbyOrr little sensitive about your rat-hero getting called on facts. Can you name a single actual even decent middle weight fighter rat boy has dropped the gloves with? Last year he skated away from Bertuzzi begging for help and calling for his mommy. Then went over and tried to start something with a goalie skating away. Hes a great hockey player but he's a clown and just because he licked you that one time doesn't mean you've gotta be as big a homer as Jack. 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr10 dagar sedan

    If you can't fight, maybe rethink laying the wood to not one but two players. Especially a team that will bite back. Your as soft as Dahlin.

  68. Tyrone Huge

    Tyrone Huge10 dagar sedan

    Pussi bruins 2 on 1

  69. Kevin P

    Kevin P10 dagar sedan

    Brad Marchand is a pus@y

  70. wifferste ss

    wifferste ss10 dagar sedan

    Not often seeing Pasta dropping the gloves but good on him to stand up for himself. The check by Dahlin on him was borderline questionable.

  71. ccmTopher34

    ccmTopher3410 dagar sedan

    Hit the rat! woo

  72. Dylan M

    Dylan M10 dagar sedan

    I love Dahlin for taking out both of these a-holes.

  73. rich ernest

    rich ernest10 dagar sedan

    Dahlin blindside x2.....ping pong practice for Wilson.

  74. 2uomas

    2uomas10 dagar sedan

    Worst announcers in pro sports

  75. Elijah Brown

    Elijah Brown10 dagar sedan

    someone explain why they never let hockey players fight anymlre

  76. Jake Robinson

    Jake Robinson10 dagar sedan

    Is there any way to show bruins clips but without jack edwards

  77. Stark Raven

    Stark Raven10 dagar sedan

    Extralegal cross-check? Yeah, probably. Ruthless? Nah. Shame the refs broke up a chance for Marchand to actually get his in a fight.

  78. Rat Mcratty

    Rat Mcratty10 dagar sedan

    Lol hockey’s so soft now man this is pathetic

  79. Matty B

    Matty B10 dagar sedan

    Is anyone else enjoying the fact that dahlin put Marchand down after crushing Pastrana or whatever his name is lol

  80. Matty B

    Matty B10 dagar sedan

    Is anyone else enjoying the fact that darling put Marchand down after crushing Pastrana or whatever his name is lol

  81. Noah Salvatore

    Noah Salvatore10 dagar sedan

    *Dahlin and *Pastrnak.

  82. King Aiden 6

    King Aiden 611 dagar sedan

    I was there Everyone was yelling for Swayman to go fight the other goalie lol What a game

  83. russell from stillwater

    russell from stillwater11 dagar sedan

    “Old fashioned line dance” God I hate when announcers say things like that for no reason.

  84. Pee Doe

    Pee Doe11 dagar sedan

    Deadass. Screw every team in boston. Nhl. Nba. Mlb. Nfl, most annoying group of people in sports.

  85. David Dolan

    David Dolan10 dagar sedan

    Not as annoying as the dump where you reside.

  86. KJC

    KJC11 dagar sedan

    Marchand sucks

  87. Matt C

    Matt C11 dagar sedan

    Every time I hear Jack Edwards, I want to inject my veins with cyanide.

  88. ronald held

    ronald held11 dagar sedan

    Punk stuff.

  89. Ty

    Ty11 dagar sedan

    Marchand is such a garbage player.

  90. dnoz13

    dnoz1311 dagar sedan

    Dahlin was being a little dookie. Deserves all beats that came his way.

  91. bernie bulldog

    bernie bulldog11 dagar sedan

    F**k marchand is ugly.

  92. Thomas Destro-Pericak

    Thomas Destro-Pericak11 dagar sedan


  93. Darksealer

    Darksealer11 dagar sedan

    The boston bruins announcers are the worst in the nhl by far. They're bias is so clear and obvious that it makes listening to this video insufferable.

  94. SG1

    SG111 dagar sedan

    No team whines more than Bruins players.

  95. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr9 dagar sedan


  96. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr9 dagar sedan

    Wrong...fans with Bruin biae take that cake, bubby.

  97. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 dagar sedan

    Called sticking up for themselves

  98. t c

    t c11 dagar sedan

    The Boston Cowards. Shame

  99. Bone Krusher

    Bone Krusher11 dagar sedan

    Damn Dahlin

  100. Caleb Miller

    Caleb Miller11 dagar sedan

    The Rat made sure there was someone between them before he said lets go and Pastrnak was just glad he didn't have to go with anyone

  101. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr10 dagar sedan

    @Steve Murray "Patently incorrect" goes along with being a Leafs fan, I guess. Too bad we can't see your team until the finals!

  102. Steve Murray

    Steve Murray10 dagar sedan

    He threw his gloves off when there was only him and Dahlin, he was stepping in for pasta. I’m not gunna sit here and be a fan boy, but you’re just patently incorrect.

  103. Whippin

    Whippin11 dagar sedan

    Boston Bruins have the most insufferable commentators in professional sports

  104. Jimbo Dangle

    Jimbo Dangle11 dagar sedan

    If im a sabres fan, im happy to see this fire from rasmus, shows he still cares and hates losing, which is smt you never want to see leave a player

  105. Modified North Collectables

    Modified North Collectables11 dagar sedan

    Ohh ffs reffs lets the Rat get stomped on please! Can someone just ruin him already...

  106. Keith Hobbs

    Keith Hobbs11 dagar sedan

    And Dahlin got zero minutes for the cross-check into the boards. Does anyone else notice how crappy the refs are these days?

  107. Random Account 2.0

    Random Account 2.011 dagar sedan

    Dahlin has been targeted every game they played the Bruins, this was well deserved

  108. Nicolas Wideman

    Nicolas Wideman11 dagar sedan

    how is jack edwards still calling games?

  109. Funk Zulu

    Funk Zulu11 dagar sedan

    Marchand the rat as per usual picks his opponents!

  110. Jake Hunzi

    Jake Hunzi11 dagar sedan

    Refs gotta let them go

  111. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 dagar sedan

    I saw a dirty cheap crosscheck and the Bruins sticking up for themselves against cheap shots. Toughest team in the league

  112. Alexey Serdtse

    Alexey Serdtse11 dagar sedan

    Damn... I hate Marchand even more than my mother-in-law

  113. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 dagar sedan

    God forbid Boston sticks up for themselves against cheap shots, these old men on their periods here whine...

  114. digyabatty

    digyabatty11 dagar sedan

    Dahlin should have cross checked Marchand harder

  115. digyabatty

    digyabatty10 dagar sedan

    @Go BobbyOrr who’s the keyboard warrior now. All talk but when the truth comes out you turtle. Btw it’s Canadians that won Stanley cups and Olympic gold medals not Yankees. You have a great life southie

  116. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr11 dagar sedan

    @digyabatty Yawn...another keyboard tough guy from North. How's that hunt for the elusive Stanley Cup going, Canuck? Dude, I'll be 70 in two months, where were you when I played in early 1970's? BTW I patterned my play in semi-pro after Big, Bad Bruins and it got me a ton of ice time. Really too bad we couldn't have met on the ice, Bouchard. Love, Jonathon!

  117. digyabatty

    digyabatty11 dagar sedan

    @Go BobbyOrr you are probably a dumb southie

  118. digyabatty

    digyabatty11 dagar sedan

    @Go BobbyOrr played hockey my whole life and yes I’m a bad ass. I dare you to step on the ice with this Canadian

  119. Go BobbyOrr

    Go BobbyOrr11 dagar sedan

    You are one bada$$ keyboard warrior, tuff guy!

  120. danny harrison

    danny harrison11 dagar sedan

    I love it! Rasmus doesnt give a crap what name you have on your back he just floored 2 of the leagues best players then wanted more from Marchand, to bad the refs got in the way this time

  121. Connor Whytock

    Connor Whytock11 dagar sedan

    I think I strongly dislike Marchand and Matthew Tkachuk the most in the NHL. Fucken Goofs