"Kharkovchanka" - The Colossal Soviet Antarctic Cruisers

"The Kharkovchanka" - Russia's Colossal Antarctic Cruisers which have been continuously operating in some of the most extreme environments on Earth for over 50 years. Produced in Kharkiv, Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic and originally operated by USSR, the 'Харьковчанка' (literally 'Kharkiv Women'), these amazing Snow Cruisers were built in the late 1950s and featured everything a polar explorer could need in the field. In their half-century mission, they have crossed thousands of miles on Antarctic Ice, visited the South Pole, the pole of inaccessibility as well the dozens of outposts and research stations on the continent.
0:00 - Introduction & early Exploration
2:49 - Early Soviet Antarctic Expeditions
5:12 - Introduction & Successes of the 'ATT' Tractor
8:14 - Building The Kharkovchanka
12:08 - Layout & Features
15:48 - The Kharkovchanka in Antarctica
21:10 - Design Issues & Possible Replacements
22:55 - The Kharkovchanka-II
26:00 - Where are they now?
30:22 - Conclusion
31:30 - Outro
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Full list of references and sources:
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    I've just finished reading about it in a blog of Russian Antarctic worker. Some of them are still used today thank to their reliability. Russian Antarctic explorers refuse to buy any foreign equipment since it's not enough resistant to cold compared to Russian analogies.

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