Tow Truck Owner Explains How He Makes Millions | Blue Collar Millionaires

With hard work and determination, Chuck Ceccarelli became the owner of a multimillion-dollar tow truck company, In the Ditch Towing. Catch his inspiring road to success here and don’t miss your favorite episodes of “Blue Collar Millionaire” on demand now.
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About Blue Collar Millionaires: Blue Collar Millionaires celebrates America’s most inspiring self-made successes: the working-class men and women who’ve managed to build fortunes with nothing but mud, sweat, and tears. From gator trappers to chimney sweeps to junkyard kings, these folks have overcome incredible obstacles on the way to mastering their trades. But today, they’re all blue-collar millionaires - and they’re ready to share what they’ve learned.
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Tow Truck Owner Explains How He Makes Millions | Blue Collar Millionaires


  1. kristin robertson

    kristin robertson57 minuter sedan

    This. Guy is my mom's boss and I know him

  2. Joseph Togiola

    Joseph TogiolaDag sedan

    He has to be proud of himself.. from nothing to something,his invention is bad @$$

  3. soberphobic

    soberphobic4 dagar sedan

    If you keep pushing speed increases from your staff, you’re not producing more efficiently; you’re burning out experienced works and treating people like beasts of burden

  4. Aaron’s Collection

    Aaron’s Collection5 dagar sedan

    He did not live on his own at 13... I call BS.

  5. scorpion zz

    scorpion zz10 dagar sedan

    Around 70% of millionaires have a college degree. It’s refreshing to see the other 30%

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  8. Eyanosa Sioux

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    This is how Americans are Americans good old fashion roll up your sleeves leadership, attitude persistence and innovation 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 only in America 🙌🏽

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  17. Htotha Hizzie

    Htotha Hizzie13 dagar sedan

    Perfect example of what the outcome is for HARD WORK!!🙌 NOTHING COMES FOR FREE!

  18. Ewucanbeer

    Ewucanbeer14 dagar sedan

    @corner garage productions: So people in other countries but the US don't work hard? Typical bloody Yankee.

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    Plebes 12345615 dagar sedan

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  27. Flavio Santana

    Flavio Santana16 dagar sedan

    This guy is awsome ,trully lives life ,nice and live it up sir.

  28. James

    James16 dagar sedan

    I love this guy and his story real American right here

  29. Al Havana

    Al Havana18 dagar sedan

    Thght this was a Cassidy Campbell video!

  30. james craig

    james craig18 dagar sedan

    Ripping people off!

  31. Matt Lourer

    Matt Lourer19 dagar sedan

    He’s one of those evil, evil, evil capitalist. I bet he’s a white supremest

  32. Michael Davenport

    Michael Davenport25 dagar sedan

    This dude is awesome.

  33. Sarah McKim

    Sarah McKim25 dagar sedan

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  39. Rick James

    Rick James26 dagar sedan

    he has a smile on his face and he looks absolutely amazing for 50 however I can’t help notice his workforce is all men in their prime, wonder what happens if you get a gray hair - hey Bob we noticed you didn’t increase efficiency by three seconds this week or last week or the last fifty weeks before that, now we realize you’re no longer 25 but you’re costing us dollars and that’s not gonna pay for these toys I need my wife wants a jet so bob ur fired. I am starting interviewing today hiring 22 to 27 year old men well built.

  40. 1notgilty

    1notgilty26 dagar sedan

    Good for him and his family. They worked hard for everything they have. I'm glad for them and their success. I love to see good people succeed.

  41. nagasako7

    nagasako729 dagar sedan

    I've been noticing more and more is made in Idaho (and not NY/CA)

  42. Luci C

    Luci C29 dagar sedan

    Yeah, they make a bundle, but when you need them, you need them, and thank God they are there.

  43. Cristobal Chavez

    Cristobal ChavezMånad sedan


  44. Umh Chud

    Umh ChudMånad sedan

    lol at the spicoli reference.

  45. Cullin 007

    Cullin 007Månad sedan

    Toyota dependability type work

  46. briansmad1

    briansmad1Månad sedan

    Capitalism is very real, he deserves and earned every penny.

  47. Jake Clark

    Jake ClarkMånad sedan

    My kind of person. Love the innovation and learnt systems of efficiency. Always can be better. Love to have fun most people can’t handle

  48. Dr. Foot

    Dr. FootMånad sedan

    This is the definition of the American success story. Kids not everyone has to go to college!

  49. Phatt Daddy

    Phatt DaddyMånad sedan

    Don't you just love this guy, I think I'll hire him to make me his dependent.

  50. Gregory Lichtenson

    Gregory LichtensonMånad sedan

    Montana has a Name for Idaho!! Land of Religion

  51. Gregory Lichtenson

    Gregory LichtensonMånad sedan

    Stay far away from Loser Idaho

  52. Gregory Lichtenson

    Gregory LichtensonMånad sedan

    Figures Idaho land of Mormans and State Troopers that are Predators of the Highway!!

  53. Gregory Lichtenson

    Gregory LichtensonMånad sedan

    Dude Your a Thief!!

  54. Joey Dehart

    Joey DehartMånad sedan

    A mainstream news channel should be free of profanity.

  55. Florida Man

    Florida ManMånad sedan

    You see back then you COULD leave your home at 13 and make it! If you tried. Now, everything is so different. In a bad way

  56. Álvaro George Nobre George

    Álvaro George Nobre GeorgeMånad sedan

    If you have a tow company ,and hock up with DOT , you become milionary at no time , factor.

  57. Darragh Collins

    Darragh CollinsMånad sedan


  58. Scott Cunningham

    Scott CunninghamMånad sedan

    Damit to bad This is on cnbc. I dont know if I can trust it

  59. Tenzin T

    Tenzin TMånad sedan

    Make Manufacturing in America Great Again.

  60. Palmer White

    Palmer WhiteMånad sedan

    Umm pulling from the side has been doable since time in memoriam. You just use a snatch block

  61. Matthew K

    Matthew KMånad sedan

    Take a look at William Deming. He proposed to US manufacturers after WW2 a system of manufacturing based on quality. The arrogant Americans basically told him to go pound sand. The Japanese welcomed him and listened. GM was the biggest corporation in the world. Look at GM and look at Toyota. I've been driving American cars for 45 years and when I started I said I would never drive a foreign car. A few days ago I test drove my first foreign car and there's a pretty good chance my next car will be a Toyota. This man in the video has the right idea obviously because he's making millions at it. He strives for quality and cost efficiencies. It's the Toyota Way in the Deming Way. He deserves every cent he earns as long as it's honest work and if he treats his employees fairly.

  62. santy33143

    santy33143Månad sedan

    And that is the Guy Biden will rice Taxes lol

  63. briansmad1

    briansmad1Månad sedan

    Biden raises taxes and this guy will layoff some employees or run his business out of the USA. We’ve watched that movie too much hence Trump is in office.

  64. HateGovernment

    HateGovernmentMånad sedan

    Hard working people find better ways to get the job done. They are tired of working hard. They want to work smart.

  65. random guy

    random guyMånad sedan

    1:35 GANG GANG !!!!

  66. Abel1120 conlget

    Abel1120 conlgetMånad sedan

    this is a good dude.... made something from nothing...

  67. Robert Avila

    Robert AvilaMånad sedan

    With all due respect it is easy to become a millionaire by overcharging

  68. oh no

    oh noMånad sedan

    Only in America...good for u bro

  69. john ng

    john ngMånad sedan

    I wish i had a boss like that :(

  70. texxs01

    texxs01Månad sedan

    We need to reign in these tow companies. they are purposely causing so much unnecessary suffering just to make more profit. The manufacturing business? Well, that a completely different thing. But considering this man has a Trump-like penchant for dishonesty and self grandiosity it wouldn't be surprising if it wasn't breaking the law left and right.

  71. T Moore

    T MooreMånad sedan

    Lol good job are a inspiration too many ...your positive aura will encourage others if they think big lol they can be big all starts with a idea or a concept ...along with will and determination

  72. Sunil Sajwani

    Sunil SajwaniMånad sedan

    Did he just quote Spicoli? 😆

  73. Mr Nice

    Mr NiceMånad sedan

    Cheers from boise drove by this place many of time never knew the story tho.

  74. PapaGeorg10

    PapaGeorg10Månad sedan

    This guy may have came up blue collar but he's a businessman overall

  75. Anirudh Purohit

    Anirudh PurohitMånad sedan

    ohhhh this is the guy that makes RVs !!

  76. J W

    J WMånad sedan

    All the benefits of capitalism!! F$&@ socialism and the political leaders who support it!!

  77. Alan Alan

    Alan AlanMånad sedan

    Ok had a good woman did good money wise Things worked out good in a country that had at lrast some good Try this in some other countries. So now what what next Grow old and meet HIS MAKER. Seems we need to be reminded. What does it profit a man and lose his own soul. Whats the best investment a person could make? Health both now and in the future. Read last ch of Isaih,Maĺachai and Zack 14 ( zeck 5 size of misles in iran and "base therof of Darkhaven nuclear plant in "Shinar" a prov of Iran) 1 403 830 4124

  78. Mike Gamebred

    Mike GamebredMånad sedan

    A very inspiring story!!!

  79. Noble Roofing & General Contracting

    Noble Roofing & General ContractingMånad sedan

    I love these stories because it just goes to show the way to make it. Most people whine and complain. Just go for it folks.

  80. Gilster

    GilsterMånad sedan

    I love the ingenuity of the American people. I'll bet this guy does not own a gold plated toilet.

  81. Ian Osborne

    Ian OsborneMånad sedan

    What A Great Guy.. I like Him.. 👌🏻

  82. ricochetVendetta

    ricochetVendettaMånad sedan

    Efficiency is key to capitalism or it doesn't make much sense, I knew he is for real just from that.

  83. NJ Giant

    NJ GiantMånad sedan

    G.I. Bill interest free loans I’m not impressed 🤔🙀

  84. Terrence Johnson

    Terrence JohnsonMånad sedan

    This is what makes America great!

  85. Aj Santos-Chong

    Aj Santos-ChongMånad sedan

    PepStepAnthem by #RobinHoodloom

  86. James Bond

    James BondMånad sedan

    Poor guy.. If Biden wins he's gonna have to pay taxes up hi butt.. cause according to democrats they're entitled to his hard earned money

  87. Horatio D

    Horatio DMånad sedan

    @Blue Gills it’s not just him screwed, it’s his employees and the local community who get hit by potential job losses and lack of opportunities.

  88. Blue Gills

    Blue GillsMånad sedan

    If Lieing Biden wins ,were all screwed.With a big red hammer and sickle by the commrades.

  89. Sammy Spaniel

    Sammy SpanielMånad sedan

    You can bet your bottom dollar he's not voting for Biden.

  90. James Ellison Rasmussen

    James Ellison RasmussenMånad sedan

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  91. Kakashi- EM

    Kakashi- EMMånad sedan

    Never expected a guy like this to adopt Japanese business strategies, also seems like he practices Kaizen(continuous improvement over time)

  92. Ivan Laws

    Ivan LawsMånad sedan

    More power to him, but unfortunately it's more Mass Media Rich & Famous B.S Propaganda.

  93. oldtwins na

    oldtwins naMånad sedan

    Perfect tax target for Biden's plan. Will make sure plenty of money is siphoned out, with force, in increased taxes.

  94. Zib Ndix

    Zib Ndix16 dagar sedan

    @oldtwins na well you're just proving my point aren't you.

  95. oldtwins na

    oldtwins na16 dagar sedan

    @Zib Ndix Except those 20k/year jobs will be gone, replaced with automation. Robots are far more efficient and don't belong to labor unions that scam their own people.

  96. Zib Ndix

    Zib Ndix16 dagar sedan

    oldtwins na rather him than someone making 20k a year.

  97. weasley potter

    weasley potterMånad sedan

    His costs are probably around $15million so he probably making $700,000-$1million after tax.

  98. Pale Dude

    Pale DudeMånad sedan

    That’s prettier than the tow truck I used to drive

  99. MrPitbull

    MrPitbullMånad sedan

    Great story

  100. Dewey Watts

    Dewey WattsMånad sedan

    You have to be 2-3 sec. more efficient so I can give back to who really matters- Me

  101. Hairy Legs

    Hairy LegsMånad sedan

    All that hard work to potentially pay over 60% tax according to Biden. That should inspire everyone to be successful. Let that sink in.

  102. B

    BMånad sedan

    You don't know how taxes work

  103. Risin Bison

    Risin BisonMånad sedan

    Me and my family.....the man is well grounded.

  104. Him Bike

    Him BikeMånad sedan


  105. John Doe

    John DoeMånad sedan

    Another Trump supporter !!!!

  106. 0m3n

    0m3nMånad sedan

    I WISH I could find a job with a boss like him. He seems like a badass person who actually cares about saving time and being more efficient. Most times the employees are the ones that know what can be done differently

  107. Barack in Chicago

    Barack in ChicagoMånad sedan

    We need to raise taxes on the rich so the marginalized people are not left behind.

  108. dls951

    dls951Månad sedan

    I wonder who Chuck will vote for?

  109. Space Man

    Space ManMånad sedan

    Thank you trump

  110. Devon R

    Devon RMånad sedan

    These videos need to be longer

  111. Sides Chissaque

    Sides ChissaqueMånad sedan

    I can understand a selfmade businessman, when he repeatedly talks efficiency and increasing profit by increasing efficiency and cutting cost.

  112. L.A. RC

    L.A. RCMånad sedan

    Don’t care about this guy showing off his toys, just care about knowing the process to becoming a millionaire, which this video doesn’t really show.

  113. L.A. RC

    L.A. RCMånad sedan

    @KKK -no you did not, you just briefed us with an idea, which was B.S. All you did was glorify your belongings, we are not interested in that, we are interested in the complete process. You should have made many videos to teach the process.

  114. crashingtiger

    crashingtigerMånad sedan

    😎👍🇺🇸✌️100% All American!

  115. my chromebook

    my chromebookMånad sedan

    6:02 take that Graham Stephan.

  116. Donny Iskandar

    Donny IskandarMånad sedan

    What's the ticker symbol? 😁

  117. Margot Downing

    Margot DowningMånad sedan

    She'll chooch

  118. Javed Hussain

    Javed HussainMånad sedan

    Excellent well done top man

  119. Elvin Gallard

    Elvin GallardMånad sedan

    I like this guy. just an everyday guy who decided to pursue his idea and now he has the money to do what he wants.

  120. masjut1

    masjut1Månad sedan

    That is an American hero story. Salute to you sir. 🙏

  121. Robert

    RobertMånad sedan

    "Tow Truck Owner"........give it up. click bait bs title.

  122. gary gerard

    gary gerardMånad sedan

    now that's a happy guy God bless him, his family, 'business and employees