"My Eight Year Old Could Cook Better" | Kitchen Nightmares

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  1. Vigdis

    VigdisMinut sedan

    ''he doesnt like any of the food :(... so far.''

  2. 1 b

    1 b5 minuter sedan

    Now this is the proper ep. Chief is not in denial Owners not in denial

  3. Earl Of Cumbrae

    Earl Of Cumbrae45 minuter sedan

    What Happened Next at The Olde Stone Mill? In the weeks that followed everyone stepped up and with his passion returned, Michael's food is greatly improved. A barbecue was arranged to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the building and Dean is given the key to the city. Gordon also reveals a light up sign on the side of the restaurant. After the show aired, Dean appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gordon revisited a year later and it looked like the restaurant was doing well with many satisfied customers. Dean reported that business was up 30%. However in 2009, The Old Stone Mill was sold to the DiNapoli family with Chef Michael remaining in the kitchen. For a while after the sale Dean listed as owner and Louis DiNapoli as general manager. Yelp reviews were mixed after filming and more recent reviews also remain mixed. Reviews were most positive on Trip Advisor but appear to have declined in more recent reviews. The Facebook page has been renamed as DiNapoli’s Stone Mill Restaurant and it was under new management in November 2018. It has since moved away from the Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse concept that Gordon instilled and has moved more towards Italian food with a few classic American dishes. Dean has also had some acting roles in some minor movies Dean was co-owner of Siena Italian Trattoria with friend John Hirschbeck, which opened in Stratford in July 2011, serving Italian food, seemingly as a result of Gordon's suggestion that Dean should go back to his Italian roots. Yelp reviewswere mostly positive but Siena Italian Trattoria closed in 2015. Dean was a co-host of a hunting show called Suburban Adventures, a show about hunting and then cooking your kills. The Olde Stone Mill aired on October 17 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 5.

  4. Dale Anderson

    Dale AndersonTimme sedan

    18.15 what a line

  5. Fuckingenius

    FuckingeniusTimme sedan

    that manager is useless... cant memorize 4 meats ffs!

  6. jeshus fernandes

    jeshus fernandesTimme sedan

    Gordon riding be like.... Cooking Man for rescue...😎😎😎

  7. Brandon D

    Brandon DTimme sedan

    The only Chef Mike that hasnt been thrown out a window.

  8. Harry

    Harry2 timmar sedan

    Guy : The dishes suck Gordon : I can't believe you're being so polite

  9. Seif Eissa

    Seif Eissa2 timmar sedan

    The Mushroom Rissto the rice is not cooked well thats why it sticks and I think the chef who made the rice didn't close it with a cover.

  10. Harry

    Harry2 timmar sedan

    Why do 65 year old American women like Gordon

  11. Kurnia Dwi Putra

    Kurnia Dwi Putra2 timmar sedan

    u can replace Tom with a fuckin' raw carrot and no one would notice

  12. Kimmy Xo

    Kimmy Xo3 timmar sedan

    Can’t imagine the stress the sole chef takes, I would have flipped

  13. BossingtonHill Forever

    BossingtonHill Forever3 timmar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay is the shit!

  14. Loknaz

    Loknaz4 timmar sedan

    If i had to wait for 1hour for food, it would not matter how good it is, I would never return

  15. jem

    jem4 timmar sedan

    the owner is just like the dad from ELF

  16. 0gami1tto

    0gami1tto4 timmar sedan

    I do appreciate where the owner was coming from, he’d been struggling and was scared to let go of the small amount of business he’s managed to achieve. Maybe there’s no steakhouse restaurants as they’re not popular? I’m sure Gordon knew best though. Hopefully they’re still open and successful.

  17. Steven Amollo

    Steven Amollo5 timmar sedan

    Wha... wait a minute 😳 tuck a ... what New York 🌃😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Epikologie

    Epikologie5 timmar sedan

    i watched through the whole thing and thought it was just a clip

  19. Roxana S'here

    Roxana S'here5 timmar sedan

    He should've made the owner cook in the chef's place for a night like he did in other episodes. Maybe then he would've understood how hard it is to cook alone for so many customers and had gained some respect for the chef. I honestly waited for that matter to be tackled because clearly the chef and owner have a shit relationship.

  20. Ashish Pradhan

    Ashish Pradhan6 timmar sedan

    You don't tell a girl to sleep. You always tuckahoe in

  21. W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •

    W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •7 timmar sedan

    these reality shows are so fake and real at the same time, the fake is how no one actually acts like there's a freaking camera crew in their face and the realistic part is the restraunt's weakness and kitchen , (sry for bad explanation ,if you know you know.

  22. Snowy

    Snowy8 timmar sedan

    "I eat my food and my family eats my food!" So does the family dog..and the toilet....and the trash bin...

  23. Wotdermatter

    Wotdermatter8 timmar sedan

    Kobe beef is one of the most expensive in the world. There are only 8 restaurants in the USA that are certified to use and sell the real thing. Also, there are only 37 locations that are certified to sell Japanese Wagyu beef. However, be careful as Wagyu cattle are being raised in different locations around the world. The OLDE STONE MILL STEAKHOUSE is not one of them. 'nuf sed. plamuk aka travellingchef.

  24. Daksh

    Daksh8 timmar sedan

    This owner has some god danm ager issues

  25. CF VanGuard

    CF VanGuard8 timmar sedan

    Kobe strip LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Janson Gabuya

    Janson Gabuya9 timmar sedan

    I dont understand people these days... why start something if you dont barely have any experience on business, its practically suicide

  27. Patricia Mikhaela T. Leaño

    Patricia Mikhaela T. Leaño12 timmar sedan

    So uh, am I the only one questioning what the face or expression the camera man has? Aight then

  28. Usha kumari

    Usha kumari12 timmar sedan

    Only Indian food is the food that Gordon will not say is shit Even if he enters in any Indian restaurant while eyes closed

  29. Wemeyou1 go go

    Wemeyou1 go go16 timmar sedan

    Gordon ramsay's coolest moment ever is riding this bike

  30. MAY7317

    MAY731718 timmar sedan

    Honestly this man is genius i love how he doesn't take their shit personally i aspire to be this patient and mature

  31. 1slice0bread

    1slice0bread18 timmar sedan

    Description: O O F

  32. ross

    ross19 timmar sedan

    I adore how the description just says "OOF"

  33. Plesa Cristian

    Plesa Cristian19 timmar sedan

    idk why i feel like Gordon smashed his wife

  34. JebClang

    JebClang20 timmar sedan

    People.. watch this video entirely. You won't be sorry

  35. random.1

    random.120 timmar sedan

    the old lady is so gorgeous oh my god!

  36. Bill Holloway

    Bill Holloway20 timmar sedan

    40:51 and they all lived happily ever after

  37. nafis sadiq

    nafis sadiq22 timmar sedan

    Gordan comes in says I'm starving: other people please sit here sir and here is our menu. tom the general manager: Oh, okay! smiles XD

  38. Louise Forest

    Louise Forest22 timmar sedan

    ''Honey can I have money for....'' WTF??? In 2020??? What a dinosaure that men....

  39. Ackicia Basson

    Ackicia Basson22 timmar sedan

    Tom is such a big baby

  40. Anpanman Bts

    Anpanman Bts23 timmar sedan

    Did anyone notice that the lady complaining about risotto and a boy saying food is cold was at the camera later too...i mean are they actors???

  41. Ahmed Rehman

    Ahmed RehmanDag sedan

    0:01 Tuck a what?😳

  42. Estevan Martins

    Estevan MartinsDag sedan

    13:33 Lady, there's no such thing as "too much garlic"

  43. A D S

    A D SDag sedan

    Tom is fucking ueless

  44. Planet Earth

    Planet EarthDag sedan


  45. Dark SoulMusic

    Dark SoulMusicDag sedan

    6:56 - 7:03 😂😂😂😂

  46. Irena Mazeikiene

    Irena MazeikieneDag sedan

    Me watching peacefully Gordon ramsay driving in pn a motorbike Me: holy shit

  47. Sanjar Javed

    Sanjar JavedDag sedan

    Man said “did I stutter?” I lost it 😭😭😂

  48. Anonym

    AnonymDag sedan

    In every episode of Kitchen Nightmares all the ladies be falling in love with Gordon

  49. Rosa Scarlet

    Rosa ScarletDag sedan

    Atleast the chef knew that his lack of passion reflects on the food.

  50. Mulle Kühn

    Mulle KühnDag sedan

    I love how all the old women immediately fall in love with Gordon

  51. Big-Nasty Gaming

    Big-Nasty GamingDag sedan

    Bless that lady, just straight up talking about how she wants Gordon to plow her

  52. Leah Johnson

    Leah JohnsonDag sedan

    As soon as he said I did it all myself, I knew, he’s gonna take this extremely personally.

  53. dia

    diaDag sedan

    mike looks like he has a million things he hasn’t done, but just you wait.

  54. Luline

    LulineDag sedan

    1:05 *Why even Blur the mouth?*

  55. Sandra Battista

    Sandra BattistaDag sedan

    Gordon arriving on a motorcycle is the dopest shit ever!

  56. TheSirse

    TheSirseDag sedan

    At 31:01 - Guy orders Kobe medium well. Why didn't Ramsay appear to slap this Philistine upside his head?

  57. The Duolingo Owl

    The Duolingo OwlDag sedan

    Why isn't no one talking about how the description says oof?



    Jeanie simps for Gordon Ramsay

  59. French Fries

    French FriesDag sedan

    " n o f u n n e l "

  60. Chloe Willetts

    Chloe WillettsDag sedan

    Love it.great video.keep it up.stay safe.

  61. Janmarl Paul Rodriguez

    Janmarl Paul RodriguezDag sedan

    "I'm afraid to make choices because I don't want to alienate what I have now" Is going bankrupt.... Bruh... You're not losing anything....

  62. KillingE4

    KillingE4Dag sedan

    really? tuckahoe?

  63. Padmapriya C T

    Padmapriya C TDag sedan

    I love the waitresses who snitch... where are they here :(

  64. VicVen

    VicVenDag sedan

    his wife kinda looks like Angela from the office lol

  65. Nadine Stewart

    Nadine StewartDag sedan


  66. NEKOMA Yuki

    NEKOMA YukiDag sedan

    Ngl Western people sucks making Food and south east nation are more better cooking than Western people. This is why western people like eating junk food than Home cooking

  67. sharon stalin

    sharon stalinDag sedan

    the thing i dont get is gordan goes there because they ask help from him cus they r dying and when he gets there, the owner is like hmm ok everything here is great and talks shit to him, because gordan insults food that deserves to be insulted. Ibet gordan is used to being screamed at by the owners that he is like meh, and he just does what he came for and goes away like a professional he is.

  68. DieBestenRutschenHD

    DieBestenRutschenHDDag sedan

    This is also one of the few restaurants that is still open up to this day!

  69. John Punshon

    John PunshonDag sedan

    It's that old the 8 year old is now 26

  70. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouyDag sedan

    Gordon: let's see what's wrong with the restaurant Almost every episode: "I'm the owner and I have no idea what I'm doing."/head chef hates cooking now.

  71. john doe

    john doeDag sedan

    The garrulous grouse microbiologically bare because start moberly rot an a tranquil idea. flawless, white mattock

  72. Lyrixa

    LyrixaDag sedan

    suck? I cant believe you would be so F*cking nice. -Gordan Ramsay

  73. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouyDag sedan

    i thought it was a clip but then its a full episode- sips tea here we go again

  74. bla

    blaDag sedan

    gotta love how the man and woman who sent back the risotto came back to the restaurant for the re-opening :D

  75. IDeadPixel

    IDeadPixelDag sedan

    Man said “you cooked a simple prime rib” to Gordon Ramsey but doesn’t realize that they couldn’t make a salad properly.

  76. flawlessduck

    flawlessduck2 dagar sedan

    can someone fix that fucking printer

  77. awts gege

    awts gege2 dagar sedan

    I hate when the owners gets mad at Gordon he's literally helping them

  78. SStwins

    SStwins2 dagar sedan

    The thing I cared the lost about from that video was that, how does Gordon know how ride a bike, das crazzzy

  79. William Hu

    William Hu2 dagar sedan

    nobody is gonna comment that the chef is Lin-Manuel Miranda's cousin?

  80. jameajns jsn

    jameajns jsn2 dagar sedan

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant belt holly bruise because owner unexpectedly add minus a new tablecloth. snotty, minor sneeze

  81. llVIU

    llVIU2 dagar sedan

    10:40 "it wouldn't be good for our marriage" what a manipulative way to threaten to divorce a man. Jump the boat and let him sink in it alone? I suppose you'll want child support too after you divorce him?

  82. Shane W

    Shane W2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I run a restaurant and have no idea why we have no customers. How about you have a look at the f--king food for a start ? Oh right, your food is perfect right ? Ok

  83. Richard Hale

    Richard Hale2 dagar sedan

    Anybody else laugh to themselves at the town name?

  84. DOODLE 7568

    DOODLE 75682 dagar sedan

    Gordan: it looks like someone took a shit in a bag and cooked it Me: OOF.

  85. RoughBeatz

    RoughBeatz2 dagar sedan

    sat here high judgin this food with G-RAM munchin me dairylea lunchables

  86. Silvia Sánchez

    Silvia Sánchez2 dagar sedan

    Well, now... you don't get to see Gordon Ramsay on a motorbike every day... Thanks for that! And the full episode :-D

  87. ً ً

    ً ً2 dagar sedan

    gordon does more than local therapists

  88. barbiesfoot

    barbiesfoot2 dagar sedan

    i thought it was a clip but then its a full episode- *sips tea* here we go again

  89. Triggas

    Triggas2 dagar sedan

    Reminded me of an episode of the Office

  90. nomar mar

    nomar mar2 dagar sedan

    full and uncensored , i love you

  91. nomar mar

    nomar mar2 dagar sedan

    thank you KN channel manager for uploading full videos since they are no where to be found to buy or pay for stream anywhere. thank you gordon for making these shows

  92. Aya

    Aya2 dagar sedan

    1:04 im bawling at the fact that they blurred his mouth but did not bleep the word 😭🤣 wtf

  93. Archimo

    Archimo2 dagar sedan

    why is there people talking in the background when gordon is the only one there 😂

  94. IMxfiaa

    IMxfiaa2 dagar sedan

    gordon rides a bike????

  95. Denise T.

    Denise T.2 dagar sedan

    Omg it's chef Mike

  96. Swim Fairbanks

    Swim Fairbanks2 dagar sedan

    She needs money for "dry cleaning" lol sure

  97. Archie Matthews

    Archie Matthews2 dagar sedan

    6:58 he was in the background staring at him

  98. Steve Daniels

    Steve Daniels2 dagar sedan



    GORR - THE GOD BUTCHER2 dagar sedan

    Now it's name is Dinapoli old stone mill And now they serve Italian food

  100. iistxtix

    iistxtix2 dagar sedan

    bro when Gordon just whipped his shirt off i startin sweatin

  101. Sujoy Ghosh

    Sujoy Ghosh2 dagar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay as a motorbike rider- oof