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  1. Wow_it’s_ Hailey_

    Wow_it’s_ Hailey_8 dagar sedan


  2. No Longer Human

    No Longer Human9 dagar sedan

    Im so amazed with them being able to work together without overlapping each other in whatever they do.

  3. Ajmeri Promi

    Ajmeri Promi14 dagar sedan

    They are really good kids You can tell just by watching them... Good going txt... Good luck guys 💜 - from ARMY

  4. hershe's

    hershe's10 dagar sedan


  5. Mar Chu

    Mar Chu17 dagar sedan

    No one talks about Soobin? Soobin: *draw a bunny* Staff: "Bunny draw a bunny" *take pictures*

  6. Y J

    Y J18 dagar sedan

    14:48 매뉴판 뚝

  7. Y J

    Y J18 dagar sedan

    13:30 근데 셰프가 하와이 사람인데 혹시 괜찮을까요? 아진짜 태현옵ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 멜

    18 dagar sedan

    Uhm.I just watched this randomlyyy.What happened to Taehyun's hand?hehe

  9. hershe's

    hershe's10 dagar sedan

    He got his pinky hurt while practising

  10. inumenka35

    inumenka3527 dagar sedan

    I love the staff so much #respect

  11. Princess Jasmine

    Princess Jasmine27 dagar sedan

    Staff members: you passed! Everyone except Soobin: yay! Soobin: oh no 💀 poor thing he was doing all of the dishes ☹️

  12. Lal J

    Lal J27 dagar sedan

    ID get why you people re-uploading this???? is not even pay content and you can just watch this for free on the original site.

  13. hershe's

    hershe's10 dagar sedan

    Can you sent me the link

  14. Chim Chim

    Chim Chim28 dagar sedan

    I don’t know why but I feel like Kai look tired , like he is about to sleep

  15. Soo비니

    Soo비니Månad sedan

    Taehyun is the type of guy that if he had kids he won't be mad at them ;--; *sobs in the corner of the room*

  16. rae rawr

    rae rawrMånad sedan

    is it like run bts??? sorry im a new moa 😞

  17. hershe's

    hershe's10 dagar sedan

    Its ok ..btw welcome to the circus

  18. freaKING TAEHYUN•

    freaKING TAEHYUN•28 dagar sedan

    yes it is! No need to say sorry, you’ll eventually learn things about TXT as time goes by. Welcome to MOA bestie🤍


    OMEGA TXTMånad sedan

    yo y mi tío disfrutamos mucho este ep, es nuestro favorito! 17:16 ESE CONEJO ES MUY CUTE, pero es tierno y algo turbio al mismo tiempo jajajajaj

  20. ❁Jeahnethlyn❁

    ❁Jeahnethlyn❁Månad sedan

    No entiendo nadaaaaa pero aquí ando riendome de estos weas

  21. love yourself

    love yourselfMånad sedan

    What happened to taehyun tiny finger 🤕🤕

  22. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizMånad sedan

    This was filmed durimg Blue Hour comeback and Taehyun fractured his little finger. He had to wear the cast for 6 weeks (from Oct to early Dec 2020). So he's all good.

  23. tokyo

    tokyoMånad sedan

    "our chef is from Hawaii" took me out ljjkabxlhwevd;2euv;2ehd

  24. 진태형

    진태형Månad sedan

    Soobin looks really so tired

  25. Butterfly With broken wing

    Butterfly With broken wingMånad sedan


  26. Noreen O

    Noreen OMånad sedan

    Bh just looove putting their artists in the kitchen dont they? 🤣

  27. Nasher Rahim143

    Nasher Rahim143Månad sedan

    I Love TXT

  28. elizabeth sy

    elizabeth syMånad sedan

    my anxiety and stress level is off the roof man..

  29. kanubish

    kanubishMånad sedan

    2:25 soobin is indeed a bunny

  30. Leonita Lugaric

    Leonita LugaricMånad sedan

    They are so good being quick. If they open restauran i', coming there every day. Also seing Beomgyu as barista is so hot to see, they all look handsome in kitchen

  31. XiaoTen Hajeongwoo

    XiaoTen HajeongwooMånad sedan

    It's been 39 episode, more than a year of To Do, and TXT and MOA still laugh at every title of the episodes LMAO, the titled are just WEIRD BUT PERFECT

  32. Penguin Yuka

    Penguin YukaMånad sedan


  33. Novellya Wijaya

    Novellya WijayaMånad sedan

    What happened with Taehyun hand?

  34. Angel Virgo

    Angel VirgoMånad sedan

    This reminds me of the boyz show where they open restaurant.

  35. M V

    M VMånad sedan

    Wait they are doing this early in the morning??

  36. Rembrant Claire Demiar

    Rembrant Claire DemiarMånad sedan

    13:46 Beomgyu looks like Actor Kim Seonho in here

  37. LittleGamer

    LittleGamerMånad sedan

    Me : * Watching while eating rameyeon * Me : *choke* umm kay?

  38. Menen g

    Menen gMånad sedan

    staff : we would like- Beomgyu : You eat what I tell you

  39. Momo Yoyo

    Momo YoyoMånad sedan

    Why Taehyun hand?

  40. leovyl rivera

    leovyl riveraMånad sedan

    I'm afraid txt would fail..

  41. Majd Alosaimi

    Majd AlosaimiMånad sedan

    anyone know if the video of Soobin decorating the toast was posted?

  42. Karyl Gimenez

    Karyl GimenezMånad sedan

    13:47 thank me later 😃

  43. Dialusi Bintang

    Dialusi Bintang2 månader sedan

    What happened to taehyun hand at 2.45 ?

  44. Dialusi Bintang

    Dialusi BintangMånad sedan


  45. Dialusi Bintang

    Dialusi BintangMånad sedan

    @Dana Griggs when?

  46. Dana Griggs

    Dana GriggsMånad sedan

    he fractured his pinky

  47. Mannu Kaushal

    Mannu Kaushal2 månader sedan

    One of our chef is from Hawaii is it ok with you??? 😂😂😂

  48. 박해린

    박해린2 månader sedan

    Beomgyu's face changing when the customer orders aglio e oleo pasta, like seriously- u think we're playing a game here😂😂

  49. Chandana Vanam

    Chandana Vanam2 månader sedan

    Taehyun never fails to impress us

  50. by. JV

    by. JV2 månader sedan

    Yeonjun should work in restaurant. He is so welcoming and the way he asks just exudes "waiter" vibe.

  51. Dhian Prameswari

    Dhian Prameswari2 månader sedan


  52. momiji soma

    momiji soma2 månader sedan

    no cuz beomgyu's kimbap😭😭

  53. momiji soma

    momiji soma2 månader sedan


  54. Mariah Salick

    Mariah Salick2 månader sedan

    me seeing Yeonjun making oil pasta again: *cue terrible flashbacks*

  55. Snow Cold

    Snow Cold2 månader sedan

    I love how the staff purposely ask for Soobin to design the pancake....because Soobin was too quiet in this episode. Big hit staff the best!!!

  56. ch. sanro

    ch. sanro26 dagar sedan

    Yeah I agree, cooking isn't really soobins thing that's why he was quiet but staff encouraged and made him indulge in work

  57. Ngọc Nhã Uyên Phạm

    Ngọc Nhã Uyên Phạm2 månader sedan

    Is yeonjun's back in pain again?? :((((

  58. Grace Crum

    Grace Crum2 månader sedan


  59. L34H L0L

    L34H L0L2 månader sedan

    Customer: takeout please Beomgyu: no🤪🥳🤩🙈💕😍

  60. darra yeah

    darra yeah2 månader sedan

    I would prefer weird customers than rude ones

  61. ante Camilia

    ante Camilia2 månader sedan

    Beomgyu forehead!!!

  62. The Daisy

    The Daisy2 månader sedan

    beomgyu's unique kimbap never fail to make me laugh!

  63. Lucia Juana V. Doria

    Lucia Juana V. Doria2 månader sedan

    If i were a customer there i will say can i order all of you

  64. Arina Nabilah

    Arina Nabilah2 månader sedan

    i will wait even forever if they are the chefs

  65. Mahi Sarkar

    Mahi Sarkar2 månader sedan

    Hope Taehyun's hand gets better. ❤️

  66. Chloe Richardson

    Chloe Richardson2 månader sedan

    @Nur Arisahanani You're welcome, and yeah it was kind of hard.

  67. Nur Arisahanani

    Nur Arisahanani2 månader sedan

    @Chloe Richardson thanks for the info, must be hard for him, sob sob

  68. Chloe Richardson

    Chloe Richardson2 månader sedan

    He broke his finger (don't know which one) but it was a while ago. He doesn't have the cast on now, so he's good. 😊

  69. Nur Arisahanani

    Nur Arisahanani2 månader sedan

    May I know what happen to his hand?

  70. Sabrina469Master Gaming

    Sabrina469Master Gaming2 månader sedan

    3:12 yesssir he did😎 also lowkey that was smooth

  71. Julia K

    Julia K2 månader sedan

    I'm getting soo hungry looking at these dishes

  72. Julia K

    Julia K2 månader sedan

    I used to work at a restaurant and I'm getting soo anxious whenever a new customer arrives 😂 Of course, they were their staff but they handled the situation soo well 🥰

  73. Clarielene Nisperos

    Clarielene Nisperos2 månader sedan


  74. Blue Orangeade

    Blue Orangeade2 månader sedan

    I really can't stop repeating this part 13:38 😂😂

  75. Blue Orangeade

    Blue Orangeade2 månader sedan

    @sohftiepenguin Hahahaha Kai looks a like a baby in it 😂😂

  76. sohftiepenguin

    sohftiepenguin2 månader sedan

    I love your pfp

  77. lola.n 99

    lola.n 992 månader sedan

    Beomgyu forehead im😭

  78. bum bum

    bum bum2 månader sedan

    Does anyone know the classical pieces played in this ep?

  79. Jenna Reed

    Jenna Reed2 månader sedan

    I don’t know all of them but around 19:30 is Dance of the Hours

  80. Yeonjunniee

    Yeonjunniee2 månader sedan

    2:25 I agreed with Soobin😌😌

  81. taehyunsramen

    taehyunsramen2 månader sedan

    this pasta reminds me of that other pasta that yeonjun dropped and still fed to everyone else-

  82. Khalida Afzal

    Khalida AfzalMånad sedan

    Yeah not like every other moa has never done that before

  83. Jina Blossom

    Jina BlossomMånad sedan

    Hahah I still can't believe Yeonjun did that😂

  84. subroto

    subroto2 månader sedan

    And they said delicious 😳

  85. Nur Qistina

    Nur Qistina2 månader sedan

    SAMEE..I was thinking about that too

  86. Y _ Y

    Y _ Y2 månader sedan


  87. Michaela Oren

    Michaela Oren2 månader sedan

    I love the way they treat each other.

  88. Jannelle Rodriguez

    Jannelle Rodriguez2 månader sedan

    That one cameraman customer: there is hair in the food. Yeonjun & Taehyun: what color? Lol, I can’t with these boys! 😂

  89. Amelia Afriani

    Amelia Afriani28 dagar sedan

    These booiiiis hahaha

  90. xiumins kookie

    xiumins kookieMånad sedan


  91. Jannelle Rodriguez

    Jannelle RodriguezMånad sedan

    @Penguin Yuka the whole moment begins at 22:06 ^_^

  92. Penguin Yuka

    Penguin YukaMånad sedan

    Time stamp?

  93. Ilytaehyun

    Ilytaehyun2 månader sedan

    I like when TXT does cooking to do episodes its calming and I like watching them cook :)

  94. noora ibrahim

    noora ibrahim2 månader sedan

    In the next episode Taehyun doesn’t have the thing in his broken finger

  95. noora ibrahim

    noora ibrahimMånad sedan

    @ً salma ya I noticed that. Thanks for confirming. 😊

  96. ً salma

    ً salmaMånad sedan

    because the "to do" are not in order

  97. txtsmuseum

    txtsmuseum2 månader sedan

    I can't wait for the next TO DO!!

  98. fan_n1

    fan_n12 månader sedan

    when one of the customers orders takeout and beomgyu's immediately like NOPE

  99. txtsmuseum

    txtsmuseum2 månader sedan

    24:32 - TXT: "See you again next time, TO DO!" After that staff be like : "Okay, now you all clean everything up the food waste & rubbish you have throw away" 👁️👄👁️

  100. rion.

    rion.2 månader sedan

    3:37 7:39 10:44 13:46 13:55 19:52 24:48 24:52

  101. Mhabel Castro

    Mhabel Castro2 dagar sedan

    Hi everyone hello I'm nataniel from pilippines

  102. Kanae P

    Kanae P2 månader sedan

    Kang Taehyuuuuuun! ;------;

  103. toot s

    toot s2 månader sedan

    If TXT does plan on opening a restaurant, I wouldn't hesitate to eat there everyday.

  104. oH iM cUrIoUs yEaH! sAjIn SoK nEgA

    oH iM cUrIoUs yEaH! sAjIn SoK nEgAMånad sedan

    @one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers same tho

  105. bucin nct bangtan

    bucin nct bangtanMånad sedan

    My whole month salary goes to them

  106. Night Star

    Night Star2 månader sedan

    @one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers Yes

  107. one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers

    one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers2 månader sedan

    Yes, I don't care how badly my food is cooked or plated, I'll go there everyday and give them generous tips :)

  108. Jina Blossom

    Jina Blossom2 månader sedan

    Same here same

  109. Lady Unnie

    Lady Unnie2 månader sedan

    Y'all beomgyu is exposing his forehead to us!! 13:47 he brushing is hair to the back OMG BEOMGYUS FOREHEAD AAA

  110. rey albia

    rey albiaMånad sedan

    @Aira Domani what's with his forehead??

  111. 채영chaeyoung

    채영chaeyoung2 månader sedan

    I agree oh hey we meet again unnie.❤

  112. Anis Bakar

    Anis Bakar2 månader sedan

    he really really handsome when showing his forehead but become cute when has bang

  113. Aira Domani

    Aira Domani2 månader sedan

    Aaaaaa finally you notice that, also in 7:43 he also exposing lil bit his forehead

  114. *Leslyy*

    *Leslyy*2 månader sedan

    TXT are chefs🧎‍♀️

  115. Jina Blossom

    Jina Blossom2 månader sedan

    I never imagined I needed an TXT ep opening an restaurant now I'm happy with that They deserve an award 💗

  116. yoshinori

    yoshinori2 månader sedan


  117. Palvatsuki

    Palvatsuki2 månader sedan

    Soobin is like a mom. He can find things that kid mysteriously can't.. •°•

  118. Komiko Zen David

    Komiko Zen DavidMånad sedan

    Yeahh. My mom always says look with your eyes not with your mouth 😂

  119. Michaela Oren

    Michaela Oren2 månader sedan

    Ha true!

  120. kimtaevstan.07 btsarmy

    kimtaevstan.07 btsarmy2 månader sedan

    Beomgyu kimbab is a masterpiece also tae menu ouh and mickey mouse banana...they always make me laugh and brighten my day.. i love them so much😃 imagine having txt to serve you... haih can't relate

  121. Angel Tebelin

    Angel Tebelin2 månader sedan

    I don't get it but they're really effortlessly funny HAHAHAH and I love how they interact with their staff. Next episode of todo just motivated me to continue do workouts and it's a perfect timing! THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING IT! HWAITING!

  122. Mica nisims

    Mica nisims2 månader sedan

    Thank you for uploading💜

  123. Sunghoon Park ENGENE Hyuka

    Sunghoon Park ENGENE Hyuka2 månader sedan

    Thanks for the upload I love their games

  124. you'll shine like a diamond

    you'll shine like a diamond2 månader sedan

    You can see that theu truly love and taking care of each other. TXT BEST BOY!!!

  125. Tenzin Lhadon

    Tenzin Lhadon2 månader sedan

    They r so sweet 😘😭

  126. Cutie Girl in Blue

    Cutie Girl in Blue2 månader sedan

    Hahaha I wanna help txt in preparing and cooking those foods😂I'm cheering for them while watching through my screen hahaha


    DIBYANI BINDHANI2 månader sedan

    Taehyunie - can you break this egg? Huening - I'm not so good at it (broke the egg with one shell in it) Taehyun - Mm. So incredible Why are they like this tho. I'm laughing so hard from the beginning 😂

  128. Gen f

    Gen f2 månader sedan

    Can you turn on the download button? 😊

  129. Bella Berhane

    Bella Berhane2 månader sedan

    Omg Yeessss Your the best Thankkk youuuu

  130. Cutie Girl in Blue

    Cutie Girl in Blue2 månader sedan

    Yayyy! Thank you so much for uploading this video😍💖

  131. Bella Berhane

    Bella Berhane2 månader sedan

    @Cutie Girl in Blue hi lol haha

  132. Cutie Girl in Blue

    Cutie Girl in Blue2 månader sedan

    @Bella Berhane hahaha ohh oh my gosh😂hello hahaha

  133. Bella Berhane

    Bella Berhane2 månader sedan

    I almost see u on every single vid abt txt how do u do that!!!

  134. Jina Blossom

    Jina Blossom2 månader sedan

    Yeah thank you 💗



    Never late to watch it!!!!!!!! Thanks for uploading the video!!!!!🥧🥧🥧🤯🤯

  136. Amana Begum

    Amana Begum2 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for uploading them😊

  137. you'll shine like a diamond

    you'll shine like a diamond2 månader sedan

    Why so funny😂 they are funny from the start of to do

  138. Deomanggalka

    Deomanggalka2 månader sedan

    Thanks love😘

  139. Loyal MOA

    Loyal MOA2 månader sedan

    Wowww you're much faster than our internet connection. Thank you so much for this❤️

  140. Nancy Sahu

    Nancy Sahu2 månader sedan


  141. Night Star

    Night Star2 månader sedan

    Thank you I really can't wait this episode.. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  142. soobrangdanmoawajunniebeomadansolomonningdungan

    soobrangdanmoawajunniebeomadansolomonningdungan2 månader sedan

    yes yes you never disappoint us!! yesss