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  1. Sleeper T_T

    Sleeper T_T4 timmar sedan

    The search continues 1:04

  2. fin.

    fin.4 timmar sedan

    11,000,000th view

  3. Josiah Johnson

    Josiah Johnson4 timmar sedan

    gettum Nate

  4. Alexking 10187

    Alexking 101874 timmar sedan

    I like the edits it’s like the movie looper

  5. jennie

    jennie4 timmar sedan

    soo nice..🖤

  6. Lindumenzi Dludlu

    Lindumenzi Dludlu4 timmar sedan

    Sounds like a Resident Evil soundtrack

  7. Zachary Yanchick

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  8. Ryan M

    Ryan M4 timmar sedan

    AND HERE I AM WHO THE F IS RYAN, MY TURN TO BURN THROUGH SOME WORDS AND HAVE FUN WITH IT....... Time to step out of the shadows out of the corner, out of the dark. I had some time in the clouds poetically rip rapping when life swiftly said to me I am introversively introverted respectively respecting at times yet other times chaotic no pattern to follow, the other day eating skittles and M and M's - I had a vision and not all in my mind it was my game changer as it seems M&M's are getting bland, just call my Mr. Skittles, the Mad Hatter's riddle raddled my brain so hard...I am now the new demand and mind bender who is full of ideas and studies and theories and write words to battle hard but peacefully the worded and corrode the past year with media and the music industry seemingly , not from just my brain, but more so from the heart - my poetic rap is the essence of my struggles, hoping it hits your soul like it does mine. hitting rock bottom no life drugged up on Rx's numb is a bum I had NO NAME what I shame, that being me I said it many do not know it but heavily drank nearly every single day from the age of 15 or so- started that path darn early. Growing up taught to never steal cheat or lie,.. people that do are weak inside and hide just to realize that time isn't long, while I can walk head up high with not a regret, I love it in the clouds but I have to come down NOW as it is my time to change the world for the better - I promise I will try my hardest to change humanity humanly for the better, So peaceful to be aligned and know that people are all one, we all have a dark side and a light. Having a dark side is the great therapy for me. I will teach the world the power we all and can easily access - big brother hiding these tools for years - sounds like man slaughter or yeah, "music to be murdered by". That is more than my 2 cents. I cant take this back and YES I will be singing this with wicked style cause I have at least 50 cents, and hell, if you do not believe me lets call it 51 cents and will lend it to the government to cover up for you if you do not yet trust me - too many issues are being sweapt under the rug. I hope that they pay ya high interest as lately life has been shady, like a mumble who cant rap and is scared to say the damn truth - the real self. Now I got the machine gun with buckets of ammo yet jammed and wasted on the gangster self absorbed words, 50K a show and wanting more is funny as I never follow the money I follow my heart and you all know who you are, maybe I am going to stamp and stomp my statement - never a knat. Just a couple NOTS when I puff a little too much of that GOOD green stuff! I am shy and like my alone time. As a kid looked at as depressed making me depressed. Now that is my stress!!! I was the odd quiet kid, the Outcast per say, not many friends but was good with everyone and open minded. Easy to be around. I do not label anyone as we are one label and lets make it work! I am patient but NEVER PUSH ME, I usually just bark, but trust me I can fight. Get too personal. No. Mess with my or try to change me for your mere 2 cents... not fair but that is life negative at times we need those moments to be happy as us primitive humans are figuring out time and the truth of reality. As well as the lies and the crimes committed within our homeland. Purge the negatives quickly and move to true harmony I am talking that of poetry - not hip hop not rap, it is music and true feelings from my heart. Hip hop and rap and this and that, it is all word play, marketing and money, corporate America firing their daily crap, ranting and yes I am just 34 and young, but have been very restless...LIKE THE Young and the restless! Poof. it is my time now, sit back I am not going away anytime soon, that is a promise, shooting faster than a machine gun that is for sure, my mind is the ammo a bullet proof vest. The toughest material are the ideas networking deep within, take a ride with me, sit back, and even at 3 in the morning I am usually up, just not freaking out covered in blood high on Klotopin - yes I said it we get it and guns, drugs, and swearing is glued on repeat. I do not mind taking the heat. That is why I bashed 5 great artists that truly have inspired me, but you have never heard nothing like that of me. OCD ADHD IBS PTSD UC IC oh my I gotz all the letters when I go to the doctors - technically I am a book and hardcovered I am, . I dig deep. I am hardwired to help, that is it for now and to remind one last time. Never toy with me I have a short fuse and do swing deadly hard. More importantly I can take a punch and many that is, smile and that is it. My left hook destroys like a diamond tipped drill bit. Hey, NF, I know what you mean to have it all but to not enjoy. Material and currency are currently the possessor or the people. Sick and twisted, Western society as much of the world possessed by material when dude, as NF and RTM we could create a new wave on music. I can truly feel what you write and are trying to figure out, I hope to give you a little light my friend... One song that gets thrown and takes everyone by surprise NF a pessimist, me an optimist, I am a wishful mind flowing like that of the lives that could be saved. I WILL happily give 75% of all AdSense and SEtoos earnings to you Nate, I would hope that would maybe help us to be a little happier. Then after we change the world take a nice fishing trip. My name is Ryan. I have a therapist. Like you as well as many I got to vent and don't want to to my friends and family and people who follow me. I got so much on my plate but I want to get the people talking. What have I been planning. It is bigger than you think. Promise: by end March I will shave my head and beard it has been over a year now. I will do it live or at least have it on video, and I will have a rap battle with any poet / artist / whatever you call it. Have subscribers vote, donate money, and give it all to charity. 1000 subscribers - ONE month. I am purely following my heart. Wink - big changes are coming soon. Prepare for the challenges, and just conquer them, and do it with style. Show kids that life is worth while - not just drugs' and violence and frankly a style that is fading into the past, sealed and locked in the forgotten pile!!! :)

  9. K r y p t o 編集

    K r y p t o 編集4 timmar sedan

    Fire song but from 3:12 on it’s perfection

  10. Thomas Lapointe

    Thomas Lapointe4 timmar sedan

    At 3:41 do you all hear Nf say follow my God , or gut ? I don’t trust the SEtoos anymore lol 😂

  11. Nate Erickson

    Nate Erickson5 timmar sedan


  12. rocky rambo

    rocky rambo5 timmar sedan

    NF please don't stop...u r a great helper

  13. Care Bear

    Care Bear5 timmar sedan

    I was convulsing from lack of new NF content. Thanks brother!

  14. rocky rambo

    rocky rambo5 timmar sedan

    Av just turned 41 yrs old, PhD student can't sleep heavy bruxism grinder can't sleep, and trying to stop alcoholic, seeing psyactric every week But NF is me real HEALER 💔

  15. an ordinary stickman

    an ordinary stickman5 timmar sedan


  16. Nath Ross

    Nath Ross5 timmar sedan

    Every life decision you’ve ever made has lead you to this comment.

  17. GLP

    GLP5 timmar sedan

    How could people thumbs down this

  18. Mateusz Kowalski

    Mateusz Kowalski5 timmar sedan

    whats the model of his shoes tell please!

  19. David Carter

    David Carter6 timmar sedan

    wannabe eminem

  20. Nikki

    Nikki5 timmar sedan

    He is not an eminem wannabe 😂😂 You listen to only one song? He never cusses in any songs. None of them. Equals different then eminem. He usually dresses in ripped jeans timbs and a tshirt down to his knees minus three videos-at one point in his warm up song he dressed like justin beiber. equals different then eminem. He has singing only pop type songs in his albums. Equals different then eminem. He is a christian who has christian songs in his albums like oh lord and ill keep on. Equals different then eminem. He uses cinamatic symphony type beats one of the only ones I know of who has that going on because his co producer does scores for movies and tv shows. Equals different then eminem. He connects all four of his albums like marvel movies and hides eggs in them and mentions past songs in his songs. One song he brought back all material from his prior videos into one video called outro like marvel end game. Uses balloons as his burdens. Etc Equals different then eminem. All of his songs are meaningful without things like murdering his ex wife or comical stuff like eminem did minus his intro clouds he just did. Yes eminem has deep songs but difference is NF focuses solely on mental health. Equals different then eminem . Only thing they have in common is NF is born in michigan and from there. They have similar accents. That is it. Eminem himself took a lot of hate for sounding like NAS when he first started. He made his own lane just like NF has done. There is no denying that or his talent. You cant. Otherwise you are holding envy and hate inside for some reason.

  21. Uzair Sheikh

    Uzair Sheikh6 timmar sedan

    NF seems like a more darker and younger version of eminem.

  22. Harry’s secret powder

    Harry’s secret powder4 timmar sedan

    literally has no affiliation with NF. They use different beats synonym flows Vocabulary chorus's flow freestyles Literally they different in every way other than his skin colour lmao.

  23. Fathi Ilias

    Fathi Ilias6 timmar sedan

    He's like eminem jr. Goooood

  24. Harry’s secret powder

    Harry’s secret powder4 timmar sedan

    They use different beats synonym flows Vocabulary chorus's flow freestyles Literally they different in every way other than his skin colour lmao.

  25. Man Utd Cutz

    Man Utd Cutz6 timmar sedan

    OMG literally chills after hearing this❤️❤️❤️ ALWAYS NF🔥🔥 UNDERRATED KING🖤💯

  26. Humerabanu Mulla

    Humerabanu Mulla6 timmar sedan

    NF speaks facts

  27. 304 Rahul Chate

    304 Rahul Chate7 timmar sedan

    3:16 goosebumps straight for 40 secs .

  28. Zrx900

    Zrx9007 timmar sedan

    still no cars

  29. Angeline Bena

    Angeline Bena7 timmar sedan

    This music video is like a Marvel movie

  30. Rewind Glitches

    Rewind Glitches7 timmar sedan

    I JUST REALIZED she he said to "give him some props" it was a double entendre. Props like the cage, swing, etc. But props like props to you, kind sir.

  31. the boogey man

    the boogey man7 timmar sedan

    NF just dropped another nuke No questions asked.

  32. Amv_king1

    Amv_king18 timmar sedan

    Can we take a second to appreciate this cold bar right here - “Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom”.

  33. Prudence Broughton

    Prudence Broughton8 timmar sedan

    Thank you

  34. 20somethingsWorld

    20somethingsWorld8 timmar sedan

    I don’t understand too many legend things happening here at once , the lyrics, the video, the delivery is beyond impeccable

  35. Kleopatra Skopianou

    Kleopatra Skopianou8 timmar sedan

    It gives me 21 pilots vibes and I love it

  36. Shopping Cart

    Shopping Cart8 timmar sedan

    *nf appears in the sky* God: who tf are you? Nf: I'm Nate. High five?

  37. Pirate DZ

    Pirate DZ8 timmar sedan

    The music video is dooooooooope

  38. Данила d9sóulja

    Данила d9sóulja9 timmar sedan

    Лучшее в 2021

  39. AtAvratAllâme

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  40. Gladin Varghese

    Gladin Varghese9 timmar sedan

    NF is my favorite rapper! NO BAD WORDS!

  41. Bryan Cordero

    Bryan Cordero9 timmar sedan

    maldito responde mi comentario soy pobre y me encantaria conocerte soy latino :(

  42. Damian

    Damian9 timmar sedan

    It's really amazing that in 2021 there are still people who are amazing at rapping instead of just saying random words.

  43. Kevin Hine

    Kevin Hine9 timmar sedan

    I’ve read every bar, all I know is this mixtape is gonna be 🔥

  44. M s w

    M s w10 timmar sedan

    So amazing love this song 🎵 ❤ 😍

  45. Scott Keller

    Scott Keller10 timmar sedan

    Just unsubscribed from that tom guy and subscribed to N.F to make up for it. So so so so so so so much better.

  46. jxred

    jxred10 timmar sedan

    literally the new age eminem, not to say his music isn’t unique, i’m totally here for it

  47. Do

    Do10 timmar sedan

    Ur a Killa

  48. The Maker

    The Maker10 timmar sedan

    He keeps his apples in the fridge ? wtf XD

  49. Definitely Human

    Definitely Human10 timmar sedan

    If we’re being honest, he SNAPPED on this one frfr. Good stuff Nate, this ine, like the others, goes hard, thank you for your music. Mad love b.

  50. Z3RO

    Z3RO11 timmar sedan

    I don't really got no trophies 😎❤🎧🔥

  51. Omar Selim

    Omar Selim11 timmar sedan

    Now Eminem should rest in peace , he got a successor

  52. Самовосхождение

    Самовосхождение11 timmar sedan

    I wanna understand your message. And will make it when i'll be fluent in English

  53. Xpect_ Something

    Xpect_ Something11 timmar sedan

    Who else is hyped for the mixtape to come out!?

  54. kidaa

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  55. Nora Shi

    Nora Shi11 timmar sedan

    Thank you for everything Nate. I can't speak for others but please know that you are appreciated and that what you do means something.

  56. Death Dawg Funny Moments

    Death Dawg Funny Moments11 timmar sedan

    why is he always wearing black clothes?🤔🤔

  57. Ishano Mounir Santos

    Ishano Mounir Santos11 timmar sedan

    Nate do you have voices? Like in your head? I have that.

  58. oliver321 jensen

    oliver321 jensen11 timmar sedan

    3:18 my fav moment

  59. Khrysti Roberts

    Khrysti Roberts11 timmar sedan

    My favorite guy...not just favorite rapper, you can’t box him into one category he’s that talented and creative! Amazing video/song.

  60. Arcies

    Arcies12 timmar sedan

    I'm so sad I only found NF's music this last year. every song he has ever released is amazing so far, and I can't believe I could have had his music so much sooner. Thanks Nate, and good luck in hollywood, though you probably won't need it lol.

  61. Satyam Prasad

    Satyam Prasad12 timmar sedan

    Man it is my first time I heard NF song and it's gave me fucking goosebumps. Dope fucking Dope🔥

  62. Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla

    Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla12 timmar sedan

    0:17 Anyone else notice the P3ni$ Cloud?

  63. Marquez Ludju

    Marquez Ludju12 timmar sedan

    Too much porn in your head... Good for u😂

  64. Smashed Water bottle from Walgreen

    Smashed Water bottle from Walgreen12 timmar sedan

    I'ma blast this on call with my girlfriend

  65. Matt Sexton

    Matt Sexton12 timmar sedan

    When he said “Move Swiftly” at 1:00, it sounded a lot like Eminem’s style. NF is so dope...

  66. Tarikul islam Tarif

    Tarikul islam Tarif12 timmar sedan

    Nate you became a part of my life i wish only you and me know each other and no one knows you and me❤❤---sorry for the other fans just a feeling of my heart😔

  67. Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla

    Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla12 timmar sedan

    Is that you stan?!

  68. Slayer Gaming

    Slayer Gaming13 timmar sedan

    This was the first song I heard from this singer And Now I m on my way to listen his all songs I just realised each of them are a masterpiece 🤙🔥

  69. Ernest Vigil

    Ernest Vigil13 timmar sedan

    I can't wait till the mixtape comes out and you got a fan for life

  70. Jerrold Jayle

    Jerrold Jayle13 timmar sedan

    Why is there live chat?!

  71. Tiffany Farrauto

    Tiffany Farrauto13 timmar sedan

    😍😍😍😍 Why am I continuously listening to this for my sanity Lmfao

  72. Ramon Tapia

    Ramon Tapia13 timmar sedan

    How too kill rap careers 101

  73. Zoe Rittenhour

    Zoe Rittenhour13 timmar sedan

    Hits so fucking hard! THANK YOU!! TALENT🙏🏼❤️

  74. James Hearn

    James Hearn13 timmar sedan

    Killin it man wish I could have worked the okc show but the hommie Roadie did he said it was kool and thank you again for all the time you spent and the thoughts awesome story dude like always thank you from the weatherman

  75. Bananas

    Bananas13 timmar sedan

    Wooow you've got so many subscribers now :3 anyway these transitions are amazing lol

  76. FoxLox

    FoxLox13 timmar sedan

    bro SO fire

  77. andrew youngs

    andrew youngs13 timmar sedan

    The face tatt mumble rappers were short lived!

  78. Tiffany Farrauto

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  79. fast bowling

    fast bowling13 timmar sedan

    Just 11M views I have listened it to more than that 😂😂😂

  80. Clinton Murphy

    Clinton Murphy13 timmar sedan

    oh...sweet.... I like it ALOT.

  81. Brett Romer

    Brett Romer13 timmar sedan

    Bro what is the little whisper in the beginning???? Is it an Easter Egg we all should know about rn?????

  82. Nikki

    Nikki13 timmar sedan

    He says Heads in the clouds reversed From his outcast song lyrics.

  83. Delores Gordon

    Delores Gordon13 timmar sedan

    It's been and year and your finally back bro

  84. Helen Mary

    Helen Mary13 timmar sedan

    Help. I can't stop replaying


    LUIS BARBOU13 timmar sedan

    I wish i could give more than one like to this video. This is AWESOME!!!!

  86. random viewer

    random viewer13 timmar sedan

    Why do i find "venom- eminem" vibe in that family dinner section

  87. Dylan Carr

    Dylan Carr14 timmar sedan

    Worth the wait lol

  88. D.A.R.C

    D.A.R.C14 timmar sedan

    When the endermen starts rapping

  89. Natalie Schmidt

    Natalie Schmidt14 timmar sedan

    This is literally fire!!🔥🔥

  90. 소멘티지아빠

    소멘티지아빠14 timmar sedan

    your music holy moly

  91. Aliya Velez

    Aliya Velez14 timmar sedan


  92. Oli MTB plus

    Oli MTB plus14 timmar sedan

    NF, Tom MacDonald, and Dax are the three legends that this world really needs more of

  93. Harry’s secret powder

    Harry’s secret powder4 timmar sedan

    @Oli MTB plus lmao dax? he does nothing but freestyle and talk about being a janitor

  94. Oli MTB plus

    Oli MTB plus13 timmar sedan

    @LewisTopic what about Dax?

  95. LewisTopic

    LewisTopic13 timmar sedan

    Dax 😂😂😂

  96. Jose Luis Ramirez

    Jose Luis Ramirez14 timmar sedan

    No sé como llegué aquí, pero me gustó

  97. Smileywarrior31reed Smileyreed31

    Smileywarrior31reed Smileyreed3114 timmar sedan

    Damn!!!! Smart rapper/human. Diss them all even if they are rich or pour. No need 2 say a name. Humble and ....ect.

  98. Harrison Stough

    Harrison Stough14 timmar sedan

    On the house it says 429, I wi see if that is a hint that his new album is coming April the 29th

  99. Nikki

    Nikki13 timmar sedan

    His mixtape drops March 26th. Two features. One with hopsin and one with tech 9 🖤

  100. Brando Keen

    Brando Keen14 timmar sedan

    But, clap clap the ground just shook.🔥🔥Goes next level after that. 🍄🍄🍄

  101. Zombi Jr

    Zombi Jr14 timmar sedan

    Poor Nf, didn't get a high five from the girl. I would've taken the high five, idc if he teleported into the middle of the isle. 🔥 song too

  102. Threxxer

    Threxxer14 timmar sedan

    I'm gonna sing this at my talent show my guy ;)


    NOSLEEP TV14 timmar sedan

    That store worker looked like he was bout to square up and fight NF 😂😂

  104. Abhay Gill

    Abhay Gill14 timmar sedan

    Bro this man is the new king of raps man spits out fire

  105. Tyler Vaisanen

    Tyler Vaisanen14 timmar sedan

    I’ve heard you from your first now this is top notch in my opinion. I can’t stop listening right now as we speak Im that addicted I’ve got what I was waiting for again you amaze me

  106. Traysen Thomason

    Traysen Thomason14 timmar sedan

    To the people who dislike NF’s music so help you god cause they don’t realize how good his music really is and how much of an impact it has on people and his music helps people through rough times and his music cures depression

  107. Gage Dyals

    Gage Dyals15 timmar sedan

    The news reporter: for the top story man breaks in to house to punch wall then flee the scene and cause over 35 car accidents today. NF: so all that did happen last night wow The fbi: *knock on door* would you like to talk about our Lord and saver NF: *teleports* nope sorry

  108. Nikki

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  109. Wendy Shank

    Wendy Shank15 timmar sedan

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  110. aadiv kole

    aadiv kole15 timmar sedan

    Something about NF makes him *truly* sinister. No no this isn't something a sane person would say, this is sinister.

  111. aadiv kole

    aadiv kole8 timmar sedan

    @Mr.Darkness Revealed Aye that's nice to hear. Also ain't nothing gon come out by being defensive mate we gotta be better than usual and take stuff as advice. Gday fam.

  112. Mr.Darkness Revealed

    Mr.Darkness Revealed14 timmar sedan

    @aadiv kole Slaps hard haha. Glad you too my comment critically instead of defensively :) I've found a really good way to personal healing and the genesis of inner wisdom is accepting honest reflection and critique with grace and openness.

  113. aadiv kole

    aadiv kole14 timmar sedan

    @Mr.Darkness Revealed It looks like I do need some reform on myself. This song slaps though

  114. Mr.Darkness Revealed

    Mr.Darkness Revealed15 timmar sedan

    We all have monsters within. He just is honest about his and does his best to tame them.

  115. Mr.Darkness Revealed

    Mr.Darkness Revealed15 timmar sedan

    Clearly you don't know the depths of your own mind, friend.

  116. Mykul Man

    Mykul Man15 timmar sedan

    Everything about this video and the lyrics are fire 🔥