This Family Makes Millions Off Of...Worms? | Blue Collar Millionaires

The Worm Farm brings in millions of dollars each year. Get the full story behind this successful family-owned business here!
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About Blue Collar Millionaires: Blue Collar Millionaires celebrates America’s most inspiring self-made successes: the working-class men and women who’ve managed to build fortunes with nothing but mud, sweat, and tears. From gator trappers to chimney sweeps to junkyard kings, these folks have overcome incredible obstacles on the way to mastering their trades. But today, they’re all blue-collar millionaires - and they’re ready to share what they’ve learned.
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This Family Makes Millions Off Of...Worms? | Blue Collar Millionaires


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  3. E B

    E B26 dagar sedan

    What's not to love about this story?

  4. Enrique Garcia

    Enrique GarciaMånad sedan

    WOW, so happy for them!!!

  5. Call Brown

    Call Brown2 månader sedan


  6. jonny5777

    jonny57773 månader sedan

    Good for them! They seem like a lovely family. Just a correction that S-class is worth about $6000 not 115,000

  7. Alexander heron

    Alexander heron3 månader sedan

    Early bird gets the worm (literally)

  8. ChemicalXII

    ChemicalXII3 månader sedan

    " 70% Tax! Orders from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Pay up you bigots!.".

  9. Juan C. Giraldo

    Juan C. Giraldo3 månader sedan

    The great American dream after you buy a big piece of land.

  10. Ryan Soobe

    Ryan Soobe11 dagar sedan

    Well, start small and grows.

  11. Phantom Geist

    Phantom Geist22 dagar sedan

    @alvian ramaditya Not very smart are you, he's not saying that, hes stating a fact, it's hard to create a business of that profit without the land /space to support it. He's right. Your just a jerk projecting yourself.

  12. alvian ramaditya

    alvian ramaditya3 månader sedan

    you jealous ? they bought that big piece of land off their hard work too

  13. Vera reiki

    Vera reiki3 månader sedan

    There we go these are hard-working people set the virus hurt the Republicans think that the Americans don't want to work these people reinvented themselves these are the kind of American people the hard-working people that's out here in the world some of them don't have Farm some of them needs that extra $600 but this is what Trump and the Republicans don't understand it takes a lot to stop the Americans from being all they can be he's just misjudged the American people he's living in a bubble there's so many people those people that have Mother's recipes and they didn't even think about sending the thing about it now that making millions for making this ice cream that they grandmother made that's very very good people of getting into things that the great grand parents and grandparents have done on their mothers are done and making money that Reinventing themselves so when I hear the Republicans Tom about the American people don't want to work I just want $600 know they're trying to be all they can be they thinking of other ways to try to make money.

  14. SwampDweller67

    SwampDweller673 dagar sedan

    What a rambling mess.

  15. Abdul Idrissa

    Abdul Idrissa3 månader sedan

    Can you please keep making these types of video i watch all of them blue collar millionaires we want see them everyday thank you

  16. A A

    A A3 månader sedan

    Good for them. Just some honest hard working people love to see it

  17. Josh Chaney

    Josh Chaney3 månader sedan

    I am making one of the first comments, I must be opening a can of worms

  18. Angel Bulldog

    Angel Bulldog3 månader sedan

    Earthworms are NOT slimy! If they were, I couldn't handle them, and they don't gross me out at all. Earthworms are essential and wonderful, and the castings are wonderful fertilizer.

  19. Chaka

    Chaka3 månader sedan

    Am proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.

  20. LivingTheDream

    LivingTheDream3 månader sedan

    The voice of the narrator, perfect for the job 😎