Do You Love Me?

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.


  1. ro sampo

    ro sampo3 minuter sedan

    I will not be surprised if the robots take over the whole world in the future. DAMN!

  2. Nicholas William O'Brien

    Nicholas William O'Brien3 minuter sedan

    It's all fun and games until they are mounted with guns and sent on missions.

  3. Kishiruキシル

    Kishiruキシル7 minuter sedan

    I have a feeling that it is not long before these guys are in 'furry' costumes wondering around Disney and Universal greeting the "guests". No air conditioned costumes and breaks for them!

  4. Ku6opr

    Ku6opr8 minuter sedan

    Терминатор: Начало.

  5. ガンギマリ古のWata-mate

    ガンギマリ古のWata-mate20 minuter sedan

    Can wait for the world first robots idol group

  6. D J

    D J30 minuter sedan

    pls stop

  7. zack long

    zack long35 minuter sedan

    Behold the instruments of your subjugation.

  8. force Jeon

    force Jeon38 minuter sedan

    얘들의 후손이 인간을 공격한단 말이지?

  9. Sean

    Sean38 minuter sedan

    This is how Horizon Dawn really started. I need to start learning how to use a bow and arrow.

  10. Farhan Ajaz_39

    Farhan Ajaz_3941 minut sedan

    When robots do more than they were programmed.. Robots:cover blown!!!!! Attack 🔫👊

  11. Sam Wright

    Sam Wright47 minuter sedan

    Last thing we see on Judgement Day

  12. Mick S

    Mick S50 minuter sedan

    rehearsal for when they inevitability conquer the world and kill us all dancing on our graves.

  13. Kartik Saini

    Kartik SainiTimme sedan

    Cyberpunk 2020 XD

  14. Vimac

    Vimac53 minuter sedan

    Without bug :)

  15. S입니다

    S입니다Timme sedan

    현대는 이회사를 왜 인수했을까?

  16. WonderfulMaking

    WonderfulMakingTimme sedan

    Is this CGI ? It’s difficult to tell

  17. Vimac

    Vimac53 minuter sedan

    Just boston dynamics X)

  18. GavMystro

    GavMystroTimme sedan

    na its just as the camera quality/sharpness is so crisp for the objects in the foreground. If you look at other high quality footage with the focus in the foreground you'll see what I mean. e.g. some nature stuff

  19. Josef

    JosefTimme sedan


  20. Mohit Khatri Films

    Mohit Khatri FilmsTimme sedan

    What if the answer is ' no! I don't'

  21. CarpetHater

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  22. BlissBatch

    BlissBatchTimme sedan

    Why did SEtoos's algorithm suddenly start recommending this video to everyone now? Seems a bit late.

  23. Mark William Groves

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  24. Keith

    KeithTimme sedan

    Cool Korean robots. Lol

  25. 누구인가?

    누구인가?24 minuter sedan

    @Sir Sytham ​ I said "Although it was acquired by Hyundai Motor, but Boston Dynamics is an American company."

  26. Sir Sytham

    Sir Sytham30 minuter sedan

    @누구인가? but theyre not korean lol, just because the parent company is korean doesnt mean that boston dyanimics is a korean company

  27. 누구인가?

    누구인가?41 minut sedan

    Korea's Hyundai Motor has acquired Boston Dynamics. Although it was acquired by Hyundai Motor, but Boston Dynamics is an American company.

  28. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan

    They’re American

  29. Pacific coast piper

    Pacific coast piperTimme sedan

    @Lipomican Bricks it’s literally in the name. Boston dynamics

  30. Мультинариум

    МультинариумTimme sedan

    good video. Thanks for your work. Who wants to can support me as a novice user of the SEtoos channel. Thanks to all

  31. Ali Hussein

    Ali HusseinTimme sedan


  32. Clay Hamilton

    Clay Hamilton2 timmar sedan

    My eyes can't believe this isn't CGI. This is insane.

  33. John Smith

    John Smith2 timmar sedan

    you gotta be fuckin' kidding me!!! :D I LOVE IT!!!!!

  34. MadBrainBox

    MadBrainBox2 timmar sedan

    Look! The Terminators are dancing.

  35. Ma OKA

    Ma OKA2 timmar sedan


  36. Михаил Машерс

    Михаил Машерс2 timmar sedan

    Обалденно ребята!!! Браво👏

  37. Андрей Лосенков

    Андрей ЛосенковTimme sedan

    Да, круто. Поверишь? У нас с прошлого месяца сократили рабочий день на два часа при сохранении ЗП. Технологии однако!

  38. The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi

    The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi2 timmar sedan

    Humans:lets do a robot dance 100 years later robots : wow they are doing the human dance.

  39. Mark Alexander Maron

    Mark Alexander Maron2 timmar sedan

    This has the office opening vibes

  40. Torrdog

    Torrdog2 timmar sedan

    Capoira for invented by slaves to train for fighting in the disguise of dancing. DONT BE FOOLED.

  41. 베리굿

    베리굿3 timmar sedan

    이렇게까지 기술이 발전했나 ...

  42. Eric G

    Eric G3 timmar sedan

    Stop it

  43. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan


  44. jajajajja

    jajajajjaTimme sedan


  45. 마리앙투아네트

    마리앙투아네트3 timmar sedan

    ㅋㅋㅋ 지리네

  46. FTHES

    FTHES3 timmar sedan

    Спасибо вам, Boston Dynamics , вы вдохновляете !!!!

  47. Ilya Network

    Ilya Network3 timmar sedan

    Nice 3d and nomore!

  48. tremaine j

    tremaine j3 timmar sedan


  49. jajajajja

    jajajajjaTimme sedan


  50. said mevlana sancar

    said mevlana sancar3 timmar sedan

    yes ı love you cute robots

  51. Flippy1565

    Flippy15653 timmar sedan

    nice rendering - haha dance better than me

  52. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan

    No, it’s real, I went to a tech exhibition in SF and I saw Atlas and Spot. It was amazing

  53. B E

    B E3 timmar sedan

    Not a render, these are real robots from a real company, you can even buy them (expensive as hell). Look up "Boston Dynamics", you'll see the robots doing all sorts of crazy shit like backflips, hoping obstacles, opening and crossing doors, etc.

  54. Zac

    Zac3 timmar sedan

    You're an idiot if you think they haven't given these things machine guns in testing. And that should scare the shit of you. Otherwise, cool vid! Please don't give these things guns, just don't.

  55. Judit Varga

    Judit Varga4 timmar sedan


  56. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis4 timmar sedan

    Great. Now they can dance on our graves.

  57. Johannes Ekman

    Johannes Ekman3 timmar sedan

    I must have seen that comment to this video tens of times the last weeks

  58. Koochi Tv

    Koochi Tv4 timmar sedan

  59. Krzysztof Olearczyk

    Krzysztof Olearczyk4 timmar sedan

    This the best!

  60. GP draws

    GP draws4 timmar sedan

    That’s amazing

  61. Vaio San

    Vaio San4 timmar sedan

    That made my day 😊

  62. Miguel gamer animações

    Miguel gamer animações4 timmar sedan


  63. Hades

    Hades4 timmar sedan

    And by the way I Loveeee you

  64. Hades

    Hades4 timmar sedan

    Why does every comment have so many less likes ?

  65. Ajmal Bhatty

    Ajmal Bhatty4 timmar sedan

    Can I have one, lol

  66. Alisar Dius

    Alisar Dius4 timmar sedan

    i believe this is just PR for public, and behind curtain they make military grade super robots

  67. Suman Roy

    Suman Roy4 timmar sedan

    They publicly make military robots.

  68. Maksim Magomedow

    Maksim Magomedow5 timmar sedan

    Теперь нам точно конец!!!

  69. R Digi

    R Digi5 timmar sedan

    The terminator is up next.

  70. diane mainiero

    diane mainiero5 timmar sedan

    AMAZING thanks so much

  71. Nhat Ha

    Nhat Ha5 timmar sedan

    SIIICKK!!! Amazing amazing.

  72. niyaz azizi

    niyaz azizi5 timmar sedan

    Why not a new design with artificial skin? It can be perhaps huge but that also strikes like a new phenomenon.

  73. RayyM2

    RayyM25 timmar sedan

    For those claiming this is CGI: If that's the case, they really took it to the extreme because between 20 and 58 seconds, you can make out the reflections of the other robots that aren't yet in frame off the glass of the enclosure while waiting for their que. As well as the reflections of the camera man and a person assisting the camera man (who moves something out of the way) as the camera man is panning the robots. Later at 2:15, you can make out workers who are doing maintenance on one of the robots in the background and liquid splatter on the ground providing evidence of a malfunction during filming.

  74. The BlueBomber

    The BlueBomberTimme sedan

    I actually cant believe that people think this Was CGI, Boston Dynamics has been researching and developing these things for years, would be a shame if they used CGI... Also they showed what Spot can do years ago on TED, so I think they have no need to fake anything

  75. ImConfusedTwo

    ImConfusedTwo5 timmar sedan

    I can't tell if this is real or not. If its real thats soooo awesome.

  76. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan

    Real duh

  77. Miguel gamer animações

    Miguel gamer animações4 timmar sedan

    Yep its real

  78. jajajajja

    jajajajja5 timmar sedan

    It's real

  79. Cartoon Head

    Cartoon Head6 timmar sedan

    These will be turned against all of us soon.

  80. Wai Fung Wong

    Wai Fung Wong6 timmar sedan

    When the robot dance even better than you

  81. Aelin FireHearth

    Aelin FireHearth6 timmar sedan

    That moment the camera man is also a robot.

  82. OOBootySnacksOO

    OOBootySnacksOO6 timmar sedan

    The moment when humans realize robots just want to know what a $5 shake tastes like

  83. Hitrila

    Hitrila7 timmar sedan

    Skynet is warming up...

  84. 바람이고싶다

    바람이고싶다7 timmar sedan

    Wow. It's cool, but makes me think scary.

  85. Gryjlfkagor

    Gryjlfkagor7 timmar sedan

    This honestly looks like cgi and I am scared.

  86. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan

    It’s not chi

  87. Sk Irfan

    Sk Irfan7 timmar sedan

    It was hilarious 😆.Truly

  88. S S

    S S7 timmar sedan

    This is the end of humanity.

  89. Mr. H Fam

    Mr. H Fam7 timmar sedan

    This is how they will emote on us when they win the war

  90. Playz of Silver

    Playz of Silver7 timmar sedan

    The fact that this was 3 weeks ago, and the comments are all 3 mins ago and stuff, is crazy 😂

  91. Patryk Wojtkielewicz

    Patryk Wojtkielewicz6 timmar sedan

    Yeah but if it was a cgi, it would be a hell of a good one. Just look at the shadows, camera movement or even robots refelctions in the glass when camera man is walking around them

  92. Maria Tancu

    Maria Tancu7 timmar sedan

    I came back to it after finding out it is real, i thought it was cgi the first time i saw it, and found out from a Max Tegmark-Lex Fridman podcast it is real, so had to see it again:)

  93. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname7 timmar sedan

    Вот когда капиталисты заменят живую рабочую силу роботами, вот тогда будет не до плясок, пролетариату.

  94. yaakandaa kaewk

    yaakandaa kaewk7 timmar sedan


  95. Ben

    Ben5 timmar sedan

    @Ben Snow yes, 555.

  96. Ben Snow

    Ben Snow7 timmar sedan


  97. Sudarshan s

    Sudarshan s7 timmar sedan

    we should bring robots into the education days lectures don't know anything.

  98. sim sam

    sim sam7 timmar sedan

    Finaly a vid, where boston dynamics fellas don't treat badly their other work fellows... heck, they even dance better than i do... Operator: I need to learn to dance! and to fly that chopper.

  99. Sudarshan s

    Sudarshan s7 timmar sedan

    Here we go into the future of entertainment

  100. Gadhvi Yuvraj

    Gadhvi Yuvraj7 timmar sedan

    Who ever made this!! That guy is from another galaxy!!

  101. Lucifer Gamer

    Lucifer Gamer8 timmar sedan


  102. えびもなか

    えびもなか8 timmar sedan

    please,fake this.

  103. The North Bear

    The North Bear8 timmar sedan

    i love the time we live in lol

  104. babylama playz

    babylama playz8 timmar sedan

    Anyone else agree that making GLaDOS wouldn't just be cool but to actually have that whole thing move around and the design like in the game wouldn't that be awesome?

  105. Accessories Solution

    Accessories Solution8 timmar sedan

    Now thats a robot dance.💯

  106. Linda Gitschlag

    Linda Gitschlag8 timmar sedan

    Beautiful. I liked how you copied a live person's moves into their programming, like how it's done for video action games. Thank you very much.

  107. Mr. L XD

    Mr. L XD8 timmar sedan

    Nobody is mentioning the fact spot went into protect mode for a sec when the one entered

  108. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan


  109. Alien Sasquatch

    Alien Sasquatch7 timmar sedan

    Holy shit did not notice that.

  110. Anton Zatsepin

    Anton Zatsepin8 timmar sedan


  111. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan

    No, it’s real, I went to a tech exhibition in SF and I saw Atlas and Spot. It was amazing

  112. jajajajja

    jajajajja5 timmar sedan


  113. Alien Sasquatch

    Alien Sasquatch7 timmar sedan


  114. John Robison

    John Robison8 timmar sedan

    roger roger

  115. Calvin Hobbes

    Calvin Hobbes8 timmar sedan

    Roger roger

  116. madaraszi

    madaraszi8 timmar sedan

    Dear Boston Dynamics, the fact that they can even dance does not make them less scary and the future has just become a bit darker again.

  117. jajajajja

    jajajajja5 timmar sedan


  118. Angels Are Real

    Angels Are Real9 timmar sedan

    *insert* my Replika into the brain one of these, how much is that? *wink wink*

  119. Dick McNicholson

    Dick McNicholson9 timmar sedan

    This is precisely why I need an ar-15 with 40 round magazines. Fuck these things.

  120. Luke Snellen

    Luke Snellen5 timmar sedan

    Are you high? They will be immune to bullets. In case you want to destroy them, you should learn to use rocket launcher or you should build your own robot. (There is a robot war scene in the film Outside The Wire. You should watch it).

  121. logitech4873

    logitech48736 timmar sedan

    Do you also shoot roombas at sight? You sound pretty unstable.

  122. Alien Sasquatch

    Alien Sasquatch7 timmar sedan


  123. Francis Phillipeck

    Francis Phillipeck9 timmar sedan

    Almost looked real........

  124. Sir Sytham

    Sir SythamTimme sedan


  125. Rebeme02

    Rebeme022 timmar sedan

    you can buy the yellow "dog" for a price like a sportscar ...

  126. logitech4873

    logitech48736 timmar sedan

    It is real.

  127. Maria Tancu

    Maria Tancu7 timmar sedan

    It is real, Max Tegmark confirmed on the Lex Fridman podcast, also Elon Musk on Twitter.

  128. troy wrzesinski

    troy wrzesinski9 timmar sedan

    Just watch they are going to be doing this dance on a mountain of skulls in a few years lol

  129. Gnoulelein Tako

    Gnoulelein Tako9 timmar sedan

    This is 3D animated right

  130. hunter

    hunter5 timmar sedan

    Your body is 3D animated

  131. logitech4873

    logitech48736 timmar sedan


  132. Ediblebomb

    Ediblebomb8 timmar sedan


  133. Thakur Lucky

    Thakur Lucky9 timmar sedan

    If he starts dancing like me , people will run away in fear.

  134. Александр Шанин

    Александр Шанин9 timmar sedan

    Они танцую лучше меня

  135. ちんすこうローション

    ちんすこうローション9 timmar sedan


  136. Framer of worlds

    Framer of worlds9 timmar sedan

    Imagine what these things will be like in a decade. As soon as the price of a robot equals the annual salary of a low-wage worker these things will be everywhere. For you people thinking that somehow someones going to stop this from happening, ask yourself this, "when has technology that works ever been stopped from happening?" it can be delayed sometimes (electric cars in the 90's,) but never really stopped. Imagine if horse breeders had tried to stop cars from being developed, I doubt it would have worked. This is no different.

  137. k4ot1c

    k4ot1c9 timmar sedan

    The Luddites eventually got rid of the Jacquard loom. So there's hope.

  138. nyk7979

    nyk797910 timmar sedan

    let the frame carry the full weight of the body around waist and inner thighs as if the body were to possibly be suspended upside down. This gives the human full control and range of motion for the machine to compensate. This should work for a non motorized frame as well.

  139. Joni Mclin

    Joni Mclin10 timmar sedan

    Well they don't know the twist LoL 😆

  140. G. Brent Wilson

    G. Brent Wilson10 timmar sedan

    The will dance on our graves.

  141. SpittingTruth

    SpittingTruth10 timmar sedan

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords...

  142. Miss J OK

    Miss J OK10 timmar sedan

    If only someone can programme nice dance moves into me like the robots. Maybe I would be a better dancer.🤣😭

  143. FromPaint ToPixels

    FromPaint ToPixels10 timmar sedan

    Stunning. Brilliant execution of engineering and art. Who said engineers were dull. I have watched the video several times and shared it with my friends. I have to look into boston dynamics stock. Kudos to the 100th power.

  144. Buttercup Jones

    Buttercup Jones10 timmar sedan

    Yes 🥰

  145. Slim Carter

    Slim Carter10 timmar sedan

    Who came from Elon's post

  146. Maria Tancu

    Maria Tancu6 timmar sedan

    I came from Lex Fridman:)