here's what i'm wearing this summer. i hope you enjoy. i love you. have an amazing day. follow your dreams. etc etc
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  1. Roxanna Martinez

    Roxanna Martinez35 minuter sedan

    i loved the outfits 😍

  2. Layla Brunney

    Layla Brunney42 minuter sedan

    I just wanna say I was here when she had 300,000 subscribers. THE GROWTH😍

  3. Elhanan Maayan

    Elhanan Maayan5 timmar sedan

    Julie nolke sent me here..

  4. Bailey Life

    Bailey Life5 timmar sedan

    “just in case it gets cold”

  5. Elvings92

    Elvings927 timmar sedan

    The first one is just a white tank top and a shirt torn jeans...

  6. Hannah N.

    Hannah N.9 timmar sedan

    seems like a whole lotta body checking

  7. Emily Janick

    Emily Janick9 timmar sedan

    Drinking game! Drink whenever she says "little"

  8. jupiter

    jupiter14 timmar sedan

    I like birkenstocks

  9. Mia Nguyen

    Mia Nguyen17 timmar sedan


  10. Ava Pingree

    Ava Pingree21 timme sedan

    wait she's cute but she wasn't giving me summer vibes.. more "golf dad" vibes idk how I felt about it

  11. Payton Weinman

    Payton Weinman22 timmar sedan

    polly pocket? or patrick star? 🤣

  12. Olivia Neville

    Olivia Neville22 timmar sedan

    where are those blue knit shorts from ..so cute

  13. Maureen Capella

    Maureen Capella23 timmar sedan

    We love youuuuuuu

  14. Erica

    EricaDag sedan


  15. Izabella Rose

    Izabella RoseDag sedan

    Gen Z: We hate long skirts Emma: I love long skirts Gen Z: We love long skirts

  16. Aubrey Ennes

    Aubrey EnnesDag sedan

    “Like are you- are you good” aweee🖤🖤🖤💍

  17. Elizabeth Wright

    Elizabeth WrightDag sedan

    Where is everything from???!!??!?!??!?!

  18. ruth dodgson

    ruth dodgsonDag sedan

    the last one giving me strong british school pe kit vibes lol

  19. Mia Martinez

    Mia MartinezDag sedan

    You are such a fashion icon wtf😩

  20. emma brenes

    emma brenesDag sedan

    no one: emma: my controversial berkinstocks

  21. Adrianna Chavez

    Adrianna ChavezDag sedan

    Why do I feel like her and Timothee Chalamet would be a perfect couple??

  22. Sonia Tan

    Sonia TanDag sedan

    emma’s style: absolutely phenomenal.


    JANA KANJIRDag sedan

    Where did you got the green polo from? and the white beach pants?

  24. Kaylee Marie

    Kaylee MarieDag sedan

    can we get like a counter for how many times emma said "little" in this video... with an honorable mention for "cute little"

  25. Lindsey Black

    Lindsey BlackDag sedan


  26. Lorimae Flores

    Lorimae FloresDag sedan

    i lov u

  27. Zach Kemper

    Zach KemperDag sedan

    bestie watch Spice World you won't regret it

  28. Zach Kemper

    Zach KemperDag sedan

    9/10 days

  29. Kelli Young

    Kelli YoungDag sedan

    Brb while I go shopping

  30. Samantha Picco

    Samantha PiccoDag sedan


  31. tory j

    tory j2 dagar sedan

    new aesthetic unlocked: golf dads


    JANDI FERREIRA2 dagar sedan

    not her cat tryna end it all

  33. kimia

    kimia2 dagar sedan

    Looooove the ideas she’s giving me😍 Love her🔥 Love her outfits Love everything about this video I’m obsessed 😍😍❤️

  34. Ghadah’s day

    Ghadah’s day2 dagar sedan

    Emma!! Your eyebrows are amazing!!! I really like them💗💗

  35. luv. shana

    luv. shana2 dagar sedan

    my wallet is crying

  36. Y U N A O H

    Y U N A O H2 dagar sedan

    I love you emma.....

  37. Mckenzee Hope

    Mckenzee Hope2 dagar sedan


  38. Ayat Chafaqui

    Ayat Chafaqui2 dagar sedan

    The outfits wawwwyyyy every single one pops severely

  39. Shaylee Nicole

    Shaylee Nicole2 dagar sedan

    I wonder what was going through her head on that second one

  40. cocopuffss

    cocopuffss2 dagar sedan


  41. Snazzy Whale

    Snazzy Whale2 dagar sedan

    I love the vegan fit

  42. Snazzy Whale

    Snazzy Whale2 dagar sedan

    OMG I THOGUT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH BIRKINSTOCK CLOGS 😂 we love they are so comfy lol

  43. HelloItsKebu

    HelloItsKebu3 dagar sedan


  44. Alisha Gautam

    Alisha Gautam3 dagar sedan


  45. Nola Vaughan

    Nola VaughanDag sedan

    they’re the birkenstock boston in taupe

  46. Rosie

    Rosie3 dagar sedan

    where r the beach pants from?

  47. diamantbebi

    diamantbebi3 dagar sedan

    i love emma

  48. Sky

    Sky3 dagar sedan

    u are the best

  49. Veronica Willy

    Veronica Willy3 dagar sedan

    Emma’s style is quirky aunt who is an art teacher at a summer camp... that’s her style

  50. Abby Elliott

    Abby Elliott3 dagar sedan


  51. Kayla Latham

    Kayla Latham3 dagar sedan

    You’re literally the cutest

  52. Mal D

    Mal D3 dagar sedan

    Need to know where her white tank top is from in her first fit!! Exactly what I've been looking for!!!

  53. Nola Vaughan

    Nola VaughanDag sedan

    probably brandy

  54. Lina Gamal

    Lina Gamal3 dagar sedan

    but what if your fat

  55. meg elmont

    meg elmont3 dagar sedan

    innit 😭

  56. Emily darlington

    Emily darlington3 dagar sedan

    you were in a mood this day hey babe

  57. Emily darlington

    Emily darlington3 dagar sedan

    rock on love you

  58. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr3 dagar sedan

    GOLF DADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr3 dagar sedan


  60. Pleun Vloet

    Pleun Vloet3 dagar sedan

    I waited to watch emma's video's so I can have a emma marathon when Im feeling sad :)

  61. zeynep yilmaz

    zeynep yilmaz3 dagar sedan

    Emma to the rescue

  62. nadia oglesby

    nadia oglesby3 dagar sedan

    3:16 not frankie abt to fall off of ems stairs lmao

  63. Ahlam Mohammed

    Ahlam Mohammed3 dagar sedan

    Emma is such a bad ass

  64. Phebe Gordon

    Phebe Gordon3 dagar sedan

    I need to know where the green skirt is from

  65. Tonycia •

    Tonycia •3 dagar sedan

    Going from your SEtoos to instagram was surprising. I didn’t know u were such a fashionista

  66. Siena S

    Siena S3 dagar sedan

    They’re a little bit vegan......looking

  67. cicismodernlife

    cicismodernlife3 dagar sedan

    Hey Emma, you’re perfect just left your hometown hahaaa why did you ever like Peetes coffee 🙃♥️ Also every outfit is amazing I am already hunting down the pieces !

  68. Emma Moco

    Emma Moco3 dagar sedan

    This video = how to dress like a beachy golf dad

  69. Gabi

    Gabi3 dagar sedan


  70. Tess Scheifele

    Tess Scheifele3 dagar sedan

    guys where do i shop for this stuff thats affordable!! please help!! 😫

  71. Jalen Roslaes

    Jalen Roslaes3 dagar sedan

    Where did Emma get the white shorts

  72. Kimia Ahmadi

    Kimia Ahmadi3 dagar sedan

    someone plz tell me where she got that green sweater vest from

  73. Denise de Ruiter

    Denise de Ruiter4 dagar sedan

    love your videos emma

  74. Gabrielle Nordine

    Gabrielle Nordine4 dagar sedan

    Love the golf dad ✨vibes✨I have a golf uncle and he would be proud

  75. E. K.

    E. K.4 dagar sedan

    my eyes hurt

  76. blingkitty

    blingkitty4 dagar sedan

    The amount of white girls that bought those Birkenstock Bostons after the video-

  77. Tara Cuccia

    Tara Cuccia4 dagar sedan

    emma! where did you get your ugly golf dad shorts? i wanna work on my swing :$ but actually i must know i've searched google for all of 5 minutes and i cant find them anywhere

  78. Jade Cardon

    Jade Cardon4 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know where to get the ralp lauren polo please??

  79. Nof

    Nof4 dagar sedan

    If someone knows where i can find the black loafers for boy size pls tell me im obsessed

  80. Nof

    Nof4 dagar sedan

    I really thought it wasnt going to be a coffee appearance

  81. Johanna Jhnk

    Johanna Jhnk4 dagar sedan

    no one: emma: i love the aesthetic of golf dads

  82. Gala Dulović

    Gala Dulović4 dagar sedan

    Those ‘weird’ shoes she showed in 2nd outfit, in my country, are worn as slippers 😂😂

  83. Sunny Day

    Sunny Day4 dagar sedan

    i love that emma's style is casual but also interesting and colorful

  84. Um anyways so

    Um anyways so4 dagar sedan

    Ok ladies,gentlemen and fancy humans we now know what to and not wear 😊💓

  85. Verda Korzeniewski

    Verda Korzeniewski4 dagar sedan


  86. Mallory K

    Mallory K4 dagar sedan

    Imagine gettin Emma chamberlains sneak ad during her video 😫

  87. Brenna Chatterton

    Brenna Chatterton4 dagar sedan

    Emma this summer: ✨ preppy vegan golfer dad ✨

  88. T G

    T G4 dagar sedan

    when i realized that i love the barbeque outfit out of them all I also realized what is my preferred fashion style now. thanks emma

  89. Kenya Joseph

    Kenya Joseph4 dagar sedan

    i love you.

  90. Sophie Weisser

    Sophie Weisser4 dagar sedan

    emma i have a headache but i love you so its ok, and i also think you put a curse on me and now my headche is gone idk how you did that. thanks tho

  91. Lauren Battaglia

    Lauren Battaglia4 dagar sedan

    GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THE “DAD” SHORTS www.levi.com/US/en_US/clothing/women/shorts/high-rise-mom-womens-shorts/p/394290002

  92. may baal

    may baal4 dagar sedan


  93. Irene Godinez

    Irene Godinez5 dagar sedan

    ✨Video idea✨ use Frans iconic outfits from ‘The Nanny’ as an inspiration and combine it with your style 👀

  94. ella bug

    ella bug5 dagar sedan


  95. Karina K

    Karina K5 dagar sedan

    Emma is my 24/7 MOOD

  96. sahar sajedi

    sahar sajedi5 dagar sedan

    Love it! Are the clothes linked somewhere?

  97. sebastianstanmanyourlookingood

    sebastianstanmanyourlookingood5 dagar sedan

    now emma tell us where they're from thanks

  98. Ana Sofía Uro de Leon

    Ana Sofía Uro de Leon5 dagar sedan

    Ooooh I love the new nails omg

  99. Song Changhun

    Song Changhun5 dagar sedan

    6:37 so cuteeee

  100. Hey Girlie

    Hey Girlie5 dagar sedan

    Take notes everybody ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼

  101. mike haggerty

    mike haggerty5 dagar sedan

    emma were do you get your clothes!!!

  102. Anna Trimboli

    Anna Trimboli5 dagar sedan

    Love the different outfits so cute

  103. Anna Trimboli

    Anna Trimboli5 dagar sedan

    Love the cats they are so funny just passing by

  104. Shanin Rahman

    Shanin Rahman5 dagar sedan

    do ppl actually think these outfits r cute?? cuz i think tf not

  105. ana !!

    ana !!Dag sedan

    i love emma but some of these were ???

  106. Fernanda Lopez

    Fernanda Lopez4 dagar sedan

    I think the second one was the worst