20 People you won't believe exist 😱

These people are so incredible that you will not believe they really exist.
-Sampson Berns
Sampson was a brave teenager who suffered from progeria, a disease that accelerates his aging.
-Daniel Saenz
Daniel is a baseball boy like any other, except that he completely sheds the skin of his face every day because he suffers from Netherton syndrome, a disease also known as butterfly skin, due to its extreme delicacy.
-Valeria Lukyanova
We have all heard about the most famous doll in the world and the biotype of a woman that we all dreamed of years ago, well, this Ukrainian model is everything you’d expect when you think about a Barbie.
-Deepak Jangra
This young man is the closest thing to a superhero.
-Abby and Brittany Hensel
And in this place we find two people and not necessarily because it is a tie, rather because they are inseparable.
-Cara Anaya
-Paul karason
The peculiarity of this American is the blue color of his skin, a feature that has made many call him "Papa Smurf".
-Abul Bajandar
This man became known as “the tree man” because of the multiple bark-shaped warts that sprout on different parts of his body.
-Chen Tuanzhi
This young Chinese woman was born with a strange condition: she has her knees backwards, which prevents her from walking, this is why she became known as “The girl with inverted legs”.
-Jesus Fajardo
This Mexican man surprised the whole world by his excess of hair and this was the reason why he was nicknamed by news channels as "the werewolf”.
-Tom Staniford
The British cyclist Tom Staniford attracted the people’s attention when he became known for his strange condition which doesn’t allow him to accumulate any body fat.
-Rhett Lamb
When babies are born, they usually spend most of the day sleeping.
-Ashleigh Morris
In 2008, the case of an Australian girl who was allergic to water was known and it’s not a joke.
-Arun Raikwar
If you ever saw the X-men, the group of mutants where their main enemy was a villain capable of attracting metals…well, this Indian man is the closest thing to this.
-Kim Goodman
-Jyoti Amge
-Garry Turner
-Mandy Sellars
-Lizzie Velásquez
-Sultan Kosen
Starting this top, we find someone tall, and it’s not a joke since he has been recognized as the tallest man in the world who still remains alive according to the Guinness World Records.
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    NAVYA SHARMA2 dagar sedan

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    For over a year, I had a *massive WART* that took over the entire underside of my LEFT Foot. Walking was extremely painful. Then, one day, because I didn't have time to properly wash my socks in the Washing Machine, I took a "shortcut" by performing a "lifehack" upon my only pair of (dirty) socks. On a shelf, I had a spray bottle of _CLR_ Cleaner. *[note:* the C-L-R stands for Calcium-Lyme-Rust remover!] I sprayed and drenched my dirty socks with the CLR Cleaner, and then hung the socks up to dry. The next day, which was extremely HOT and SWEATY, I put on my socks, and then I walked for over a total of 6 miles (to get To-and-From work.) When I got home, I took off my socks, and the entire WART, on the bottom of my LEFT Foot, easily "fell away" like a Dry Husk Leaf from a dried-out Cob of Corn. Right after the Huge WART fell off, I measured its length. The dried husk, of the KILLED Wart, was over 7 inches long! *moral:* If you have persistent Warts, try using some CLR Cleaner, mixed with your own Sweat, in the manner that I have described.

  28. John Berry

    John Berry4 dagar sedan

    VO5 Shampoo, if I use it as a Body Wash, when I take a Shower, causes similar burns on MY body, whenever my SWEAT subsequently _mixes with_ any leftover VO5 *residue.* By itself, the VO5 Shampoo causes no burns to my skin. However, when the VO5 Shampoo subsequently mixes with my SWEAT, I then get Nasty Chemical Burns, all over my skin.

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