Why did Trump abruptly exit his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl?

“[Joe Biden has] never been asked a question that’s hard,” President Trump told Lesley Stahl before standing up to exit the interview. cbsn.ws/3omW78V
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  1. Nathaniel Austin

    Nathaniel Austin21 timme sedan

    Stahl handle him she had him shook and rocked.

  2. Paul Dawson

    Paul DawsonDag sedan

    You are Awesome Donald J. Trump. Please don't ever change ! I would've walk out too Mr. President!! Leslie bathroom Stall is a horrible disrespectful witch . Disrespecting our president like that.... It doesn't matter who the president is or how much you dislike him , you still gotta respect the office ! Think of how the world perceived all this hatred & disrespect the liberal media and the democrats have for our duly elected president! It's not good, in fact it's very bad for national security for the liberal media and the democrats to show their hate for our president. Bad actors wanting to hurt America will exploit that division 🤬

  3. Red Bone83

    Red Bone832 dagar sedan

    I bet he had a dirty diaper 😭🤣👌

  4. Michelle Toliver

    Michelle Toliver2 dagar sedan

    You can’t fix old ugly fat & stupid!

  5. S Z

    S Z3 dagar sedan

    If he cannot control his anger, how will he become a leader? She said to him in last word ~ “Be careful “. Now , you know why he loses the Election!!!

  6. Flamma2512

    Flamma25123 dagar sedan

    I'm not in favour of Trump, but few people watched the entire 37 minutes of this interview and know how heavily manipulated and out of context the 2 minutes above are. Really sad that people don't even bother to find out and be objective.

  7. Tyrell Preston

    Tyrell Preston4 dagar sedan

    Fake news media

  8. Michael Brodie

    Michael Brodie4 dagar sedan

    Complaining about name calling on Twitter. It’s how the game is played. What an arrogant disrespectful twit.

  9. Re Publish

    Re Publish4 dagar sedan

    If you treat a person as a BEAST that is what you get and he has been a GENTLEMAN. He is saying FAKE NEWS because is what you FAKE MEDIA ARE, just FAKE MEDIA. Regarding the SOCIAL NETWORKS, he is RIGHT, if there would be no SOCIAL NETWORKS NOBODY will know nothing about Mr. Trump. I'm searching for MONTH's news about Mr. Trump that I can't get because all the MAINSTREAM MEDIA are singing the same FAKE NEWS SONG so he is doing just FINE. Trump 2020-2040+++

  10. trevoratkins22

    trevoratkins225 dagar sedan

    This was no interview. It was a personal attack.

  11. sean kendrick

    sean kendrick5 dagar sedan

    Trump has every right to walk out after that attack. That's no interview

  12. Easter Beast

    Easter Beast5 dagar sedan

    She should do a little homework before opening her mouth. These are journalists?

  13. Ahjay Ahjay

    Ahjay Ahjay6 dagar sedan

    Donald Trump is the MOST hated human on earth today- ie in Britain, Europe, Asia, Africa and 99.999 % in the Middle east. He has ONLY one highest hated evil criminal a killer dangerous avoided friend called- Netanyahu of Israel. America has dropped him down because now they know him enough. Trump has never even helped his own neighbors. He came to power to create poverty and death even by action using his poor police killing their own nationals with NO consideration-at last he is happy WALKING A WAY SEEING HE WON THEM. Trump failed all Americans. He was a simple waste for the whole world and Netanyahu needed that to happen. Netanyahu also won his goals by placing America in afield that looks like an insect brain. BUT all Americans and the World lost in all Trumps time. Let him now disappear as now dumped by America BUT one thing last though PLEASE AMERICA, BECAREFUL, AND STAY AWAY TRUMPS DEVIL NETANYAHU- He is now coming to do the SAME to Baden-new elect president. Until American hasn't stopped Netanyahu of Israel out of power, American and the world can never come together and peace to prevail-Economically, socially, politically and everything in general. American please TOTALLY distance AWAY from Netanyahu-This man is not a politician, he is a destroyer and will continue killing the innocent till his last day. Thanks God, Trump is OUT!!!. Now next is Netanyahu.

  14. Virtuous Lady

    Virtuous Lady6 dagar sedan

    He is a arrogant ignorant fool.

  15. Levi hangshing

    Levi hangshing7 dagar sedan

    Because the host is terrible

  16. Young Minds Virtual Expedition

    Young Minds Virtual Expedition8 dagar sedan

    Maybe the interviewer should have approached him as he is. You don't give a goat notice that you will tie it up, you just do it. That's why Gayle king won an Emmy, because she anchored her Interview with Robert Kelly by creating a presumed safe space for Robert to be authentic but not threatened. The 60 minutes Interviewer is a legend, she knows who Trump is, just ask him the questions, he will unfold . Maybe she should not have engaged in this back and forth, that's not interview, its just confrontation.

  17. Big Trump

    Big Trump9 dagar sedan

    Libtards, gather round gather round. He walked out because if you take a look at The leaked full interview Trump leaked before The official interview aired, youll see it is extremely biased and edited in all the right ways to make him look bad. Now i understand these are some very big scary words for you to read, but go ahead and look this up yourself, if you can manage that is.

  18. Michael Ransom

    Michael Ransom10 dagar sedan

    The tough guy who can't take tough questions.

  19. Ray Bala

    Ray Bala10 dagar sedan

    Trump is and will go down as the greatest and most American President we have ever had. I don’t get why people hate this guy.

  20. David Fultz

    David Fultz10 dagar sedan

    That was not an interview. It was an ambush. Trump is 100% correct. They never ask Joe Biden questions like that

  21. Robert Reader

    Robert Reader11 dagar sedan

    Nah the way she said be careful was sinister, nothing to do with the equiptment at all

  22. Vilma_ K.S.

    Vilma_ K.S.12 dagar sedan

    Yeah my POTUS Don't take no BS TRUMP 2020

  23. Hc Nco

    Hc Nco12 dagar sedan

    Leslie you are stupid and asking stupid questions. Why president Trump waste his most valuable time with this trash lady.

  24. Dustin Hernandez

    Dustin Hernandez12 dagar sedan

    Trump is a national disgrace.

  25. GlamwithT

    GlamwithT12 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry but this man is funny af 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Underground Productions

    Underground Productions12 dagar sedan

    Watch the full, unedited version. The MSN will be our nations demise

  27. Just Hustle

    Just Hustle12 dagar sedan

    Trump released the full interview.

  28. Gwendolyn Le

    Gwendolyn Le13 dagar sedan

    Way to go president Trump 👍🏼👍🏼🇺🇸

  29. Bob Robert

    Bob Robert13 dagar sedan

    What a fat baby

  30. Harrison McClean

    Harrison McClean13 dagar sedan

    Watch the uncut version. 60 minutes, fake...

  31. Alan Timmins

    Alan Timmins13 dagar sedan

    Keep up the great work President Trump

  32. Petyr Kowalski

    Petyr Kowalski13 dagar sedan

    What a weak, insecure, unintelligent and pathetic loser this sorry excuse for a *president Trump is.

  33. Manuel Arias

    Manuel Arias14 dagar sedan

    Because he's a mamaguevo.

  34. Dave Balmada

    Dave Balmada14 dagar sedan

    0:51 "Your first question was 'this is going to be tough questions'". Trump doesn't even know what the definition of a question is.

  35. Richard Branch

    Richard Branch14 dagar sedan

    Fake news !!!!!

  36. Carlene M Wojahn

    Carlene M Wojahn14 dagar sedan

    Yep that's my President

  37. Tanner Howe

    Tanner Howe14 dagar sedan

    Can't even answer questions lol

  38. CraZe bussines

    CraZe bussines14 dagar sedan


  39. Ali Aboli

    Ali Aboli15 dagar sedan

    A man for all seasons!

  40. Tamer Abdalla

    Tamer Abdalla15 dagar sedan

    70 million american voted for this child!!??

  41. Gabriel Jimenez Orozco

    Gabriel Jimenez Orozco15 dagar sedan

    A poor weak guy that will end in jail. The #REAL Trump in plain sight

  42. RKF Search Results

    RKF Search Results15 dagar sedan

    Here's the voter fraud that you refuse to report! setoos.info/name/0Gy4yXpnoYRqY6Y/video

  43. J'ouzel Feather-Pelt

    J'ouzel Feather-Pelt15 dagar sedan

    Fake News

  44. Shane Campbell

    Shane Campbell16 dagar sedan

    *The entire interview is released in full context* Libtards: "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that"

  45. MUI Aryan

    MUI Aryan16 dagar sedan

    “ Be Careful!”, is it a warning or she’s really worried. Seems warning to me 🧐🧐

  46. Kyle E

    Kyle E15 dagar sedan

    He was about to bonk his head.

  47. Matthew Garza

    Matthew Garza17 dagar sedan

    He isnt wrong tho

  48. Ghost Guest

    Ghost Guest17 dagar sedan

    How did Leslie not slap him a few times? “You don’t ask Biden...” “ is the equivalent “ mommy!!!, joe hit me!”

  49. DragonSin YGO

    DragonSin YGO17 dagar sedan

    This is why people love Trump and why a overwhelming amount of counties in the US are red

  50. DragonSin YGO

    DragonSin YGO17 dagar sedan

    @Ghost Guest cool story bro

  51. Ghost Guest

    Ghost Guest17 dagar sedan

    Nope... if the majority truly had won, the majority would be storming the cities in anger... I only see one truck with those flags by my house... I kid you not, there used to be at least 10 trucks on a daily basis

  52. Kamil Vyskočil

    Kamil Vyskočil18 dagar sedan

    Guys, just go on some profiles whitch are in politics dabate here in youtube. Lot of them are very similar and not real people but avatars creating opinion. Be careful. If you will see some coments waving hands upon me, or something like "thats conspiraci" you will know that it is true.

  53. Kamil Vyskočil

    Kamil Vyskočil18 dagar sedan

    Everybody who dont see a hiden behaviour behind this "interview" is blind. Its not even interview, its time for blaming this man for everithing and trying to picture him as a bad man. Who else see the fakenes behind suburbian women question that she asked him? Look at her face during interuption that he makes somethimes. She literaly hate him. That was her mission in this "blaming time" to destroy him. TRUMP is maybe arogant and proud but onest and for real talk and FOR the country. One day all of us will see who was fake and who was real and we will just stay amazed as Truman.

  54. Megumeme

    Megumeme18 dagar sedan

    Ask real questions that actually have any value then it could have been 60mins lmao

  55. Jc Ramirez

    Jc Ramirez18 dagar sedan

    Lesley you discredit your self you are fake news

  56. Vanessa Pereira

    Vanessa Pereira18 dagar sedan

    He exited because he’s not ready for tough questions lol 😂

  57. Jc Ramirez

    Jc Ramirez18 dagar sedan

    He left because he is a gentleman I will told her to duck off

  58. qweebey

    qweebey18 dagar sedan

    Shes just rude thats why he abruptly left. Biased media.

  59. Mellivora

    Mellivora19 dagar sedan

    This is very hard to watch. It clearly demonstrates what a misogynist he is and also what a bully he is. He oozes contempt for her and using his position as POTUS to undermine and intimidate her.

  60. Lonnie Alexander

    Lonnie Alexander19 dagar sedan

    A kid could have done a much better job.

  61. Lonnie Alexander

    Lonnie Alexander19 dagar sedan

    He's Nuts

  62. David Domaguina

    David Domaguina20 dagar sedan

    he is a narcissistic baby, like boss baby which is voiced by alec baldwin and impersonate trump so similarlym

  63. Luis Estrada

    Luis Estrada20 dagar sedan

    Trump walked out because his micropenis he got called out by a smart woman

  64. What !

    What !20 dagar sedan

    That “Be careful” spilled 78 millions votes on election day 😂😂😂 .. I think this interview closed the seal for many undecided voters

  65. Beast P

    Beast P14 dagar sedan

    I thought it would be the quote "it is what it is"

  66. john smith

    john smith21 dag sedan


  67. AFF HB

    AFF HB21 dag sedan

    You shouldn’t ask tough questions to a 5 years old girl.

  68. capybara tranquil

    capybara tranquil21 dag sedan

    Because she was unprofessional

  69. Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson22 dagar sedan

    sorry rapbeats wwe2k20 dota cumtown unbreakable sade

  70. Trung Do

    Trung Do22 dagar sedan

    How the fuc is he a leader of the free world for 4 years lolz wtf lmao

  71. Sunset Dawn

    Sunset Dawn22 dagar sedan

    People are going to hate no matter what he says or does. Hate doesn't bring about change, it brings about resentment, entitlement and another person's opinion forced upon anothers.

  72. Eli Mirza

    Eli Mirza22 dagar sedan

    Humm that’s might be Tough question for him you should ask him the easy question like HOW Mr. President you grab someone Pu$$y you don’t know much about it! What’s your Magic trick!

  73. Mr Buck

    Mr Buck22 dagar sedan

    This is the MOST misleading title to a youtube video. There is no answer to their own youtube video title. It's just a segment of the interview. Disgraceful!

  74. the irate historian

    the irate historian22 dagar sedan

    and he lost :)

  75. canned tuna

    canned tuna23 dagar sedan

    Ppl actually blive the establisment media 😂


    MORZYMOO23 dagar sedan

    He left the interview because you with because you’re refusal to admit that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton spied on his campaign! it’s public knowledge that actually happened even the FBI admits it happens LOL the FISA warrant Put out on Carter page who it turns out was actually inclusion with the FBI! so it was a double spying on the trump campaign lol this is all verified information which you could quite easily look for yourself I mean you are 60 minutes you’re supposed to have a journalistic integrity?? but obviously not in this day of biased hyperinflated media!! And then you have the fake Russia dossier the one that even steal the ex MI6 agent Who wrote it admitted that it was fake and it was no better than rumours!! You really need to do a better job of being journalist because it’s down to the public now to find the truth out it’s pathetic!! I’ll give you an example I’m just a nobody sitting at home on an iPhone! I’ve managed to find DOJ investigation into voting machine malfunctions that miraculously gave Joe Biden 6000 votes they are investigating if that happened throughout the country!! Found hundreds of videos now of Republican vote counters not being allowed to get anywhere near the votes to count them even though that’s their job!! The never ending amount of people coming forwards saying they’re dead relatives have voted Democrat that makes me laugh every time because they actually provide proof which the media is ignoring!! And then you have the Washington post putting out an article about Richard Hopkins the USPS worker recanting his statements about voter fraud! Then he has to put up a SEtoos video which is plastered all over social media of him explaining he hasn’t taking back any such statements and orders the Washington post to take that article down because it isn’t true! then Richard Hopkins himself gets fact checked on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and saying that he’s lying lol how can you accuse a whistleblower of lying about a fake statement written by the Washington post this is mind-boggling!! And then you have over 11,000 signed signatures under oath now willing to go to court saying that they witnessed a voter suppression they witnessed voter fraud!! What more does the media need for God sake?? but no because it’s orange man bad you’re willing to forsake democracy purely because you hate the man!! I just leave you with this last little piece to ponder over!! Now it is totally illegal for a betting site or gambling establishment to put on bets for people who aren’t still in the race!! So as we know that! why have the odds of Trump winning actually increased even though the media tells us that Joe Biden is the 100% winner lol is it because the These establishments know something we don’t??

  77. London Sharp

    London Sharp23 dagar sedan

    What a sorry sack excuse for journalism

  78. Alonzo Cruz

    Alonzo Cruz23 dagar sedan

    Awesome MAGA2020 thats how u treat scumbag fake news

  79. Jen Pad

    Jen Pad23 dagar sedan

    As a Non-American I find the interviewer condescending and superficial. She wants to provoke, clearly, and not genuinely ask. Also this channel cut the full clip. Biased and disrespectful, there was no reason to begin the conversation in the first place I am surprised he stilk bothered to take time.

  80. baritonebynight

    baritonebynight23 dagar sedan

    Trump has a real problem with strong women. He couldn't keep up with the 78 year old Stahl so he turned tail and ran away. He instead sent his press secretary to give her a huge book of nothing , thinking that veteran journalist would be fooled thinking "wow its so big, there must be a great plan here." Stahl wasn't having it and reported the truth....it was nothing but junk and Trump never did have a health care plan to begin with.

  81. christistratton

    christistratton23 dagar sedan

    What was in the "Donald Trump book of Healthcare"? Was it completely empty? Did Lesley get a good look thru it?

  82. Esa

    Esa24 dagar sedan

    why you edited this interview????interesting 60min

  83. Ls

    Ls24 dagar sedan


  84. Grace Obieta

    Grace Obieta24 dagar sedan

    President Trump did the right thing to cut the interview That Leslie is very disrespectful and trying to pin him down.

  85. Gogeta The Ultimate

    Gogeta The Ultimate24 dagar sedan


  86. Roger Nguyen

    Roger Nguyen24 dagar sedan

    Trump doesn't respect reporters

  87. Tibetan Jakho tsang

    Tibetan Jakho tsang25 dagar sedan

    She need to learnt re-education her

  88. Tibetan Jakho tsang

    Tibetan Jakho tsang25 dagar sedan

    You are fake news 📰

  89. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy25 dagar sedan

    the coward dodged the rest of the interview faster than he dodged the draft.

  90. 501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA

    501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA12 dagar sedan

    Lol 😂

  91. Metamorphic

    Metamorphic16 dagar sedan


  92. David Domaguina

    David Domaguina20 dagar sedan

    His impeachment you should comment

  93. shai shaul

    shai shaul25 dagar sedan

    We love our amazing president. We're with Trump!

  94. blueboy1968

    blueboy196825 dagar sedan

    more fake news media i would have walked out also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Godkingmaximus 2

    Godkingmaximus 225 dagar sedan

    In all fairness, when you watch other interviews. There is no question she had her mind set on attacking trump. You can feel she didn’t like him. And then you go watch Biden. Questions were a walk in the park. Why is that? There’s allegations of voter fraud. Mind you, this man said it himself on tv that his “organization was the biggest voter Fraud organization since Obama” his deteriorating mental state, his lies about fracking and killing the oil industry. Why weren’t those brought up. This whole fake news thing. It’s not fake. We live in an era where news no longer provides facts and aggressively shows their political agenda. Trump is no Jesus and I’m not a fan of what he says sometimes. But what the media does is absolutely disgusting that now I have to rely news on SEtoos broadcasters. I mean what’s different to chines communist cctv and cnn? They literally do the same thing. Bigger powers pulling the media string. America is no longer the leader in democracy.

  96. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy25 dagar sedan

    Are you ready for Prison trump? 🤣🤣🤣she has the last last laugh

  97. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt25 dagar sedan

    the coward dodged the rest of the interview faster than he dodged the draft.

  98. Adam

    Adam26 dagar sedan

    You're fired!

  99. The_Red_Comet

    The_Red_Comet26 dagar sedan

    I don't have to discredit you you've discredited yourself

  100. Nisha Ahmed

    Nisha Ahmed26 dagar sedan


  101. John O Sullivan

    John O Sullivan26 dagar sedan

    Shes a lying hog

  102. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt25 dagar sedan

    Donnie, You're FIRED !!

  103. Wild Cats Life

    Wild Cats Life26 dagar sedan

    Lol be careful

  104. Nicole R.

    Nicole R.26 dagar sedan

    Wow...he's the biggest adult baby I've ever seen and is an embarrassment to have had run our country! I'm sure other countries have had a good laugh at our expense during his 4 year term!! Smh

  105. popick86

    popick8626 dagar sedan


  106. Capi Beery

    Capi Beery26 dagar sedan

    Trump sat on his throne then he dumped His demeanor was typically frumped When the truth came out He left no doubt That his s*** was profusely plump

  107. joe arias

    joe arias27 dagar sedan

    60 minutes is now as important as SNL

  108. Anish Kodla

    Anish Kodla27 dagar sedan

    Because he lose the elections

  109. PX 13

    PX 1327 dagar sedan

    First time in the history of oldest democracy a president fears and runs away from Tough questions. Lol

  110. Bongo Fury

    Bongo Fury27 dagar sedan

    Because he is being called out for being a LIAR, a dirty rotten Liar, nothing worse than a boo hoo boy, Trumpanzee is such a weak sook, cant even handle a tough question, what a whining sook

  111. wise feoko

    wise feoko27 dagar sedan

    Are you ready for Prison trump? 🤣🤣🤣she has the last last laugh