I Have a Confession to Make...

This isn't easy for me to talk about... For the past 6 months there has been a shadow looming over my life. A pastry shaped shadow that has started to bleed into other parts of my day-to-day and I neither me nor my personal trainer can handle it anymore. You deserve better and, more importantly, I deserve better. And the only way to face this head on is to go straight to Pop Tart HQ and confront Mr. Kellogg himself... Wish me luck.
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  1. Maddie Lou

    Maddie Lou41 minut sedan

    All I have to say is cherry is NOT the best

  2. Mandi Divine

    Mandi Divine3 timmar sedan

    I'm still confused as to why you have so many poptarts.. holy sheep.....

  3. Lance Biggers

    Lance Biggers6 timmar sedan

    I feelso bad for you mark, but hey you made it thorugh.

  4. Skullboy707

    Skullboy7077 timmar sedan

    : ( I like cold poptarts.

  5. Tangle Hamain

    Tangle Hamain16 timmar sedan

    I eat them raw! >:3 ( aka I do not heat them up! *MUAHAHAHAHAHA!* )

  6. Pudlik Madafaka

    Pudlik Madafaka20 timmar sedan

    well i come from CE, watch this video anyway

  7. NuggetOJ

    NuggetOJ20 timmar sedan

    I think he’s gay

  8. ————

    ————Dag sedan

    Oh great another youtube confession video

  9. Tony Girgis

    Tony GirgisDag sedan

    Markiplier: Trashes Poptarts for being unhealthy and mediocre for the entire video Also Markiplier: Asks for sponsorship from Poptarts

  10. sonof sky

    sonof skyDag sedan

    some serious walter white vibes at the start of the video

  11. Olivia Blake

    Olivia BlakeDag sedan

    the video that nearly killed markiplier

  12. Just a weeb

    Just a weebDag sedan

    10:50 big mood

  13. Casey Bemis

    Casey BemisDag sedan

    I’ve never eaten toasted pop tarts 😬 all “raw” or frozen

  14. lifeofdeathgacha

    lifeofdeathgachaDag sedan

    I hate those thing i hate it is super sweet but it make me sick but have wonder full day markiplier

  15. Mark Jacobson

    Mark JacobsonDag sedan

    Amazing voice.

  16. Zachary Mendoza

    Zachary MendozaDag sedan

    15:31 this is where the blood flow gets clogged and he starts getting all dizzy Me:"First time?"

  17. Flurall

    FlurallDag sedan

    Pop Tarts are the root of all evil

  18. Francelys Paña

    Francelys PañaDag sedan

    Hello non-existing person how ya'll doing

  19. Sam Ryder

    Sam RyderDag sedan

    No one: Mark: **cries in too many pop tarts**

  20. SuperIcemxePlushkid

    SuperIcemxePlushkidDag sedan

    26:14 it was at that moment he knew......he fuck up

  21. J. W. K.

    J. W. K.Dag sedan

    *I thought he was going to admit he does his hair with an egg beater*

  22. JackTheBreadGuy

    JackTheBreadGuy2 dagar sedan

    I looked up a piano tutorial for River Flows in You how the heck did I get here

  23. mohmmad obeid

    mohmmad obeid2 dagar sedan

    Thats the unnus annus table

  24. Mike Chaves

    Mike Chaves2 dagar sedan

    Pt: DUDE YOU HAVE AN ADDICTION!! Mark: * snorts powder pop tart * no I don't...

  25. Mike Chaves

    Mike Chaves2 dagar sedan

    WHAT!!?? You've been busy snacking on whole boxes of pop tarts? THATS IT!! POP TART REHAB!!!!

  26. Haikyuu Ash

    Haikyuu Ash2 dagar sedan

    Well im sorry me and my family too getto to have a toaster😒

  27. Abi

    Abi2 dagar sedan

    Open box of pop tarts in the background lmao

  28. Mr. Kasshu

    Mr. Kasshu2 dagar sedan

    I thought you were going to come out as gay.

  29. THE RED DEVIL Lamborghini

    THE RED DEVIL Lamborghini2 dagar sedan

    16,000 cal now you got to go to the beach and jog back-and-forth at least eight times For the lose all that

  30. Marek Rokosh

    Marek Rokosh2 dagar sedan

    I always eat them raw

  31. The Wheel

    The Wheel2 dagar sedan

    Annus never died on Unus Annus. He died because Alex beheaded him for eating poptarts.

  32. The Wheel

    The Wheel2 dagar sedan

    I know they are "different entities" this is entirely funny juice. This was just pre-writen incase "mark not annus" pops up...

  33. Gnobba

    Gnobba2 dagar sedan

    just watching this video gave me type 2

  34. Gadget

    Gadget2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only person eating a pop tart during this video???

  35. pupuwo

    pupuwo2 dagar sedan

    what is a pop tart?

  36. Poison Mookie

    Poison Mookie3 dagar sedan

    Ahh dude. Don't worry about it. You should see my coffee stash.

  37. orlando moyah

    orlando moyah3 dagar sedan

    this guy is an idiot and I could get through only 5 minutes before I had to turn it off

  38. orlando moyah

    orlando moyah3 dagar sedan

    Wow does anyone believe this guy because you need to have extremely stupid on your resume to even listen to this guy

  39. orlando moyah

    orlando moyah3 dagar sedan

    you see this is where the click bait comes into place...this person is not telling the truth...this person would not know the truth if it hit him in the face

  40. hopp hipp

    hopp hipp3 dagar sedan

    Lixian's confession... Bob's confession... Wade's confession... Marcus and Rachel's confession... Markiplier's confession

  41. Tyler Hyde

    Tyler Hyde3 dagar sedan

    "what was I saying? yeah, companies. Corporations. Bullshit right? Who needs em? I do, sponsor me." first vid I've ever seen of this dude and its fucking hilarious

  42. Kimi Nawilis

    Kimi Nawilis3 dagar sedan

    mark..you okay? u need help my friend.. and i'll help you so i'll sub !


    IMELEEONLY 763 dagar sedan

    i havent even had pop tarts XD

  44. Cam9Cam9Cam9

    Cam9Cam9Cam93 dagar sedan

    Chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo, fudge, and brownie are my favorite flavors of desserts fpr most everything

  45. an oddtree

    an oddtree3 dagar sedan

    this week on my strange addiction: pOptarts

  46. Coconut_ Hethens

    Coconut_ Hethens3 dagar sedan

    Markiplier is the biggest mood lmao

  47. Lucas Fraczek

    Lucas Fraczek3 dagar sedan

    Mark: Imma eat these poptarts. Also Mark a few days later: So I'm in the hospital for an intestinal blockage... Mark, 2 days later on Twitter: I pooped.

  48. Ryan Ford

    Ryan Ford3 dagar sedan

    These ones gotta be hot, so I’m willing to wait for this one.. but I’m not willing to wait and entertain ya, I’m gonna be on my phone. *entertains us with tasteful beep boop bopping anyways*

  49. Lucy

    Lucy3 dagar sedan

    Mark: "Sponsor meeeee!" Also Mark: *proceeds to roast the fuck out of pop tarts*

  50. Alicyn T

    Alicyn T3 dagar sedan

    But... what if - you put the ice cream flavored ones in the freezer... We loved to do that as kids with the hot fudge sundae and milkshake ones (any creamy-based innards)

  51. Nicolean.Complex

    Nicolean.Complex3 dagar sedan


  52. ssj394

    ssj3943 dagar sedan

    very sad

  53. matthew wright

    matthew wright3 dagar sedan

    i use to watch jack but i got into mark

  54. matthew wright

    matthew wright3 dagar sedan

    mark needs to be in a crime movie

  55. FUZ3-NOOB-324485

    FUZ3-NOOB-3244854 dagar sedan

    I enjoyed wasting my time seeing you as a broken man, honestly I've never even heard of annus unnus like bruh

  56. Valentino Valentine

    Valentino Valentine4 dagar sedan

    He ate sum motherfluping poptarts... soooo no spoopy shite. We hate berpies

  57. Christian Fordsmann

    Christian Fordsmann4 dagar sedan

    Poptarts hmm just sweets

  58. Daily Louis 2020

    Daily Louis 20204 dagar sedan


  59. David Ryan

    David Ryan4 dagar sedan

    Wild berry is king.

  60. elevan7

    elevan74 dagar sedan

    18:05 twitch make this the new poggers

  61. ThatMomentWhen

    ThatMomentWhen4 dagar sedan

    Him desperately trying to come up with excuses for Amy is highly entertaining

  62. yes man

    yes man4 dagar sedan

    wanna know something funny my school used to give the kids who came early a poptart for breakfast sometimes so mark you gotta come to my school and say no to poptarts to the principle

  63. Michael Klos

    Michael Klos4 dagar sedan

    🤣 Whatever you guys do, dont tell Mark about dollar store poptarts...

  64. yes man

    yes man4 dagar sedan

    o no i made him cheat his diet (yes my irl name is evan)

  65. Faraz Khan

    Faraz Khan4 dagar sedan

    If y’all think these pop tarts are bad do not try the organic ones.

  66. Mad Hatter Obsessed

    Mad Hatter Obsessed4 dagar sedan

    He's the strangest kind of hot. I don't even know how to describe it...

  67. Aleana Lynne

    Aleana Lynne4 dagar sedan


  68. Ace_ Long_Legs

    Ace_ Long_Legs4 dagar sedan

    So Mark wasn't that poor, he could afford poptarts.

  69. Zadin Rodriguez

    Zadin Rodriguez4 dagar sedan


  70. Joe Powell

    Joe Powell4 dagar sedan

    i make my pop tarts with toast

  71. Untitled Meme king

    Untitled Meme king4 dagar sedan

    Oh god pOptArtS

  72. the shade

    the shade4 dagar sedan

    his confesion he says hmmmmmm every thing is making scence

  73. Dovark

    Dovark4 dagar sedan

    Other youtubers apologys: i didn't mean to ask for nudes... Markiplier: i have a poptart addiction

  74. Bath Boy

    Bath Boy4 dagar sedan

    the fans arent enough anymore.

  75. Nezumi 0

    Nezumi 04 dagar sedan

    I have never had PopStars

  76. Dylan Perry

    Dylan Perry4 dagar sedan

    It's as if millions of Pop-Tarts suddenly screamed in terror and were suddenly silenced

  77. Boss 56

    Boss 564 dagar sedan

    Could it be dark that send you these blood fulled poptarts of sugar deliciousness. Blood tarts

  78. ffhbhndude

    ffhbhndude4 dagar sedan

    Mark and his Pop Tart addiction. Me: Dude, drink Dr.Pepper.

  79. Adam Hanley

    Adam Hanley4 dagar sedan

    Mark isnt real 🤖🤖🤖👻👻👻

  80. MissMolly

    MissMolly4 dagar sedan

    Alternative Title: Mark having a mid-life crisis while surrounded by PopTarts

  81. MissMolly

    MissMolly4 dagar sedan

    Looks like Mark knows what he's giving everyone for Christmas/Birthdays

  82. Akay Wide

    Akay Wide4 dagar sedan


  83. Coco Cineraria

    Coco Cineraria4 dagar sedan

    What? Thats.... not.... normal??? Oh gosh I better be giving some pop tarts away

  84. Cameron Guy

    Cameron Guy4 dagar sedan

    there is a pop tart box in the back behind Mark

  85. Sean Wassabi

    Sean Wassabi5 dagar sedan

    Not real

  86. TheGameBoy Show

    TheGameBoy Show4 dagar sedan

    its all fake

  87. 00The_Golden_Gamer00

    00The_Golden_Gamer005 dagar sedan

    I eat poptarts without toasting them :}

  88. McNike308

    McNike3085 dagar sedan

    FAAAKE... He isn't even real


    ROSIE SILK5 dagar sedan

    Mark and everyone who is a SEtoos star: your bad for eating poptarts without heating them and you should feel bad Me who is watching yet I'm also making SEtoos videos: i guess but i don't feel bad even if you say that i should stop being a Karen Editor: gottem

  90. The True Tradic

    The True Tradic5 dagar sedan

    = me: a 30 minute long confession? jeez mark : poptart review me ok

  91. No Name

    No Name5 dagar sedan

    Markiplier is not real

  92. xX_KANKI_Xx

    xX_KANKI_Xx5 dagar sedan

    For so long he literally sounded like he belonged in an insane asylum

  93. K ko

    K ko5 dagar sedan

    Anyone else checking this video for hidden stuff because of the confessions lately

  94. Peanut

    Peanut5 dagar sedan

    This video physically made my stomach hurt

  95. Ivone Vivian Varela

    Ivone Vivian Varela5 dagar sedan

    Mark: OW MY FINGER NAIL Me: I can't see Mark: *AAAAAAAAAAAA*

  96. Luc Daws

    Luc Daws5 dagar sedan

    Sensational video!

  97. nana

    nana5 dagar sedan

    this is now the video i watch while i do my home workouts

  98. UnbilledDwarf

    UnbilledDwarf5 dagar sedan

    Mark's confession

  99. Timmy Addison

    Timmy Addison5 dagar sedan

    "don't worry your pretty little heads everybody everything is going to be a okay" Me: shut up.... Nothing is ok anymore....all of a sudden you're fake now..... ಠಗಠ

  100. Trisha Veach

    Trisha Veach5 dagar sedan

    I laughed SO hard when you first heard Amy coming. I must have rewatched that part 15x. LOL.

  101. Jacob YouTube channel

    Jacob YouTube channel5 dagar sedan

    Can I have one????

  102. Stuff’n’ Stuff

    Stuff’n’ Stuff5 dagar sedan

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned... I eat Pop Tarts straight out of the foil

  103. Liam Woods

    Liam Woods5 dagar sedan

    In Ireland we dont have poptarts I'm so jealous