A Historic Minecraft World Record Just Happened!

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Recently, a huge milestone in Minecraft speedrunning was reached. In today's video we will take a look at this new world record, and learn a bit more about how the best Minecraft players navigate their speedruns.
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  1. Unlucky Luck

    Unlucky LuckDag sedan

    Flat Earther left the chat.

  2. V.L.Thafamkima Mapuia Pachuau

    V.L.Thafamkima Mapuia Pachuau6 dagar sedan

    What's the name of the background music that starts from 6:32 ? I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me.

  3. V.L.Thafamkima Mapuia Pachuau

    V.L.Thafamkima Mapuia Pachuau21 timme sedan

    Nvm I know it now... Bubblaine - SM Odyssey

  4. Phil Register

    Phil Register7 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who took this long to figure out this is the same guy who voices the Kings and Generals channel??????

  5. SpaceIsYourMind

    SpaceIsYourMind13 dagar sedan

    Thanks for making all these videos!

  6. Azguard Mike 2013

    Azguard Mike 201314 dagar sedan

    you say lucky more times than the guys who said Dream's run was fake because of luck lol. and for the haters, im a Lumina fan, not a Dream stan. I only watch his speedrunner vs X hunters for the memes.

  7. Alejandro García Vega

    Alejandro García Vega7 dagar sedan

    I'm just gonna say that ur profile picture it's literally u irl lol

  8. spuggerino

    spuggerino14 dagar sedan

    Very strange that you didnt mention the Forsen strat

  9. jatekforditok

    jatekforditok14 dagar sedan

    Minecraft speedrun looks boring. A real man makes his own luck like Dream 😆

  10. Jaevwyn

    Jaevwyn15 dagar sedan

    Wow good run! Don't tell reddit or they'll jump on it calling fake

  11. Speed Wagon

    Speed Wagon16 dagar sedan

    Ok but why is Steve shaved in the thumbnail

  12. Noor said hi

    Noor said hi16 dagar sedan

    Cant wait till somebody gets a 14:10 time its gonna b impossible

  13. Boris Austria

    Boris Austria16 dagar sedan

    Suck it, Dream.

  14. Veki Paz

    Veki Paz17 dagar sedan

    You can beat minecraft?

  15. Ora Ora!

    Ora Ora!17 dagar sedan

    Minecraft speedrun competition seems pointless, because there is too much luck involved. The whole point of competition is to compete with your own ability with others and luck is not your own ability.

  16. Vitamin Ex

    Vitamin Ex17 dagar sedan

    "Villagers are a good source of iron" Instructions unclear, I just ate my family.

  17. Christian Espenhain

    Christian Espenhain17 dagar sedan

    karl jobst has a 10/10 voice ngl

  18. cheezemonkeyeater

    cheezemonkeyeater17 dagar sedan

    "Beds are the easiest way to do massive damage to the dragon." I love how absurd that sounds out of context.

  19. David Powers

    David Powers17 dagar sedan

    I've messed around with Minecraft a couple of times but I honestly never knew there was an endgame.

  20. Crumpet Fn

    Crumpet Fn18 dagar sedan

    What about the 13 minute record

  21. Empyreal

    Empyreal19 dagar sedan

    Russia has a long history of cheating to get ahead. Why are you so easily willing to believe this run wasn't manipulated but Dream's was?

  22. Im Chara

    Im Chara8 dagar sedan

    @Empyreal your first comment was literally "russia has a long history of cheating to get ahead. why are you so easily willing to believe this run wasn't manipulated but dream's was?" how does that not sound like your using the country the runner comes from to claim dream was accused out of no-where but this guy should be investigated his country of origin has nothing to do with the world record its irrelevant

  23. Empyreal

    Empyreal8 dagar sedan

    @Im Chara Do you know the difference between a country, a race, and an ethnicity? I have a feeling English isn't your first language.

  24. Im Chara

    Im Chara8 dagar sedan

    @Empyreal you brang up russia because he's russian but his ethnicity doesnt mean he would cheat in block game or not

  25. Empyreal

    Empyreal8 dagar sedan

    @Im Chara Russia isn't a race. It's a country that cheats all the time, most prominently at the Olympics and in elections, both their own and in others. (They also killed millions by mass starvation in Ukraine.)

  26. Im Chara

    Im Chara8 dagar sedan

    so you're bringing this to his race now? he's legitimately a trusted member of the community who has gotten multiple wrs before and the mods are very good at checking if there was rng manipulation

  27. 5akr1

    5akr119 dagar sedan

    I love your content! I don't have time to follow the entire speedrunning community, but your videos help.

  28. Sneaky Somalia

    Sneaky Somalia20 dagar sedan

    Is the song In The background a “in Love With A Ghost” song? Sounds familiar

  29. Slippy

    Slippy20 dagar sedan

    better then dream

  30. wayner396

    wayner39620 dagar sedan

    Talks about minecraft, plays FTL soundtrack in the background.

  31. Suraj Joshi

    Suraj Joshi20 dagar sedan

    Karl you need to make another video about the new 1.16.1 legitimate record now!

  32. OnlyFails

    OnlyFails20 dagar sedan

    Minecraft should only cost $0.20 if it only gives 20 minutes of gameplay

  33. John Tony

    John Tony20 dagar sedan

    I need more of these videos

  34. Barry Convex

    Barry Convex21 dag sedan

    It's like RNG if you get pitched a Ridge Wallet, Audible, or whatever else.

  35. Joetoep

    Joetoep21 dag sedan

    Is there a minecraft find-and-craft-every-item-in-the-game-speedrun? :D

  36. Terence Hill

    Terence Hill21 dag sedan

    I'm sure it is factually correct

  37. Lavender Uke

    Lavender Uke21 dag sedan

    The speed running has seemingly brought back many old mc players. Certainly what happened to me and I keep hearing similar stuff online lol I think it's fun and hilarious exactly because it's a struggle lmfao

  38. grr sss

    grr sss21 dag sedan

    minecraft has an ending? I did not know this.

  39. Questionable Context

    Questionable Context21 dag sedan

    Oh man, it's been only 2 weeks and his speedrun has already been overtaken.

  40. Brandon Fowler

    Brandon Fowler21 dag sedan

    I wonder if dream used these strats/RNG, oh wait.....

  41. H A

    H A21 dag sedan

    1.spawn in a desert village next to a temple with a cleric and fletcher in the village. With a massive dark oak forest and ocean next to you 2.have both iron and 10obsidian in blacksmith chest.also pick 3.get a flint on first hit. 4.spawn in the blaze room. 5.get all rods first try 6.exit. 7.get to stronghold and have it be as close as possible. 8.enter stronghold directly at portal with all 12 eyes filled 9.hit all towers perfectly with a bow you got on the way. 10.one cycle dragon. What are the odds of this?If there is a more perfect scenario plz tell me

  42. who who6970

    who who697021 dag sedan

    Ppl who speedrun minecraft are pussys gta is the hardest speedrunning game ever the charecter is wery annoying to control, long game, so many bugs, remembering all the break boosts and shit combat and 99% off the speedrun is rng

  43. WoWard

    WoWard22 dagar sedan

    Can't Hurt Me is the best book I've ever read. Great recommendation

  44. apenstaartje321

    apenstaartje32122 dagar sedan

    I love it when a plan comes together

  45. Bread spy

    Bread spy22 dagar sedan

    1:04 finally what I've been telling people for so long

  46. Zent1X

    Zent1X23 dagar sedan

    For a second I thought this was Karl Jacobs and I was like WHAT 😂

  47. Niklas Hedström

    Niklas Hedström23 dagar sedan

    Hi fellow legends

  48. championchap

    championchap23 dagar sedan

    I wish you wouldn’t start videos that way. It makes me feel like I’m 13 again.

  49. Alex Despain

    Alex Despain23 dagar sedan

    I heard that Rivals of Aether music at the end :) Great video as always!

  50. turK'z

    turK'z23 dagar sedan

    If dream was really innocent he wouldn’t blacklist certain words like Karl Jobst from his comment section. It’s disappointing to see really as some young kids may watch this and look up to him in some sense and the life lesson in which he is teaching is to cheat...

  51. eragon_flame

    eragon_flame24 dagar sedan

    I love the Celeste music in the background.

  52. Syirine

    Syirine24 dagar sedan

    Historic now, cheater 10 years later.

  53. diabl34

    diabl3425 dagar sedan

    A video about minecraft got the most views in last 10 months

  54. Lateralusticus

    Lateralusticus25 dagar sedan

    Although the set-seed speedruns themselves are less interesting, I find the strategies in finding those seeds to be much more interesting than random-seed speedruns

  55. Dozenazer

    Dozenazer25 dagar sedan

    couldn't he just make the odds of spawning all the structures bigger like Dream did?

  56. Kesh_Why

    Kesh_Why25 dagar sedan

    Why he sound like a robot tho

  57. Kyeda Starblessed

    Kyeda Starblessed25 dagar sedan

    Too lucky, must have cheated.

  58. Drednaught

    Drednaught25 dagar sedan

    You sound like a British version of Internet Historian.

  59. David Rosa

    David Rosa26 dagar sedan

    As for heavy rng, decision making on the fly, global path strategy and skill, I'll say Diablo 2 LoD up to hell difficulty have my favourite speedruns (^.^)

  60. Bento

    Bento26 dagar sedan

    Praise God

  61. Florida man

    Florida man26 dagar sedan

    Why are beds weapons of mass destruction lmao

  62. Fortress Fortresson

    Fortress Fortresson26 dagar sedan


  63. minigadge

    minigadge26 dagar sedan

    Korbanoes: hold my beer

  64. Aisha Costa

    Aisha Costa27 dagar sedan


  65. Aisha Costa

    Aisha Costa27 dagar sedan


  66. The Spud

    The Spud27 dagar sedan

    me who beat the game in 12 minutes in creative mode:

  67. heaNz

    heaNz27 dagar sedan

    ok speedrunning minecraft is mind blowing

  68. Yafik Najmuddin

    Yafik Najmuddin27 dagar sedan

    at least he not like dream cheater

  69. Masztufa Ä.

    Masztufa Ä.28 dagar sedan

    FTL music in the background is nice

  70. cikame

    cikame28 dagar sedan

    Hi Karl.

  71. Wicowan

    Wicowan28 dagar sedan

    record already beaten by 2 people

  72. Shade Blackwolf

    Shade Blackwolf28 dagar sedan

    to map a speedrun: goal -> dependency chain -> minimize the time for each step of dependency chain

  73. KUM0

    KUM028 dagar sedan

    I just dont find the appeal of minecraft anymore, even less a speedrun. But great video and info research.

  74. Kurachi84

    Kurachi8428 dagar sedan

    If anyone here sees old comments from me saying "minecrap", count them as expired, as i started to get at least *some* interest in the game, making me think about buying it when i have my own place. This can take years, but i doubt that this game will die that fast, seeing as even games like SMB1, which is very old, gets popular over and over again. I was a bit biased about the block graphics and had no idea about the gameplay, but i changed my mind, and grew up, so that i take my time with all topics. I'm happy to see such bland and boring looking game has way more in it than blandness has! I'm no speedrunner, streamer or even video uploader, so no one will see my own gameplay, but i'm surely gonna check out some speedruns in the future :) Thanks for another absolutely Legendary explanation, Karl!

  75. Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid

    Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid28 dagar sedan

    Minecraft is overrated.

  76. Maciek Kamil

    Maciek Kamil28 dagar sedan

    I love it when people decide to learn about something they don't understand instead of rejecting it as 'stupid' just because they don't understand it.



    The new end update will change it all I hope it changes the dragon fight and makes it a bit more hard and removes bed damage and also pirches not being random

  78. Anonymous

    Anonymous29 dagar sedan

    Who cares about Mineshit. Where are real videogames?

  79. Connor Schultz

    Connor Schultz28 dagar sedan

    Are the polygons too large for you?

  80. mr chinup

    mr chinup29 dagar sedan

    I’m almost 100% sure that TheeSizzler got the first sub 20 in rsg.. not Dimeax

  81. Weevil

    Weevil29 dagar sedan

    You really can't emphasize how antithetical Minecraft is to the traditional popular speedrun game, I remember like just 3 years ago seeing a comment from a speedrun fan who clearly didn't watch MC speedruns denouncing a WR video as boring because MC is so RNG heavy. In my view the rise of this game is significant in the grander scope of all of speedrunning, that being the idea of games being so "RNG heavy" that they can't ever sustain a speedrun scene, let alone a large one, is kind of a dead argument now.

  82. Spencer Cochran

    Spencer Cochran29 dagar sedan


  83. Matias Cufaro

    Matias Cufaro29 dagar sedan

    Thats a lot of luck! They should ban him.

  84. Simon Oliver

    Simon Oliver29 dagar sedan

    There are 4 certainties in life: Birth, Death, Taxes and Minecraft

  85. Tobias Berse

    Tobias Berse29 dagar sedan

    I don't want to be the guy but how do you know this lucky run did not happen with a manipulated RNG?

  86. Tobias Berse

    Tobias Berse28 dagar sedan

    @Jesus él McNuggetCunt yeah but still this one particular round could be manipulated. I don't believe it is, but after the one incident about faked RNG it is hard for me to not think lucky runs are cheated...

  87. Jesus él McNuggetCunt

    Jesus él McNuggetCunt29 dagar sedan

    Because he had this luck in one run out of thousands; dream had the same "luck" in all of his runs.

  88. vampir3

    vampir329 dagar sedan

    I literally thought he summoned king kong-

  89. vampir3

    vampir329 dagar sedan

    Ayo i'm the master hardcore speedrunner-

  90. Nuloo avolt

    Nuloo avolt29 dagar sedan

    It's crazy that the video describing the speedrun is longer than the speedrun itself

  91. Aydin Morris

    Aydin Morris29 dagar sedan

    Karl: "Hello, you absolute legends!" Me who is in a club called The Legends in Brawl Stars: Compliments are good, *especially* if they're true!

  92. Onomoki

    OnomokiMånad sedan

    Why did you include confirmed cheater Dreams footage?

  93. Connor Schultz

    Connor Schultz28 dagar sedan

    Why not? He has many runs that are considered legit still Edit: if people don't move on it will be toxicity that never leaves the community

  94. Humam Ghazal

    Humam GhazalMånad sedan

    Well, Since luck is a governing factor here... then it's just a matter of time till someone finds a better way. Therefore, I suggest that they give players something to begin with so they could have the same method used, and a new record can be fairly found

  95. Jonathan Nelson

    Jonathan NelsonMånad sedan

    You absolute legend.

  96. thekornreeper

    thekornreeperMånad sedan


  97. Jeronimo Castillo

    Jeronimo CastilloMånad sedan

    Hi Karl, just a not likely suggestion but you could talk about the "speedrun" of Davie 504 in bass. It could be a very interesting video.

  98. Zeke Polaris

    Zeke PolarisMånad sedan

    Watching their hand movements, I don't know if they were legit. I saw mouse movement that was not with the game. Hmmm. Must of been one of the clips that was found out that they faked it. Oh well

  99. Az Wa

    Az WaMånad sedan


  100. ABomm

    ABommMånad sedan

    The FTL soundtrack really threw me off. But I guess it's fitting for Diemax's speed.

  101. Austin

    AustinMånad sedan

    the record for 1.16 is 14 mins btw

  102. GenerationXPvP

    GenerationXPvPMånad sedan

    I’m pumped for the new doom and quake vids! Can’t wait! Great job on this one making it easier for us Gen x folk to understand 🤣

  103. Ryan Culbreath

    Ryan CulbreathMånad sedan

    A history lesson about growing popularity every video doesn’t seem necessary

  104. Evolve Some Pie

    Evolve Some PieMånad sedan

    Karl's videos are some of the best and I realise that minecraft speedruns will get covered just like any other game but my god they're boring. I can watch any other videos about games I've never played and find them fascinating but minecraft is too much. Not that it's an issue as I'm sure this won't turn into a minecraft channel but it will suck a bit when you there's a new video but... oh...

  105. CubeGamer07

    CubeGamer07Månad sedan


  106. aaronk274

    aaronk274Månad sedan

    congrats on all the new subscribers

  107. Ole Rasmussen

    Ole RasmussenMånad sedan

    Stacks of sticks. Stick stacks. Sticks that are stacked. Stacked sticks.

  108. Ole Rasmussen

    Ole RasmussenMånad sedan

    "Villages are also a good source of iron." Extract it from their blood.

  109. TeoWneD

    TeoWneDMånad sedan

    Cover Deus ex 1 speedrun :) please please please

  110. Talha Mughal

    Talha MughalMånad sedan

    "The most speedrunned game in the world" SM64: Finally a worthy opponent, Our battle will be legendary

  111. Galavis232RO

    Galavis232ROMånad sedan

    The chances of getting that path are almost as low as Dream's trading odds.

  112. Timkins

    TimkinsMånad sedan

    уу павезло павезло