2021 Housing Crash Response to MeetKevin

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Join Ken McElroy as he response to SEtoosr MeetKevin regarding his views on a 2021 housing crash. Ken walks through the reasons he sees challenging times ahead and what you should watch for in the next 12 months. You can learn more about Kevin at his channel: setoos.info
⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 Introduction
1:14 Mortgage delinquencies
3:51 Evictions
6:42 We have a housing crisis
8:35 Why are housing prices so high
13:22 Five things to watch in the next year
13:29 Prices will decrease as inventory increases
13:49 Evictions are real
15:06 Watch mortgage defaults
16:29 Study migration patterns
17:47 Pay attention to business closures
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    Thank You so much. I enjoyed your knowledge and insight.

  3. Kaylah Spann

    Kaylah SpannDag sedan

    So if I buy while it’s high and prices drop over the next several months, did I automatically loose money? My home will loose its value as more homes become available and housing prices drop again?

  4. avenger1212

    avenger121215 timmar sedan

    If that were to happen, yes. You'd be on the hook for a loan that is larger than what you could sell the house for. This is what caused a lot of people to put their house keys in the mailbox and walk away back in 2008. That said, had they been able to stay, housing prices went back up as we can see today. If you can afford the house and the mortgage and have no need to sell short term, you'd probably do fine even if prices went down.

  5. Reventure Consulting

    Reventure Consulting2 dagar sedan

    Real estate is very market-dependent these days. Some appear to be in bubbles, while others are on much firmer footing. Markets that I would avoid going forward: Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Boise.

  6. CPA Erik

    CPA Erik2 dagar sedan

    I am looking for long retirement investment because I don't want all my retirement money going into a 401K. I chose real estate because it's mostly a write off for me even if I cannot get it rented.

  7. theAnalyst

    theAnalyst2 dagar sedan

    When do you think that evictions and foreclosures will begin to hit the market in mass given the latest Biden extensions on federally backed loans? Late Spring or early Summer?

  8. John Barnette

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    Not everyone will go into rental housing. The tiny house movement was born out of the Great Recession and will increase if we have another housing crisis. I live in a rural area that had suburban homes grow up around it. My neighbor has two sheds that house relatives. Just today I saw a new shed in another rural area. It might be a "she shed" because it has curtains at the window but someone could be living in it. Communities have been against tiny homes but they are coming as a result of real estate greed versus income. Plus, some of us will not turn in our neighbors even when they are strangers we only wave at because we recognize that what is going on in America with low income jobs and no pensions is just plain wrong.

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    People use to bash the man getting wealthy off an economic collapse, now it's a lecture on youtube to follow suit.

  15. Nye Guy

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    I love the idea of waiting to buy, thinking that its going to crash. However, here in Arizona...a TON of people are still moving from CA - where prices are insane. They love these prices here in AZ. My question is, do you wait...or do you just buy now considering the huge CA migration trend alone...which hasn't seem to have stopped the last 5 years?!

  16. xdsmastermia

    xdsmastermia4 dagar sedan

    I went through 2008 crisis, lost my business and home, I was able to reinvent myself twice since then, just evolving. hard times many times, but never give up! because at the end, I made it. I just wish this message brings hope to those that lost it. good luck and be strong

  17. Tamara Bartolo

    Tamara Bartolo5 dagar sedan

    So let's ask an important question Why has the rental community felt the need to raise the rents and put people out of their homes? I feel this all ties back to greed, and income inequality that you have conveniently left out of your video.....

  18. Joe I'm j

    Joe I'm j5 dagar sedan

    No one knows what the future holds. What most likely is to happen to kill the housing market will be an unexpected spike in mortgage rates. If they go up to 4%,5%,,that will kill buyers.

  19. Rob Bobcat

    Rob Bobcat5 dagar sedan

    there might be a crash but lots of buyers are ready to buy it up. low rates wiil keep thing going... people are not fearful yet

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    So is this a bad time to buy a rental property?

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    Commercial real estate is in a real crisis. Businesses closing and others scaling down SF with remote workers. Ecommerce killing brick and mortar businesses. All combined, how will this affect real estate/economy as a whole?

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    Great information, Ken. Thank you very much for your time and for sharing.

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    Thanks Ken. Came over here on Andrei's advice. Subscribed to your channel after watching entire video. Would like to hear your take (Kevin and Andrei's also) on how this boost the market for van/RV dwelling, tiny homes, solar, and getting completely off grid. Most of the US is living beyond their means to begin with trying to keep up with the Jones' and this could be a good time for a reality check. Time to get back to basics.

  25. Mark Marvin

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    Great content Ken, you just earned a new subscriber.

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    Where can migration data be found? I am very intrigued by migration patterns as well as living situation patterns in relation to housing.

  27. GunLovinGurl S

    GunLovinGurl S8 dagar sedan

    We have to buy by summer here in Vegas. We are just starting to look and within a few days the houses I fall for have already sold. I’m so confused by all this. Do we wait or should we spring on the low interest rates?

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    record low interest rates too; eventually rates will have to rise which destroys your buying power which further puts pressure on pricing, i.e. $250,000 mortgage at 4.5% vs 2.5% adds about $300 to your payment... $300 at 4.5% is worth $59,000 in mortgage buying power... so if you can't afford the additional $300 for the higher rate, you now have to borrow $191,000 vs. $250,000 to get the roughly same payment. pricing will decrease!

  32. 193001 kiplssd

    193001 kiplssd9 dagar sedan

    how do the current mortgage delinquencies compare to 2006-2008?

  33. Teresa O'Connell

    Teresa O'Connell9 dagar sedan

    The first few years of your Mortgage payment is mostly interest and very little principle. Every time you refinance , you are falling into the trap. The banks benefit from repossessing your home and selling it to the next person. Our parents told us to stay out of debt. Try to pay cash for everything and live within your means.

  34. Breaking Balls with Tony

    Breaking Balls with Tony9 dagar sedan

    Doesn't seem like an issue in Toronto and surrounding areas. The houses keep going up and up and people keep selling and selling. And a poop box is selling for almost a million dollars. And what used to be considered a million dollar home is now a 5 million dollar home or greater. Nuts in 🇨🇦!!

  35. RobsWork Email

    RobsWork Email10 dagar sedan

    Couldn't be more wrong. Since 2008 home builders have under-built homes by 600,000 homes a year to keep up with population growth. All of the foreclosures from 2006-2008 have been sold, and millennials are now in their 30's and realize renting is a waste. People need a place to live, and they are either going to rent or buy- it's impossible to live somewhere at no cost. Makes no sense to rent when a mortgage can be obtained at 3% for 30yrs with very little cash down. Even if demand declines, there simply isn't enough supply to keep up with population growth.

  36. Triuneicthus

    Triuneicthus10 dagar sedan

    That's why Im getting out of the city/suburbs. Problem is, so is everyone else, it seems. Especially here in the bay area. Almost every house under $500,000 in the foothills/mountains is either pending or sold. And because of that the prices are going higher. I found a nice manufactured home on 25 acres with a beautiful view of Mt Shasta under the snow line. Its on solar so that will cut power costs. Here's the choice that'll make just about everyone cringe. Its 280 miles from work. However, I work 3 days, off 4. So a 560 mile commute every week, around 2000 miles a month. But the house with property is only $299,000. After calculating monthly payment and gas, the peace and quiet, no neighbors, the acreage and the views might just be worth it. What do you guys think?

  37. Carol Steinfeld

    Carol Steinfeld10 dagar sedan

    This is missing info layers: Regional variables (coastal cities stay in relatively higher demand), types of housing (condos might sink first), population (higher population than ever), not enough 3- and 4-bedroom apartments and condos, obvious relative-correction areas (the pricier cities--was happening before Covid), and foreign investment (many empty houses).

  38. My Truong

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  40. Joseph Hunter

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    I'm in so cal why is it so packed here still no one is leaving traffic getting worse houses are going for 20,000 over asking price why is the real estate market still rising up it's still red hot u can't get anything under 250,000 will it ever drop ? Btw its Jan 13th 2021 will it ever drop??

  41. Lady Seshiiria

    Lady Seshiiria10 dagar sedan

    The problem with rental housing though is that it's expensive and we're I live it's cheaper to own a home and pay the mortgage by month but you have to qualify plus the house cost itself long term is also higher. Down payment etc...

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    I agree pretty much with everything you said in the video. I've been saying some of these same things for a while now. I think the SFR boom is going to end this year and not in a good way. I was in the defaulted note (np 2nd's) business for over a decade and I really think that people holding np, 2nd position notes on residential properties might be in a really tenuous place. I think the the Feds might have to step in at some point and forgive, strip or wipe many 2nd position mortgages leaving them unsecured and very difficult for the note holders to collect on. If homeowners can't even pay their first mortgages, how can they possibly pay a second or even a 3rd?

  45. JeanClaude

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    You will have to play by ear. Keep checking home prices, how many listings come up, and so on. I'm hoping more and more listings come up so buyers get less competitive. In the meantime, keep saving and investing in liquid assets.

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    Here at PDX and I’ve been witnessing the crazy change and shortage of apartments. I’m worry honestly

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    Ken I'm curious why you feel so confident about housing when there's main stream conversation amongst Democrats about Nationalizing the Housing Industry. Not all Dems of course, but the 18-40 crowd talk about it loudly. This is also the group most in favor of the regulations that raise the prices that they then complain about and also the group most influential in this phenomenon of desperately needing to live within blocks of what they call the coolest neighborhoods which drives prices that they then complain about and coincidently they are also the ones pushing for a large increase in immigration which will put more pressure on housing and their answer is consistently that the Government needs to replace the housing market. So?

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    FACTSABULOUS DEXTER13 dagar sedan

    Yes only if the banks go down on the interest rates of which the loan has been taken for real estate.

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    Huge 9 month backlog of imports from China is coming into California so consumption is the US is still strong, making China rich. Which means more foreign buyers will come in and scoop up properties as nationals default. This has happened in Vancouver and city gov. there love the inflow of foreign money and property tax revenues. But locals hate how the city is no longer the city they grew up in.

  68. Toni Martin

    Toni Martin15 dagar sedan

    I wish it was like the old days, where people lived together.. We looked out for each other bk then.. if you were homeless.. If you had a place to go and you own a house.. I would rent it out to get rental income right? Great video.. love meet kevin videos as well.

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    For Migration Patterns you mentioned that the data is all tracked and gave some good examples but I'm wondering where we can find that data? Thanks!

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    If you lost your home to fraudclosure no one will rent to you anyway . Every one wants 3 year rental history. Pet references too. Its just a scam.

  71. Wise Up

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    Rents doubled in the last 8 Years or so. Im not finding anything worth renting in California. Absolute nightmare.

  72. Goober Fam

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    People voted cali into unlivable trash. I left 4 years ago.

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  76. Alicia Fennell

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    I don’t understand why you say at first that nobody is moving but later tell us to look at migratory patterns because people are moving all over the place. This confuses me. Lol

  77. dan herrick

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    I think there are two groups here. Those that have options(money) are staying put. Those that have no option(no money) are being forced to move.

  78. warsteiner79

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    Banks should keep evicted owners in their properties and rent to them. If the crisis is bad enough, the government could step in and make banks work with home owners.

  79. One at a Time

    One at a Time15 dagar sedan

    This didn’t age well

  80. dan herrick

    dan herrick13 dagar sedan

    How so - this is a long term cycle. The last time an event similar to this occurred in 1929 and lasted more than 10 years...

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  84. 17seventySIX

    17seventySIX16 dagar sedan

    Hey Ken, most people have their property taxes included in their payments and with tens of millions of people taking forbearance are in for a big surprise.. (trouble)

  85. Ryan Beasley

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    @La Ruiseñora they will lose their home in a Tax sale

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  92. ClassicExampleBand

    ClassicExampleBand16 dagar sedan

    You really have to be careful when predicting any kind of crash. It's basically impossible to predict when it will happen, although it's possible to predict that it will happen eventually. I predict that. But that being said, if I predict a crash in the next 100 years, that's no accomplishment.

  93. dan herrick

    dan herrick12 dagar sedan

    Look at it this way. What has not happened for about 100 years, that happens about every 100 years. Look at the event in 2008, an event that caused the crash your talking about. The reason it did not happen in 2008 was the printing of money from thin air - thus pushing the enivitable down into the future and making the inevitable worse. And then you have a health crisis putting the nail in the coffin. The tidal wave is coming, it just can't be seen if you don't look up and see it. Actually the wave came in in 2008 already, it's just everyone has a bag of printed money over their heads, and it only appears to be alright...

  94. KG B

    KG B17 dagar sedan

    He said People loose their houses and homelessness is a big problem as seen in Portland, Seattle, and California (all democratic governments) And people think biden, pelosi, and the like will be the people to fix the impending crash? There will be millions of homeless across America! OMG is America in trouble!

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  99. Numantino312

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    you spoke a couple of things out of chronological order (not like "you're out of order") 16:30 you mention migration patterns. cos yes, on paper at least, something like 300,000 people have piled out of new york city alone, and likely a lot more. not just the ccp flu, it's also the riots/looting/burning: nyc, mpls, chicago, seattle, portland, kenosha, etc. people want to get away from that shit now, and they are willing to risk impoverishment next year so long as it means they are in hopefully safer environs. 9:00 "cos people don't want to move right now". sir, people are a step away from running for their lives. and you then talked about inventory numbers as if the above were not even happening. inventory is quite high in above locales. in the places those people want to run to, it is indeed quite low. in context of nyc, people are buying houses sight-unseen with both hands in connecticut, jersey, catskills, hudson valley, pennsylvania, ohio, carolinas, south florida, and many more. ny plates are showing up on roads pretty far out of the city. this last item only adds to what you speak of: this year is going to have TONS of layoffs. companies sent staffers to work from home almost a year ago, and sat in holding patter to wait-and-see. calendar has moved from 2020 to 2021. so many offices, departments, facilities, schools/universities, etc have now waited and seen. with such ugliness in view, lots of further ugly decisions are going to be made: closures and layoffs. so many people have been quite ok with the lockdowns while working from home, though how will they view same lockdowns when their own jobs get axed? especially at same time as millions of others?

  100. Morena4u88

    Morena4u8817 dagar sedan

    They just extended the moratorium and rent relief here in LA, does that mean it will delay the prices of houses going down?

  101. John Avanti

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    In affluent areas like NJ, NY, CT, CA etc is property taxes. People can't afford excessive property taxes. Take away the property taxes mortgages are cheap.

  102. J Z

    J Z17 dagar sedan

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  104. Dean Thomas

    Dean Thomas17 dagar sedan

    Anyone who understands inflation and the 2008 crash, the early 90's crash and all the others that occurred every 15 years or so will understand how a market cannot sustain a continued price increase of 15-20% when the cost of living wage increase is at a 3% increase. My opinion is an additional 18% average increase before a dramatic crash. This will continue into the red as retail real estate vacancy's escalate and the banks must compensate for this great financial loss. As the wealthy Wall Street investors take their profits and run the financial institutions will be faced with additional worries. Additionally, as long as the American people continue to be lied to by the government, Wall Street and other influences they will continue to fall further into this tornado.

  105. Shina Thomas

    Shina Thomas18 dagar sedan

    I'm ready to get my Real Estate biz up and running Thanks for your Video's.


    VISIONS By ANNA CORRAL18 dagar sedan

    okay since you're into slicing and dicing and talking your truth let's talk about how Los Angeles in 2016 had a projection of 800,000 people that they wanted to leave while they were redeveloping and let's say regentrifying for many again I'm sorry you can say and think and know whatever you do from your perspective but I'm in these streets and I've listened to these conversations conversations I shouldn't even have knowledge and awareness of I know exactly what's been going on in California I know exactly why they've been trying to see how the public would feel about splitting the state up whether it was redistributing regions or whether they make it north and south there's more going on here than what you may know or you're admitting

  107. Double Down

    Double Down18 dagar sedan

    Outstanding analysis, Ken. I think the idea that the real estate market can keep defying gravity as the economy as a whole is imploding, is at best naive. A market with high demand and raising values for residential real estate, is necessarily dependent on people having jobs and businesses. What happens when a very significant percentage of those jobs and businesses just evaporate, never to return? Gravity will kick in... And don't even get me started on commercial real estate and it's future....

  108. Arlys Spiker

    Arlys Spiker18 dagar sedan

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  109. YEBY Trades

    YEBY Trades18 dagar sedan

    Over 40 million people are out of work. Once federal protection is removed we will see a massive housing crash. We will have millions of foreclosures. House of cards.

  110. Joe Primal

    Joe Primal17 dagar sedan

    With tonight's election in Georgia, we now have Biden with both houses of congress. They will keep the protections and keep printing money. That will extend things, and what happens after that I have no idea.

  111. Blaine

    Blaine18 dagar sedan

    can we get an update on this video? I feel like it's still very relevent, and prices are still peaking but with inventory being so crazy low or homes being so over priced, something has to give. $600 economic relief, and even a Democratic president doesn't guarantee people who are behind on mortgage for many months will be bailed out. Any update on this video would be much appreciated!

  112. Mark Dilley

    Mark Dilley18 dagar sedan

    Yep say goodbye to the equity in your home in 2021 especially in California thanks to Gavin Nuisance.

  113. Jason

    Jason18 dagar sedan

    I predict prices will plateau for the next 5 years or so. Gov't bailouts will prevent a crash. Once covid is over in the summer, a level of optimism and excitement never seen in our lifetimes will lead to another Roaring 20s as entrepreneur innovation and creative endeavors skyrocket.

  114. dan herrick

    dan herrick12 dagar sedan

    Nice thoughts - I see a darker future - but your senario could have happened if 2008 wasn't printed over and we fixed the patient then... Now we will see if the rest of the world is stupid enough to accept the US dollar as valuable. If THIS does not happen we are screwed. If the world does accept the dollar - your senario might play out...