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  1. Jlovedown McHoedown

    Jlovedown McHoedown13 minuter sedan

    This video fills me with existential dread

  2. Purpp Goku

    Purpp Goku13 minuter sedan

    Jontron is the Miura of old school content creators.

  3. Black Dad

    Black Dad25 minuter sedan

    I crunch my toilet paper

  4. Liam Knox

    Liam Knox51 minut sedan

    Make bids once a week please bro

  5. Little Alex

    Little AlexTimme sedan

    It's so weird how good the quality is, you dont get this much on SEtoos. But when you do its epic.

  6. AWDproductions

    AWDproductionsTimme sedan

    I'd like to think Kardashians need the comfort wipe

  7. Bárt Brokovník

    Bárt BrokovníkTimme sedan

    this is the first video from you that i saw and a milisecond in I SEE A MEME wow :D

  8. malo the random dragon

    malo the random dragonTimme sedan

    Jontron dummy thicc Man be walking I hear him 31 blocks away he needs the comfort wipe deluxe + edition for that dumptruck

  9. malo the random dragon

    malo the random dragonTimme sedan

    9 months man.

  10. malo the random dragon

    malo the random dragonTimme sedan

    9 months man.

  11. Jay Dabbelju

    Jay DabbeljuTimme sedan

    Now I want a tactical nail clipper with an acog.

  12. Polo_Sheridan

    Polo_Sheridan2 timmar sedan

    Well guys I will see you next year when he uploads another new video.

  13. Gaby B.

    Gaby B.2 timmar sedan

    Look at the shape of my weird body

  14. Andrea Frasca

    Andrea Frasca2 timmar sedan

    Uhmmmm... I may be late to this buuuuuuuuuuut... where's the parrot?

  15. Kool aid Man

    Kool aid Man2 timmar sedan

    8:21 😳

  16. Neglected Oreo

    Neglected Oreo2 timmar sedan

    4:33 40 degrees celsius about 104 F; how tf will that not burn an old person

  17. ice of astak

    ice of astak2 timmar sedan

    the man behind the slaughter

  18. Dr. Proktor

    Dr. Proktor3 timmar sedan

    ,,Ok, now, you have my attention" could be a similar meme with ,,I'll take your entire stock"

  19. music with feeling Ayahuasc-E

    music with feeling Ayahuasc-E3 timmar sedan

    I thought that dude put a gun on the robot

  20. Pep

    Pep4 timmar sedan

    Jon Trons comedy is golden

  21. Lilycheese4

    Lilycheese44 timmar sedan

    Does anybody know where the heck Jon's merch store went?

  22. Lilycheese4

    Lilycheese42 timmar sedan

    @Emily An Maybe I'm dumb maybe I'm somehow doing this wrong but I SWEAR his merch store is just GONE and I have no idea if he said something about it and I missed it.

  23. Nick Dahl

    Nick Dahl5 timmar sedan

    Algorithm didn't even push this to me, had to search it up cuz was wondering what Jon was up ta. Come on youtube you know I wanted this

  24. Emerald Gamer12

    Emerald Gamer125 timmar sedan

    6:45 OkAy NoW YoU hAvE My AtTeNtIoN

  25. SomeKindaHero117

    SomeKindaHero1176 timmar sedan

    Jon, I'm so curious on what you do when you're not occasionally remembering you have a SEtoos channel

  26. Vincent van Hal

    Vincent van Hal6 timmar sedan

    Praise the Jon "comfort wipe" Tron!

  27. ham sandwich

    ham sandwich6 timmar sedan

    The King has returned

  28. Logan Reed

    Logan Reed7 timmar sedan

    When your dance partner gives you Vietnam flashbacks

  29. Heavy Weapons Bird

    Heavy Weapons Bird7 timmar sedan

    Don't leave me...

  30. The Batman

    The Batman9 timmar sedan


  31. Kyle Tanking

    Kyle Tanking9 timmar sedan

    That’s a great pulp fiction poster

  32. a b

    a b9 timmar sedan

    its been fun jon, see you next year!

  33. Skitch

    Skitch10 timmar sedan

    8:59 *"Life is hell this way"*

  34. Brian McCarty

    Brian McCarty12 timmar sedan

    O K N O W Y O U H A V E M Y A T T E N T I O N

  35. roboiago

    roboiago13 timmar sedan

    that friggin ending killed me lmfao

  36. Falco Wings

    Falco Wings15 timmar sedan

    Wat?! WTF?!

  37. zefg123

    zefg12315 timmar sedan

    Cant smile. Face is swollen up from surgery. Johny boy makes me happy

  38. Atharva Saxena

    Atharva Saxena15 timmar sedan

    Ah yes, after years of studies and research we finnally found it The weapon against humanity *A nail cutter with a Acog 4x sight*

  39. R

    R16 timmar sedan

    the robot is just a hunk of plastic with wheels and an ipad

  40. Oliver Koogler

    Oliver Koogler16 timmar sedan

    Thanks to 6:34, I can't take a shit without thinking about Jon.

  41. Great Yeeter

    Great Yeeter16 timmar sedan

    The Korean people literally said that Korea is one of the fastest aging countries... LIKE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AGING FASTER WUT

  42. Negative -

    Negative -16 timmar sedan


  43. Jacob Ooten

    Jacob Ooten17 timmar sedan

    The Elder Scrolls joke had me rolling 15:09

  44. Grandmother Productions

    Grandmother Productions17 timmar sedan

    Hey! I scrunch, maaaaan!

  45. Mister Bones

    Mister Bones17 timmar sedan


  46. Idiot Gamer

    Idiot Gamer17 timmar sedan


  47. what Joshua

    what Joshua18 timmar sedan

    The longer you don’t post I do hardcore drugs

  48. Wrong Channel

    Wrong Channel18 timmar sedan

    Hey what happened to your bird?

  49. Vex Zorro

    Vex Zorro19 timmar sedan

    Jon got thicc around 8:30

  50. tawhid raiyan

    tawhid raiyan19 timmar sedan


  51. 孫࿆悟空࿆SonGoku

    孫࿆悟空࿆SonGoku19 timmar sedan

    What?What the Fuck

  52. Jayzard231

    Jayzard23120 timmar sedan

    Jontron: *tries to do kane fu* Instructor: and stealing her child

  53. Ethan Fillman

    Ethan Fillman20 timmar sedan

    Hey jon, did Oj ever get even with you on Twitter? It’s 32 cause that was his number

  54. Saxy Dude

    Saxy Dude20 timmar sedan

    The way the lady talks about the robot is so sad, someone just visit her or take care of her Jesus Christ

  55. Stewie Raney

    Stewie Raney20 timmar sedan

    Review Y2K The MOVIE

  56. Jonathan Devers

    Jonathan Devers20 timmar sedan

    Rudy would actually be a pretty sick invention if its applications and design weren’t so limited. R2D2 irl

  57. Lemonwhisper

    Lemonwhisper21 timme sedan

    The door is locked

  58. Evaristo Loves Miracle Wolfie

    Evaristo Loves Miracle Wolfie21 timme sedan

    What? What tha fuck? Meme of that guy

  59. Lady Owl

    Lady Owl21 timme sedan

    Every moment of this video was a freaking gold mine 👌

  60. Lopeli

    Lopeli21 timme sedan

    Jon Tron cured my depression.

  61. Kejiri

    Kejiri21 timme sedan

    Video parodying product commercials... Also Jontron ad for honey : D But fun video!

  62. Noah Blenden

    Noah Blenden21 timme sedan

    Glad to see you are posting again

  63. Justin Janicki

    Justin Janicki22 timmar sedan

    Remember when he made awesomely insane video game reviews? But at least caddicarus has filled that hole.

  64. John Doe

    John Doe22 timmar sedan

    Jon tron please stop ending your videos

  65. ————

    ————22 timmar sedan

    I only know you from the memes

  66. Captain Autism

    Captain Autism23 timmar sedan

    Just incase anyone didn't know because I didn't either, perforation is a small hole in something (or a hole in the ground, to use the comfort wipe in)

  67. Isaac Portillo

    Isaac Portillo23 timmar sedan

    good to have you back Jon

  68. Chad Cuckproducer

    Chad Cuckproducer23 timmar sedan

    13:45 Squidbillies: Now that is just sad as hell...

  69. Naveed Butt

    Naveed Butt23 timmar sedan

    Return of the King

  70. Potato es

    Potato esDag sedan


  71. kvntckr

    kvntckrDag sedan

    The Skyrim bit took me out

  72. Kade Scroggins

    Kade ScrogginsDag sedan

    It’s to the point everyone of his videos is gonna start with “im back!!”

  73. gill s

    gill sDag sedan

    the face mask thing was in the move holy man. Pretty funny

  74. charles neal

    charles nealDag sedan

    i missed you so much @jontronshow you are so funny man thank you for making funny videos

  75. TETP

    TETPDag sedan

    look! it da guy in da memes!

  76. Alex Fox

    Alex FoxDag sedan

    This Skyrim bit, 15:10, had me on the floor XD

  77. crimson red

    crimson redDag sedan

    Great now we have to wait another 268 days for John to upload again

  78. Ramiel Scream

    Ramiel ScreamDag sedan

    Remember when jontron used to make videogame reviews and didnt hate immigrants?

  79. Yasuke

    YasukeDag sedan

    No but I remember when I became your step father, biggest disappointment but also happiest day of my life cause your mom sure has cake

  80. Kenneth Latorre

    Kenneth LatorreDag sedan

    Living rent free in your head isn’t he?

  81. Forgotten-child

    Forgotten-childDag sedan

    All hail the king

  82. Ben Franklin

    Ben FranklinDag sedan

    Take off two years and then release two back to back episodes in the same week. The internet would explode.

  83. Jaydon Nixon

    Jaydon NixonDag sedan

    *The avatar has returned*

  84. Greg Jenkinson

    Greg JenkinsonDag sedan

    1:28 "fastest aging??" does time move quicker in Korea? Is there some kind of reverse-fountain of youth tainting the water supply?

  85. That One Dude beatbox

    That One Dude beatboxDag sedan


  86. Simplelodon

    SimplelodonDag sedan

    OwO will not comment on this comment

  87. Jack Neeson

    Jack NeesonDag sedan

    10:25 Of course she doesn't consult her nonexistant cauldron, Jon. That's what the Magic Mirror is for. Also, how old is this infomercial? Is it from the early 90s or the late 80s? It's fucking d e e p f r i e d .

  88. Raphael Surisantos

    Raphael SurisantosDag sedan

    oK nOw YoU hAVe mY AttEnTioN

  89. Jerko Ardalić

    Jerko ArdalićDag sedan

    If i was someones grandpa and they bought me a robot to take care of me id hang myself with the powercord.

  90. Emily Treu

    Emily TreuDag sedan

    dude every video you have me laughing like crazy

  91. pragaro bliūdelis

    pragaro bliūdelisDag sedan

    If my grandpa put on that mask i would run away from her

  92. TheValorous

    TheValorousDag sedan

    Not laughed so much at a SEtoos video in so long. Absolutely crying.

  93. Mikiehil Robinson

    Mikiehil RobinsonDag sedan


  94. Owen Bain

    Owen BainDag sedan



    MILES SCHOENDag sedan

    4:09 Looks at tv, see a bunch of guys twerking also so glad you're back

  96. Wanupgurl

    WanupgurlDag sedan

    can you please do another flex seal video? they have a new product a paste this time. and welcome back.

  97. Jared Ross

    Jared RossDag sedan

    When the world needed him most...he was doing something else...but he's back now, so let's watch.

  98. Arrex Prox

    Arrex ProxDag sedan

    When's the next video?

  99. vuk

    vukDag sedan

    Is it to late to say i miss the game reviews

  100. Kenneth Latorre

    Kenneth LatorreDag sedan

    No. You can miss them, nothing wrong with that.

  101. Etzerdlas Gaudistuben

    Etzerdlas GaudistubenDag sedan

    you are gay

  102. thewarpotato Ofc

    thewarpotato OfcDag sedan

    What you see as a love one I see as easy money -Sun tzu

  103. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDag sedan

    See you in 2022

  104. Slimmon

    SlimmonDag sedan

    I used to be a scruncher. Until I realised folding was easier

  105. Frenchfry Waffle

    Frenchfry WaffleDag sedan

    Just get a bidet