Donald Trump Being an Absolutely Awful President (Part 3) | The Russell Howard Channel

As Donald Trump prepares to leave the White House with two impeachments under his belt, here is the third instalment of 'Trump Being Awful' from The Russell Howard Hour.
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  1. Homer Milkshake

    Homer Milkshake6 dagar sedan

    I'd love to see a series on Biden being an awful president. My guess is 5 parts at least.

  2. The Ebony Dragon

    The Ebony Dragon3 dagar sedan

    He would at most be able to make 1 part and it would be about a quarter of the time

  3. Olly Goddard

    Olly Goddard8 dagar sedan

    absolute helmet. glad to see the back of him.

  4. Granny M

    Granny M8 dagar sedan

    I never believed for a second that Trump had covid. I think it was all staged in an attempt to make him look invincible, or that it wasn't a serious threat.

  5. Max football fans channel

    Max football fans channel10 dagar sedan


  6. Amo Shan

    Amo Shan10 dagar sedan


  7. Joshua Bedding

    Joshua Bedding17 dagar sedan

    I love that this is 30 minutes and is PART 3 XD

  8. OP 1000

    OP 100017 dagar sedan

    OMG he actually looks like Greta.

  9. Jimmy Ricardo

    Jimmy Ricardo17 dagar sedan

    A can of alphabet soup.......

  10. Blak GOLD

    Blak GOLD18 dagar sedan

    While we in UK knew that we would have to live with the covid. Its hear to stay!

  11. Rhiannon Thomas-Williams

    Rhiannon Thomas-Williams23 dagar sedan

    How to trigger a trumpflake. Tell the truth.

  12. Adam Ibrahim

    Adam Ibrahim23 dagar sedan

    28:08 "staticsics" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Sandra Lunø Kristensen

    Sandra Lunø Kristensen26 dagar sedan

    Trump IS a modern Henry VIII

  14. James Spencer

    James Spencer26 dagar sedan

    Thank you Russell, I'm American and i HATE DUMPY TRUMPY

  15. CandyLover556

    CandyLover55627 dagar sedan

    suomi mainittu TORILLE

  16. shelley nutting

    shelley nutting27 dagar sedan

    health professionals yes, front line workers masks everyday masks save lives every single day. the do not inhibit breathing at all, trump said its a hoax? but was medicated and then become a major spreader the man is a moron.🤞good luck USA

  17. Evan Hanley

    Evan HanleyMånad sedan

    Man he went hard on Trump. I laughed so hard on this. Well done Russell.

  18. Scruffy Mcfly

    Scruffy McflyMånad sedan

    Sadly the Trump cultists have found this video.

  19. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    They're like cockroaches behind the oven

  20. Arun Holy

    Arun HolyMånad sedan

    Why did he look like Greta

  21. mean darroni

    mean darroniMånad sedan

    "You can't compare golf to shooting" (Compares golf to shooting literally seconds later.) WTF Russ?

  22. Varuni Parihar

    Varuni PariharMånad sedan

    b r u h

  23. mean darroni

    mean darroniMånad sedan

    @The Ebony Dragon Wait. A celebrity "joking" about how awful Trump is? But, that's so original I never would have guessed! 🤣🤦‍♂️

  24. The Ebony Dragon

    The Ebony DragonMånad sedan

    He was joking to show how moronic trump was being if you used your Brain

  25. mean darroni

    mean darroniMånad sedan


  26. RADICAL_ GAMING_2520

    RADICAL_ GAMING_2520Månad sedan

    Willy wonkas favorite worker

  27. Music Old

    Music OldMånad sedan


  28. Loz

    Loz2 dagar sedan

    Haha. Someone cant take humor

  29. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow WolfMånad sedan

    27:12 this is his actual unedited speech

  30. Marc Cummings

    Marc CummingsMånad sedan

    Thank you you always make me laugh a really big fan of yours

  31. TTU

    TTUMånad sedan

    Kinda says a lot when about Trump when you can make a 3 part series of 30 minute videos

  32. Jonny hill123

    Jonny hill123Månad sedan

    Who remembers when russel wasn't political and was actually funny

  33. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    You realize this is a video about the tangerine, right? It's going to be political, fucking morons these days.

  34. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    When was he not political?

  35. Loz

    Loz23 dagar sedan

    @Jonny hill123 Yah

  36. Jonny hill123

    Jonny hill12323 dagar sedan

    @Loz nah

  37. Loz

    Loz23 dagar sedan

    Hes still funny

  38. megan robb

    megan robbMånad sedan

    Alright lefty

  39. Loz

    Loz23 dagar sedan

    Alright snowflake

  40. Morro I

    Morro IMånad sedan

    I love that they are in parts 😂 and this is already part. 3

  41. Geez lou eeze

    Geez lou eezeMånad sedan

    I don't like how he talks at times but I'm confused as to the massive hatred based on his actual achievements, These are facts so don't get upset because facts don't care about your feelings 😂 No wars in 4 years as president. 10 year funding for historically Black colleges and universities (Obama made them beg for it every year) His vote doubled with the lgbqt community from 14% in 2016 to 28% this time round. He got twice as many votes from black people as any republican ever. Gained massively with Latinos. He got 10m more votes in 2020 than 2016 Obama got 3.5m less votes in his second term. Did more for peace in the middle East than any previous leader in any country. He was the first president to come into office in full support of gay marriage. He went after child traffickers in a massive way 6500 arrests in his first year alone, again Obama did nothing close to that in 8 years. Prison reform that saw lots of people (mainly young black men) released from jail for silly minor offences they had been serving time for. The best unemployment rate in years (pre covid) the economy was booming. Opportunity zones in the worst parts of the country that again massively benefit minority communities. So what is it everyone hates so much? Policy wise not silly things he says on twitter. They say he is racist yet every black person that has ever met him or worked with him says that's the furthest thing from the truth. They say he is homophobic yet he back gay marriage and has more support with the gay community than in 2016. They say he is a misogynist but he put more females in positions of power in the white House than any previous President. The BBC/msm doesn't care about facts that's obvious but someone like Russel should do more research. You just look dumb when you comment on stuff you've not looked into properly.

  42. Geez lou eeze

    Geez lou eeze2 dagar sedan

    @Shikari Fox my point being was we had zero cubicles and everyone just got changed amongst each other with no adults about. If the year 11 was in from the lesson before the year 7 thats 11 year olds and 16 year olds and in America they go until they are older than we do in the UK. 9 years? What are you talking about sorry you'll need to elaborate more.

  43. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox2 dagar sedan

    @Geez lou eeze I don't support anybody, all the people in power are fucked up and are bringing this planet to its end, there's 9 years left on the clock before the fireworks start. And no, I am not a parent nor will I ever be one. Also you misinterpreted what I meant, I meant standing by an enclosed cubicle whilst the child is getting changed, would not have meant in a disturbingly close space.

  44. Geez lou eeze

    Geez lou eeze2 dagar sedan

    @Shikari Fox clearly you either aren't a parent or never went to school?? We were never supervised while getting changed, thankfully or I would of had questions about my teachers 😂 Your clearly not very bright if you blame a man who wasn't even involved in politics for much more than 5 years for all of a countries problems, yet support someone who has been involved for 50 years 8 of them as second in command and achieved nothing but voting for wars being openly racist and now absolutely destroying womens rights. By the way i don't support either im merely a spectator looking from a far and laughing and the mess being caused by the new admin its so much fun when it doesn't affect you. Also nancy or whatever your called snowflake, why is everyone or half the planet going to die? 😂 Dramatic as ever from the left.

  45. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    @Geez lou eeze What the fuck is with your changing room example? Children aged 7 should be supervised by a legal guardian in places like that. Also if you support the tangerine you need to get your head checked. The war hasn't started while he was president but he *does* start it and half the planet will die because his supporters made him feel immortal. I hope you're happy with yourself.

  46. Geez lou eeze

    Geez lou eeze11 dagar sedan

    @Allana Giles are you part of the American lgbqt community? It is weird that twice of many of them as 4 years ago disagree with you so much they went and voted for him? Are you a bit homophobic really don't think they are capable of making a decision for themselves? Do the Chinese/Iranian/Russian armies allow transgender people to join? That's just being a strong leader and also as a parent I'd be way more comfortable knowing that someone of the opposite sex can't suddenly decide on a Monday they are going to dress a bit differently tomorrow so they can then just use the changing rooms of the opposite sex. Would you be comfortable with your 7 year old daughter sharing a changing room with a 17 year old man? Also I never claimed Trump in anyway liked them caring is a feeling I'm dealing with facts remember just stated the fact his support doubled so again you failed miserably. Makesure you @ me when you reply don't try sneaking one in again. 😂 Anything more you need? To prove every single thing I said as fact? 😂

  47. Miranda Christina

    Miranda ChristinaMånad sedan

    I love it when trump 'dances'!

  48. Ellis Baynham

    Ellis BaynhamMånad sedan

    He literally looks like that girl

  49. Music Old

    Music OldMånad sedan

    Test kit Vaccines are the Trojan Horses. That turn off your emmune System then the Antidote will destroy your DNA, with the Geniside Depopulation killer Vaccines.

  50. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    @Emporio ACAB No that happens in 2029. Wrong year bud.

  51. Allana Giles

    Allana Giles11 dagar sedan

    if i have no dna then i wont have my XX chromosomes, bring it on

  52. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    You're right brother the vaccines will turn us into transgender atheist catboys

  53. Nik Dog

    Nik DogMånad sedan

    Would help if you spelt 'immune' properly.

  54. SnakeDrummer 573

    SnakeDrummer 573Månad sedan

    ‘If that specimens a clinically obese satsuma’

  55. Kya B

    Kya BMånad sedan

    Hmm a politician ignoring danger risks to citizens because he doesn't want a panic or to tank the economy leading to more people dying when they didn't have to. I feel like I've seen this before.

  56. Seriaz Sound

    Seriaz SoundMånad sedan

    In further news: Water!...Its slightly wetter than you thought!

  57. Paul Brunton

    Paul BruntonMånad sedan


  58. ESF

    ESFMånad sedan

    Trump the best president you have seen in your lifetimes. Your pretty dumb tbf

  59. Loz

    Loz23 dagar sedan

    A pile of shit would be a better President than Trump

  60. The Ebony Dragon

    The Ebony DragonMånad sedan

    I would be a better president

  61. Iwan Morris

    Iwan MorrisMånad sedan

    “This is a fraud on the American public” Allow me to translate it for you “I can’t take a loss” 😂

  62. Cookie Loop

    Cookie LoopMånad sedan

    As someone that had Dexamethasone treatment, at injection every single milometer of skin that had hair itched like crazy, especially my butthole.

  63. Scott Grattan

    Scott GrattanMånad sedan

    He's ranked literally the best in US history. So your comments are ridiculous. Typical lefty. 🤷

  64. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox2 dagar sedan

    @Scott Grattan Sure thing babe.

  65. Scott Grattan

    Scott Grattan2 dagar sedan

    @Shikari Fox I sure did darling

  66. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox2 dagar sedan

    @Scott Grattan If only you meant it.

  67. Scott Grattan

    Scott Grattan2 dagar sedan

    @Shikari Fox my apologies,

  68. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    @Scott Grattan Don't bring the lord into this, she's mad at you right now.

  69. Michael Lockey

    Michael LockeyMånad sedan

    Hes nothing but a leftist perfectic man has not a clue Biden been president for barely 2 weeks already cost 10s off thousands jobs. O and in bed with china trump best president in a very long time and done exactly what he said he would when he was elected

  70. Lily Elliott

    Lily ElliottMånad sedan

    Everyone who supports Trump and hates Biden should watch this XD

  71. Dean Cossins

    Dean CossinsMånad sedan

    Only young snowflakes would find this crap funny 👎

  72. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    Keep crying lol

  73. The Ebony Dragon

    The Ebony DragonMånad sedan

    Your the one crying about this

  74. Iwan Morris

    Iwan MorrisMånad sedan

    In that case, I’m a young snowflake

  75. Steven middlehurst

    Steven middlehurstMånad sedan

    Being Russel Howard horrendous comedian seen better comedians in a Buddhist temple .

  76. Milky Way 66

    Milky Way 66Månad sedan

    Masks don't work Russell. Bit like your 'comedy'.

  77. The Ebony Dragon

    The Ebony DragonMånad sedan

    Better than not wearing a mask

  78. Jacke Christensen

    Jacke ChristensenMånad sedan

    Laugh at Trump while Biden sells out US to China

  79. Mr.Piggles

    Mr.PigglesMånad sedan

    02:31 "what a fucking moron" understatment of the decade

  80. C Has Left This Plane

    C Has Left This PlaneMånad sedan

    I remember when I had to worry about the California wildfires. Whenever they would come close enough for the smoke levels to be dangerous we would always pack the car with essentials just in case. It was terrifying, and I hate it when people say the issue isn't Global Warming. It most definitely is, and the state of California proves that. There is a fire that wipes out acres every year there, they have been in a drought for about a decade and a half, but just 2 decades ago you could wake up to a little bit of frost on a winter morning. These fires have taken more than just homes, they've taken traditions, like children sliding across the ice in the mornings

  81. Louie Cypher

    Louie CypherMånad sedan

    5:24 He might have found those 12k votes he needed.... if he hadn't killed them let's not critisize too much

  82. Owen Jolley 3

    Owen Jolley 3Månad sedan

    Plot twist: the drugs he took were actually tanning pills.

  83. Jack Uk

    Jack UkMånad sedan

    I don’t agree with you, most American police shootings are justified. + it’s not the polices fault! It’s about how many guns they have in America so they have to have guns.

  84. Jack Uk

    Jack Uk11 dagar sedan

    @Allana Giles I said **most**

  85. Allana Giles

    Allana Giles11 dagar sedan

    @Jack Uk i mean you heavily implied it. you said police shootings were justified and and she was just one example of a police shooting

  86. Jack Uk

    Jack Uk11 dagar sedan

    @Allana Giles I never said that?

  87. Allana Giles

    Allana Giles11 dagar sedan

    @Jack Uk ah so your saying that the death if brianna taylor was justified even though she committed no crime and was sleeping peacefully shortly before her murder. got it thanks xoxo

  88. Jack Uk

    Jack Uk11 dagar sedan

    @Allana Giles please learn how to read. I said justified

  89. Lee Johnson

    Lee JohnsonMånad sedan

    Now do Biden...... heres some material- day one in office sacks a black man, stops xl pipeline putting thousands out of work with no notice. The oil and gas now having to be transported via environmentally friendly Rail. Transgenders now allowed in women’s sport..... but you won’’s the BBC

  90. Allana Giles

    Allana Giles11 dagar sedan

    this show isnt even on the bbc lmao its on sky. get your simple facts right before trying to talk about big brain shit like politics

  91. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    Donald Trump has been nominated for the World's Biggest Liar this year and could win it by ALOT!

  92. paul charlesworth

    paul charlesworthMånad sedan

    Wow great gretta

  93. AJ

    AJMånad sedan

    Trash and not funny.

  94. AJ

    AJMånad sedan

    @Darren James Yea but it’s the same thing we’ve heard for years it’s just not funny or original. It’s ok I can see the TDS in this comment section is rampant 🤣

  95. AJ

    AJMånad sedan

    Not upset at all, but after 4 years of trump bashing media this just isn’t funny or new.

  96. Iwan Morris

    Iwan MorrisMånad sedan

    Aww is someone upset that me comedian has a different political view than the average American

  97. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    Brilliant it is so true he is such a fool, an embarrassment to the whole world to laugh at.

  98. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovMånad sedan

    Happy every day

  99. MagicMarvin33

    MagicMarvin33Månad sedan

    I normally like you but I don't know I don't even like Trump but I just found this weak.

  100. Devin Tazzetto

    Devin TazzettoMånad sedan

    Just wanted to say, as an American, that this is the best comedy about Trump I've heard

  101. Ian

    IanMånad sedan

    You need a new subject as none of that was funny!! The President is responsible for the federal government!! Not State government!!!

  102. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    it was hilarious, Trump is so stupid!

  103. pisswobble

    pisswobbleMånad sedan

    Donald Trump terrible president 🤔Biden, hold my beer

  104. Cheato1

    Cheato1Månad sedan

    This aged poorly, hope everyone like biden being in xD destroyed the american economy in 1 day, already got an impeachment being filed and destroyed tens of thousands of jobs, in 1 single day. Enjoy beijing biden.

  105. C

    CMånad sedan

    @Leone Yakuba what is he doing that trump did?

  106. Cheato1

    Cheato1Månad sedan

    @cacaty Or the position has so much power that they can sign some paper and do so much damage without repercussion. Hes a disgrace and those that support him are either idiots, invested or uneducated in governing matters.

  107. cacaty

    cacatyMånad sedan

    If Biden can undo trump work in 1 day, therefore trump's were not effective enough

  108. Leone Yakuba

    Leone YakubaMånad sedan

    @C the truth is , biden talked shit bout trump , but is doing the same thing as trump did

  109. C

    CMånad sedan

    None of this is true lol, good try.

  110. Glen Carter

    Glen CarterMånad sedan

    Who built the cages Joe?

  111. Brook Productions

    Brook ProductionsMånad sedan

    Were they shouting stop the count or stop the c*nt?

  112. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    I'd say the latter but no one listened.

  113. Paul Barber

    Paul BarberMånad sedan

    Perfectly stated by Russell, "what a fucking moron" Trump is..02:28

  114. Ivan Itczykok

    Ivan ItczykokMånad sedan

    What you going to do now that the comedic gift that keeps giving has now gone and you have Boring Biden in office?

  115. Ivan Itczykok

    Ivan Itczykok2 dagar sedan

    Oh I hope he comes back and tries again!!! That would be hilarious 🤣 😆 😂

  116. Shikari Fox

    Shikari Fox3 dagar sedan

    You forget that he still exists, the buffoon will strike again.

  117. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    got rid of crazy liar trump, the world sighs a relief trumpy the unhinged has left the building for good!

  118. Jordacai

    JordacaiMånad sedan

    Haa russel howard going in on trump just like most celebs, I guess he had to revive his career somehow

  119. Jordacai

    JordacaiMånad sedan

    Wow russel Howard getting political and completely chatting shit, let's all shit on Trump with complete lies and misinformation

  120. Axl Dave

    Axl DaveMånad sedan

    Oof, it's painful to see just how gullible and easily fooled people like Russell Howard are. Really makes you despair for the future when comedians become nothing more than props for the corrupt establishment. Used to be they were the ones challenging it.

  121. Axl Dave

    Axl Dave22 dagar sedan

    @Emporio ACAB "The people toeing the line and reinforcing the status quo aren't establishment, but the guy who challenges all the systemic bias and corruption totally is" Lol, whatever you say, dude. Keep chugging down that kool aid 😂

  122. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    Comedians are the establishment but Donald Trump isn't. Ok dude

  123. Axl Dave

    Axl Dave28 dagar sedan

    @Darren James Sounds a lot like a programmed response, does that. It's worrying how willing people like you are to be so easily manipulated and used.

  124. Darren James

    Darren James28 dagar sedan

    @Axl Dave Every idiotic thing trump says is for all to see, if you cant tell the difference that says 'ALOT' of you. Trump cant speak english, he talks like a child and he lost the election by 'ALOT' what an embarrassment to America he is. Next will be his 6th bankruptcy because he is one of the worst business men ever. every thing he says is a lie. He would be better as a stand up comedian, that would be the only time he is taken seriously.

  125. Jordacai

    Jordacai29 dagar sedan

    @Axl Dave haa he doesn't understand hes been duped

  126. Samuel Dainter

    Samuel DainterMånad sedan

    Get some original material, maybe something that isn’t done by every comedian and late night talk show in the world.

  127. graeme wright

    graeme wrightMånad sedan

    Used to live u but see u are a woke loony lefty

  128. Andris U

    Andris UMånad sedan

    Ngl, Russell kinda looks like Greta

  129. no name IDK

    no name IDKMånad sedan

    This pains me to watch because some how this dufus became president...the system needs to do like stupidity background tests for the next presidents

  130. Mark Corby

    Mark CorbyMånad sedan

    Russell Howard - what a CNUT!

  131. Emily May

    Emily MayMånad sedan

    I would hide frazzles from my nonexistent children, they’re the best

  132. Hat Kid 2.0

    Hat Kid 2.0Månad sedan

    “Could you imagine if I lose to Joe Biden” Foreshadowing a lil’ bit there Mr Trumpgerine

  133. Emporio ACAB

    Emporio ACAB22 dagar sedan

    Dancing is what to do

  134. Hat Kid 2.0

    Hat Kid 2.0Månad sedan

    _(trump is a tangerine, have you seen the colour of that lad)_

  135. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    @c c the worst president of all time Trump could lose to a tangerine.

  136. c c

    c cMånad sedan

    you have tds, get a life lol

  137. Katie Martin

    Katie MartinMånad sedan

    2:43 OMG, this is so funny. This guy does the best Greta impression ever. This is just as good as the "Oh thank you, Jesus!" joke from his "Recalibrate" Netflix special from three years ago. 🤣🤣🤣

  138. alida flus

    alida flusMånad sedan

    Russell is honestly the only comedian i laugh at even though it is awkward without the crowd! You have to be truly hilarious to make that happen

  139. Poke-Ladd

    Poke-LaddMånad sedan

    Where is part 1 and 2?

  140. Anneka Elliot

    Anneka ElliotMånad sedan

    Sorry But if i were in the USA i vote for Joe Biden on terms of repair and change not money and wealth or fame

  141. Polly TRICKS

    Polly TRICKSMånad sedan

    😂 you don’t like improvement?

  142. Luke Griffin

    Luke GriffinMånad sedan

    Welcome everyone to Russell Howard one of the most benign comedian in the UK. A real fucking knobhead

  143. Anneka Elliot

    Anneka ElliotMånad sedan

    Trump left the white House and did not fucking care, he was a very fucking person

  144. alida flus

    alida flusMånad sedan

    Where is part 1 and 2?

  145. 1who2what3where4when

    1who2what3where4whenMånad sedan

    And Joe nukes 51,000 jobs on his first day, and Russell forgot to mention the photographic and video evidence of antifa starting the wild fires and Democrats forrest mismanagement.

  146. 1who2what3where4when

    1who2what3where4whenMånad sedan

    @Darren James yeah Democrats got what they voted for and the voter remorse is hilarious.

  147. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    Losers Losers

  148. Jordacai

    JordacaiMånad sedan

    Shhshhsh just laugh and don't question anything

  149. Andrew Ryder

    Andrew RyderMånad sedan

    Crap so called comedian. 👎

  150. Iwan Morris

    Iwan MorrisMånad sedan

    I mean he’s doing a good job addressing those who aren’t political to how corrupt certain politicians like trump are

  151. Michael Quin

    Michael QuinMånad sedan

    I remember when this guy was about the comedy. Now just a left wing puppet.

  152. Giles Cotterill

    Giles CotterillMånad sedan

    Where are parts 1 & 2? Can't find them.

  153. Moyeen

    MoyeenMånad sedan

    Phenomenal delivery man, can't stop laughing 😂 What are we gonna laugh about next 4 years ?

  154. graham sempers

    graham sempersMånad sedan

    How soon till jo starts a wars? Any bets

  155. fourty nights

    fourty nightsMånad sedan

    Didmt start one war. Had the best economy by far Lowest unemployment No ones perfect donkey teeth

  156. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    he was absolute garbage president whole world laughed at trump he was such a liar liar liar

  157. D N

    D NMånad sedan

    I would love to see u as then president and see what u achieve

  158. D N

    D NMånad sedan

    Get it right Rory

  159. Bao Bo

    Bao BoMånad sedan

    Silly me, I am switching from cinder blocks to cans of soup immediately . Thanks Donald.

  160. Bao Bo

    Bao BoMånad sedan

    The A10 Thunderbolt Close Support attack aircraft is being reequipped with a seven barrel canned soup gun. Trumps Campbell Soup shares have skyrocketed.

  161. Naomi Morris

    Naomi MorrisMånad sedan

    The White House wotsit?! 😂

  162. Jack Harris

    Jack HarrisMånad sedan

    Words like coffve

  163. Ben Lewis

    Ben LewisMånad sedan

    How does he get away with talking about how great Americas results stands. Britains a shambles

  164. Darren James

    Darren JamesMånad sedan

    america is a laughing stock under trumpy boy hes just a liar liar liar

  165. GORT

    GORTMånad sedan

    Let's face it Trump was a better President than this goofy wee guy is a comedian.

  166. MrExsasperated

    MrExsasperatedMånad sedan


  167. C4rolus Rex

    C4rolus RexMånad sedan

    Russell is honestly the only comedian i laugh at even though it is awkward without the crowd! You have to be truly hilarious to make that happen

  168. Michael

    MichaelMånad sedan

    Not funny

  169. Jordan Burdett

    Jordan BurdettMånad sedan

    This guy thinks he is BLM or ANTIFA