HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  1. Vivziepop

    Vivziepop13 dagar sedan

    HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► setoos.info/name/taXFzX-knpOehGc/video Episode One ► setoos.info/name/y6XDtXSaeZaBf2s/video Episode Two ► setoos.info/name/0anS3IOZZGZvd4Q/video Episode Three ► setoos.info/name/uKDM2JidjHuclZo/video Episode Four ► setoos.info/name/l5Oq2JaLgp2icp4/video


    HOTLINE PLAYZ5 dagar sedan

    The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

  3. vermelon

    vermelon6 dagar sedan

    Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

  4. Carmen Angulo

    Carmen Angulo10 dagar sedan

    0 l Prv^¿*^^

  5. Slyuniform

    Slyuniform10 dagar sedan


  6. Alisha Fox

    Alisha Fox11 dagar sedan


  7. Sierra the wolf

    Sierra the wolf3 timmar sedan

    And I think she's my long lost daughter

  8. Sierra the wolf

    Sierra the wolf3 timmar sedan

    Loona and me we both have the same characteristics


    GLEIPNIR3 timmar sedan

    Hot damn, this episode actually makes Blitz look like a competent fighter

  10. John Yang

    John Yang3 timmar sedan

    The far-flung throat coincidentally exist because mitten microscopically sip including a immense closet. filthy, cynical pakistan

  11. Camryn

    Camryn3 timmar sedan

    Man this would be on a whole Dif level of payment if it was on a channel luckily that ain't happening.

  12. B Bimbap

    B Bimbap3 timmar sedan

    Moxxie fights back like a possum

  13. Camryn

    Camryn3 timmar sedan

    Bro here has to be a moment where my boi gets his og moment or some kind of upgrade cuz if he just gets bullied throughout this season ima be kinda mad someone this chill about stuff can't be getting bullied like that.

  14. Dead Zone

    Dead Zone3 timmar sedan

    I wonder when's the next hasbin hotel episode is gonna be

  15. Sterling_Mustang

    Sterling_Mustang3 timmar sedan

    God your animation has gotten skippy and shitty.


    JAYSON CARRENDER3 timmar sedan

    I’d like to see you do better

  17. Nii Nii

    Nii Nii3 timmar sedan

    Bro just kicked a woman in the face

  18. Nicole Dixon

    Nicole Dixon3 timmar sedan

    Hi vivziepop when are you going to realise a nother video of habin hotel?

  19. Storm The Black Cat

    Storm The Black Cat3 timmar sedan

    I like how the motels sign at the end said "The guy that tried 2 kill you off, isn't here"

  20. I_dont _air

    I_dont _air3 timmar sedan

    Yo we lowkey need more Sally May scenes no cap

  21. Camryn

    Camryn3 timmar sedan

    9:06 GOT me ded XD

  22. crawford4140

    crawford41403 timmar sedan

    invader zim is back funny as ever.

  23. Matthew Rodrique

    Matthew Rodrique4 timmar sedan

    Lil Nas X should have a cameo in the next Helluva Boss, just sayin

  24. fortnite man

    fortnite man4 timmar sedan

    why they built like that

  25. Dark Zagi

    Dark Zagi4 timmar sedan


  26. Andrea Sulistiawan

    Andrea Sulistiawan4 timmar sedan

    Can I have the HOLY BELT

  27. AdraisCool ataubaq

    AdraisCool ataubaq4 timmar sedan

    Can I plz give Moxie a hug? He's sad and pathetic

  28. Meghan Murdock

    Meghan Murdock4 timmar sedan

    17:32 in the words ¨helluva¨ there's a zodiac i'm just noticing this

  29. Goose Harbinger

    Goose Harbinger4 timmar sedan

    Damn I thought hell was at max capacity all the time. How is there whole wasteland that they haven't invaded for more space

  30. meme MASTER c9k

    meme MASTER c9k4 timmar sedan

    Vivziepop winning an oscar for this masterpiece 9:39

  31. AdraisCool ataubaq

    AdraisCool ataubaq4 timmar sedan

    Moxxy or Moxie or even Moxxi is a nerd

  32. Dayanara Bullock

    Dayanara Bullock4 timmar sedan

    The flow of movements is choppy. Otherwise, the animation is definitely getting better.

  33. K D

    K D4 timmar sedan

    17:23 smooth asf

  34. TheseCatsOnly

    TheseCatsOnly4 timmar sedan

    Just realized the voice actor of loona is the same actor as Cassie cage in mortal kombat 11 I’m so dumb

  35. Chief is OP

    Chief is OP4 timmar sedan

    What's this cartoon

  36. Ugly Dino

    Ugly Dino4 timmar sedan


  37. Rosethz

    Rosethz4 timmar sedan

    imagine working for vivziepop and then you hear the shouts and screams coming from the recording studios from the voice actors working on the fight scene

  38. ThatOneAnimations

    ThatOneAnimations5 timmar sedan

    now, my question is; since imps were born in hell, does that mean if they're good they can go to heaven when they die?

  39. Ruv

    Ruv5 timmar sedan


  40. Lunacxx

    Lunacxx5 timmar sedan


  41. Benjamin Skidmore

    Benjamin Skidmore5 timmar sedan

    Did anyone else notice that Blitzo's gun teleported into his jacket. Or did I just miss something.

  42. Louise the rat

    Louise the rat5 timmar sedan

    Blitz can fight god dang!

  43. MT

    MT5 timmar sedan

    The world needs more Sally May. It's not my opinion, just an objective fact.

  44. Bridget Brennan

    Bridget Brennan5 timmar sedan

    Please I NEED to see Luna and Octavia become friends

  45. appybees

    appybees5 timmar sedan

    Honestly, striker is fiiiiiiiine. Yeah I need help

  46. Peter l

    Peter l6 timmar sedan

    I’ll be honest, this is the longest con Invader Zim has gone without taking his mask off... I’m just trying to figure out how he’s gonna take over the world while in hell.

  47. Brisa Salazar Almendares

    Brisa Salazar Almendares6 timmar sedan

    12:01 kinky

  48. LOLOM Pop

    LOLOM Pop6 timmar sedan

    0:49 ayo what you doing

  49. Dominic Maynard

    Dominic Maynard6 timmar sedan

    Blitzo (silent O) is the gayest being I know

  50. Ethan Elliott

    Ethan Elliott6 timmar sedan

    I want Striker's voice... 😳

  51. Deja Lily

    Deja Lily7 timmar sedan


  52. Kaylene Barrientos

    Kaylene Barrientos7 timmar sedan

    I don’t know about you all but I really wanna know how moxy and Milly got together

  53. A

    A7 timmar sedan

    Vivziepop: *makes 18+ content* 13 year old kids: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  54. DarkCrystalSage

    DarkCrystalSage7 timmar sedan

    Millie stabbed Striker like four times in the back. How did Strike not die from that o.o

  55. GrantTheRamenNoodle

    GrantTheRamenNoodle7 timmar sedan


  56. neatoro

    neatoro7 timmar sedan

    5:12 can we just adore moxxie and millie faces there.

  57. Isaac Ruiz

    Isaac Ruiz7 timmar sedan

    4:09 jajaja miren la cara de blitz xD

  58. H*ck

    H*ck7 timmar sedan

    I like how moxxies side of the bed is normal while Millie’s has knives stuck in it

  59. Dino Falls 2

    Dino Falls 27 timmar sedan

    Do you want to be friends

  60. Raul Carino Duarte

    Raul Carino Duarte8 timmar sedan

    No joke I would kill to be a character main in this

  61. Grimmreaper15

    Grimmreaper158 timmar sedan

    It just kills me every time i watch the part where stella tells stryker to kill her husband right in front of him

  62. Jamie Morales

    Jamie Morales8 timmar sedan


  63. ThatOneAnimations

    ThatOneAnimations5 timmar sedan

    he has since episode one... maybe two..?

  64. Caitlin BVB

    Caitlin BVB8 timmar sedan

    9:01 Stolas’ excitement in the background when Blitz is winning😭

  65. Akaza

    Akaza8 timmar sedan


  66. Kristin Anne

    Kristin Anne9 timmar sedan

    This show is so good.

  67. Karma

    Karma9 timmar sedan

    The ending where striker is flipping the gun is smooth and it looks cool, im not saying the other parts doesnt that one just stood out for some reason

  68. Ivanna C

    Ivanna C9 timmar sedan

    “ But I caught that fucking bouquet and it was fucking worth it!” Ugh that’s adorable cause when she caught it she knew she was gonna marry Moxxie UGH I LOVE THEM SM

  69. Karma

    Karma9 timmar sedan

    The ending... I cant lmao 😭

  70. Mm Fresh Meat

    Mm Fresh Meat9 timmar sedan

    Lmao the motel sign says "The guy who tried 2 kill u definetely isnt here

  71. Michelle Varela

    Michelle Varela9 timmar sedan

    Nknkio Nolhl,Jô,m

  72. KT LIN

    KT LIN9 timmar sedan

    Freaking love episode! I’m very intrigued with the story line now Striker has been introduced. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. Particularly Hazbin Hotel. Notice how Striker has a gold tooth, the signature tooth that both Angel Dust AND Valentino have as well. Coincidence.... I think not!! But that’s just me.

  73. Sarah Goulden

    Sarah Goulden10 timmar sedan

    Also, Blitzo getting tempted, because he wants to prove himself could lead to interesting character development. His hidden insecurity because other demons look down on imps is interesting. And he doesn't realize how fucking awesome he is already.

  74. Salty Sceptile

    Salty Sceptile10 timmar sedan

    The animation on this episode is so much more Phenomenal. This looks insane, keep up the good work

  75. AlphaXTitania

    AlphaXTitania10 timmar sedan

    Damn, Blitzo is actually kind of a badass in a fight. And props for not selling out his team.

  76. TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom

    TheSkepticalPangolinInTheRoom10 timmar sedan

    WHY isn't this on Netflix! It's like super amazing... Ok unless Netflix is too lame for masterpieces like this- I suppose it's understandableeee

  77. levy rekveld

    levy rekveld10 timmar sedan

    In my dream i gave stolas a hug. It was great.

  78. Chxrry_ Dragon

    Chxrry_ Dragon10 timmar sedan

    I love helluva and hazbin!

  79. -__-

    -__-11 timmar sedan

    Hahah *gay*

  80. Shorty

    Shorty11 timmar sedan

    Im only at season 1 and im already down

  81. Cassie

    Cassie10 timmar sedan

    guitar tone coming from a bass

  82. Sarah Goulden

    Sarah Goulden11 timmar sedan

    Satan, Blitzo was kinda hot, kicking Strikers ass. And here I thought the show couldn't get any better. Love everything. Stolas is wonderful and has the sweetest voice. Moxxie and Millie are THE couple of animation. And Blitzo, well I had a totally crush on him since episode one, but Brendan Rogers is one You tubes best creators. His cursing and surprisingly intricate universe blew me away. Not to get off topic....so, main request: please, never let this show end. Please. I live Hazbin Hotel as well and Vivzipops whole Hell World grows with every bit we get to know and it just gets more amazing. The world building fascinates me. I just want more of this. And I didn't forget Loona, she just wasn't that present in this episode. And those fucking prudish haters? Get a sense of humor, dipshits.

  83. Evrything is Chaos

    Evrything is Chaos11 timmar sedan

    I like that they all look so similar! This place must be under Alabama!!

  84. Crimson of the Red

    Crimson of the Red11 timmar sedan

    I found this channel by accident ... Wonderful content. Highly underrated

  85. mr egg

    mr egg11 timmar sedan

    Millie’s sister lowkey cute

  86. SarjianRP

    SarjianRP12 timmar sedan

    "When you're good at something, you should probably capitalize." Nice 😏

  87. Jun Pak

    Jun Pak12 timmar sedan

    이번 편은 개 멋있다!

  88. Beasten Word or Show

    Beasten Word or Show12 timmar sedan

    This is mega nice

  89. Deranged Crouton

    Deranged Crouton12 timmar sedan

    How does something die in hell

  90. Berry M

    Berry M5 timmar sedan

    So basically a mortal soul can't die because they already have

  91. rigbyme

    rigbyme8 timmar sedan

    Basically the ones born in hell can die, but the humans sent to hell can't.

  92. Aelfrey

    Aelfrey12 timmar sedan

    What's this? A more long-term plot?! Hell yes

  93. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin12 timmar sedan

    I don't understand how hell has an overpopulation problem if everyones gay

  94. Berry M

    Berry M5 timmar sedan

    Well i- XD

  95. richard strong

    richard strong12 timmar sedan


  96. Anoyd Orang

    Anoyd Orang13 timmar sedan

    Could you please do another pixel video please!

  97. BewitchedRaven

    BewitchedRaven13 timmar sedan


  98. Ilya Myazin

    Ilya Myazin13 timmar sedan

    "I am not above hitting a female in front of her daddy" is now my favourite retort.

  99. munelo1

    munelo113 timmar sedan

    It's really obvious how choppy some of the scenes are. They still look good and the writing is great still but it's really obvious that not enough time could have been invested to make the animation more fluid. I hope it doesn't get worse from here.

  100. GamerSodaPoppin

    GamerSodaPoppin13 timmar sedan

    *guitar tone coming from a bass*

  101. Alarm {Keihō}

    Alarm {Keihō}14 timmar sedan

    Imma bet Sally May is a trans man lol.

  102. Meka Masuskapoe

    Meka Masuskapoe14 timmar sedan

    How did y'all get Norman reedus to voice striker⚫👄⚫

  103. TheRavencommander

    TheRavencommander14 timmar sedan

    So moxxie got screwed over twice in this episode. First he got kicked off the hog before he could finish (win or lose) then during the tug of war the rope broke (not his fualt)

  104. Syn CS

    Syn CS14 timmar sedan

    9:34 that wtf dialogue made me laugh lmao

  105. Kirill Vetrov

    Kirill Vetrov14 timmar sedan


  106. Alesia Miculschi

    Alesia Miculschi14 timmar sedan

    3:28 He sounds like the little elf from Kinectimals-

  107. Just a random Blue bird

    Just a random Blue bird14 timmar sedan

    I have a theory for the next ep Stolas wife (i forgot her name) hired all the people who hate blitz and try to kill him

  108. Stefanos Tzinieris

    Stefanos Tzinieris14 timmar sedan

    9:07 MOTHERFU- BEST SCENE EVER ...I have no idea how many times saw it

  109. Michael

    Michael14 timmar sedan

    man this one of the best series i ever watched

  110. Dylan Canepa

    Dylan Canepa15 timmar sedan

    Love the channel. Would love to collab with you. My merch is 🔥up and coming kid that just wants to change the world with clothing😊

  111. ChaseLieksGames

    ChaseLieksGames15 timmar sedan

    That was damn good.

  112. Quincy K.

    Quincy K.15 timmar sedan

    Outstanding. I really hope Blitzo and Stolas make something work